Not to confused with New Year Event and Happy New Year? Event (monthly event).

Year's End Event (年末イベント開催!, Nenmatsu ibento kaisai!) is an event appeared in The Battle Cats and Nyanko Daisensou.


- Crazy sales on Rare Capsules, available during this event!
- Price of any Rare Capsule goes from 150 to just 120 cans each!
- Or get ELEVEN draws for a mere 1200 Cat Food, down from 1500 cans!
*First-Time campaign prices will have priority over this discount - both discounts do not apply simultaneously.
  • Campaign 2: Limited Capsules Appear

Players can get the newest Cat in each Uber Rare set. Visit the Rare Cat Capsule and tap on the "Year's End Capsule Set!" button (2015忘年会ガチャ, 2015 Bōnenkai gacha, 2015 Year's End Party Gacha):

In addition, the Rare Capsule Bonus Characters also included in this Capsule:

  • Campaign 3: Cat Food Gift

Players can receive 30 Cat Food every day as a login bonus during this event.


English Version

  • December 26th, 2015 (11:00) to January 1st, 2016 (23:59)

Japanese Version

  • December 27th, 2015 to December 31st, 2015.


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