XP Stages (Japan: ゲリラ経験値にゃ Guerrilla Experience stages) is a set of special stages that can appear on a fixed schedule or during the weekend. These stages use a lot of energy, but can give you a lot of XP as a bonus, rarely as a treasure.

Tip: Use the Cat Jobs power up to fully exploit these stages.

Note: the amount of XP earned will NOT decrease as you play the stages many times over, it will stay the same (applies to both XP and Weekend Stages).

Stage 1


Stage 1:

Sweet XP (Easy)

(Japanese Version: 経験値は蜜の味 初級)

Energy 90
Enemy's Castle Health 20 000 HP
Enemies (include strength magnification) Doge (100%)
Snache (100%)
Those Guys (100%)
Gory (100%)
Kang Roo (100%)
Enemy Boss Hippoe (100%)
Treasure XP +10 000 (5%)
XP Earned 4 500 ~ 17 775 XP
Stage Width 4000
Max number of Enemies 7


Easy peasy. No way for the player to lose.

Spam everything.

Stage 2


Stage 2:

Sweet XP (Medium)

(Japanese Version: 経験値は蜜の味 中級)

Energy 180
Enemy's Castle Health 40 000 HP
Enemies (include strength magnification) Doge (400%)
Snache (400%)
Those Guys (400%)
Gory (200%)
Kang Roo (800%)
Teacher Bear (400%)
Enemy Boss Le'boin (400%)
Treasure XP +15 000 (5%)
XP Earned 11 000 ~ 43 450 XP
Stage Width 4000
Max number of Enemies 7


Use Cats in a Box to knockback Teacher Bear. Alternatively, using any ranged attackers such as Sexy Legs/Dragon can suffice.

Stage 3


Stage 3:

Sweet XP (Hard)

(Japanese Version: 経験値は蜜の味 上級)

Energy 250
Enemy's Castle Health 160 000 HP
Enemies (include strength magnification) Doge (400%)
Snache (400%)
Those Guys (400%)
Gory (400%)
Kang Roo (1200%)
Enemy Boss Shadow Boxer K (Black) (100%)
Treasure XP +20 000 (5%)
XP Earned 19 000 ~ 75 050 XP
Stage Width 4000
Max number of Enemies 7


Paris Cat (at Level 20+) can easily knock back the Shadow Boxer K's before they can attack.

This stage is easily beaten by sending out 3 Paris Cats to kill the Gorys. Then begin saving for Bahamut Cat, after the Paris cats reach 1/2 way across the battlefield, send out Bahamut cat, when they begin attacking the base, start spamming Wall Cat and Macho Cat. Continue spamming meatshields and the occasional Paris to win.

Strategy 2 (before unlocking Bahamut): Another strategy is to utilize the Cat Combo Midsummer Sun (increased massive damage) and Weightlifter or Ring Girl Cats to kill off the Shadow Boxer K's. The lineup I used was Solar Cat and Cooldown Cat in the first 2 boxes to activate the Midsummer Sun Cat Combo, 2 Meatshields (Samba and Wall), Onmyoji/Magica Cat, Giraffe Cat, Weightlifter Cat, Titan Cat, Valkyrie, and Takeda Shingen. If you don't have an Uber, then just replace it with another anti-black cat. Titan and Giraffe are optional, but are helpful if the Kang Roo's get close.

When the battle starts, send out the meatshields, Onmyoji, and Cooldown Cat, but keep in mind that you don't want to overwelm the enemy or else you won't be ready when the Shadow Boxer K comes out, so try save up money. When you have enough money, buy some Weightlifter Cats. The Gory's will give you a lot of money, so buy Valk or save up for Takeda Shingen. You will probably kill the Shadow Boxer K before killing the other Kang Roo's so if the Kang Roo's get to close, then use Titan and Weightlifter (and Giraffe if needed.) Once they are killed, then yay! You won.

Stage 4


Stage 4:

Sweet XP (Veteran)

(Japanese Version: 経験値は蜜の味 超上級)

Energy 310
Enemy's Castle Health 200 000 HP
Enemies (include strength magnification) Doge (400%)
Snache (400%)
Those Guys (400%)
Gory Black (Black) (100%)
Shadow Boxer K (Black) (100%)
Enemy Boss Shadow Boxer K (300%)
Treasure XP +40 000 (5%)
XP Earned 34 000 ~ 143 300 XP
Stage Width 4000
Max number of Enemies 7


Use Cat Gunslinger or Tin Cat and Flower Cat or Paris cat to beat the Black enemies

start out by putting your meat shelds mainly basic cat and wall cat in put them in at the same time every single time they come up, then if you have Paris cat put her out every single time she is there while repeating the first step over and over again then Paris mainly is used for the gories but she is really good for the black Kang Roos.

Stage 5


Stage 5:

Sweet XP (Expert)

(Japanese Version: 経験値は蜜の味 激ムズ)

Energy 420
Enemy's Castle Health 240 000 HP
Enemies (include strength magnification) Doge (400%)
Snache (400%)
Those Guys (400%)
Kang Roo (100%)
Otta-smack-u (100%)
Doge Dark (Black) (359%)
Gory Black (Black) (100%)
Shadow Boxer K (Black) (100%)
Enemy Boss Director Kurosawah (Black) (100%)
Treasure XP +65 000 (5%)
XP Earned 65 000 ~ 256 750 XP
Stage Width 4000
Max number of Enemies 10


Strategy 1:

Don't get intimidated because it is an Expert stage. Your objective is to keep those black enemies at line, so I do recommend you to take 2 specific cats along;

The strategy is quite simple:

Set up: Crazed Macho Cat (In case you don't have it, bring Samba Cat), Mohawk Cat, Wall Cat/Eraser Cat, Paris Cat, Jamiera Cat, Dragon Cat/King Dragon Cat, Cat Eastwood, Cooldown Cat, Valkyrie Cat, and your beloved Bahamut Cat.

A few weak enemies will appear at the beginning tempting you to send something, but you should just spam 2 meat shields; Samba Cat/Crazed, Macho Cat and your Wall Cat/Eraser Cat, they will hang until the Doge Dark comes out, so that's when you send out one Paris Cat along with a Wall Cat/Eraser Cat. Remember to keep spamming your meatshields so your Paris Cat will stay alive for a while. When you have enough money send out Bahamut along with as many meat shields as you can! When they reach the castle you will have enough money to send out all other cats. Start first with Jamiera Cat then all others, focusing on Cat Eastwood and Cooldown Cat. Keep spamming all those units until you have destroyed all those Shadow Boxer K's, and then send out your Valkyrie Cat. Keep spamming units until the Director Kurosawah is dead and that XP is yours.

Some Important Notes:

  • Some Doge Darks and Gory Blacks come out within 20 seconds. It is recommended to use Hip Hop Cat to do massive damage to them.
  • Here's an important fact if you're hesitant to try this stage: If your cheaper cats (Paris Cat and below) can finish the fourth stage with small or no help from Bahamut, you can most likely beat this stage too with the same cats (including heavy attackers) as long as there are enough Cooldown Cats and Cat Eastwoods when Director Kurosawah spawns. So don't worry too much! This stage isn't much different from the previous one besides the Director Kurosawah.

Stage 6


Stage 6:

Sweet XP (Insane)

(Japanese Version: 経験値は蜜の味 超激ムズ)

Energy 500
Enemy's Castle Health 280 000 HP
Enemies (include strength magnification) Those Guys (400%)
Kang Roo (100%)
Celeboodle (100%)
Doge Dark (Black) (400%)
Gory Black (Black) (100%)
Shadow Boxer K (Black) (100%)
Enemy Boss Squire Rel (100%)
Bun Bun Black (100%)
Treasure XP +100 000 (5%)
XP Earned 88 000 ~ 347 600 XP
Stage Width 4000
Max number of Enemies 10


Strategy 1:

Use the same setup as before, but replace Jamiera Cat with an Anti-floating Cat, like Shaman or Bishop Cat, as Jamiera Cat will just die to Bun Bun. At the start there will be a few enemies, but just save up for upgrading your Worker Cat. Then, when the enemies come closer, start sending out your meatshields and anti-black cats. When Bun Bun Black comes, use all your Cats, and hope for the best.

Strategy 2

Cat Line-up: Mohawk Cat, Eraser Cat, Paris Cat, Weightlifter Cat, King Dragon Cat, Jamiera Cat, Bahamut Cat, Valkyrie Cat/Ururun Wolf, an Anti-Floating cat, any decent long-range Uber Rare Cats (preferably strong against Black or Floating, but other ones works just fine). Evolved forms for Normal Cats should be fine (at least Level 20), but True Forms are recommended. Lion Cat could be used to replace Anti-Floating Cats if necessary, but recommended to be +15 or higher. If you don't have anything for the last space, use Crazed Macho, Crazed Wall, or Crazed Lion to fill it up.

EoC/ItF Treasures: Recommend all (if not, then most) treasures from Empire of Cats, and some from Into the Future (preferably the Anti-Floating or anti-black treasures).

Start level by stalling Doge Dark, Gory Black, and Those Guys with only Eraser Cat and Ring-Girl Cat.

NOTE: DO NOT attack the Enemy Base. The first boss wave will spawn around 210000 HP. If the Cats reach the base, stop spawning, let Gory Black and Doge Dark kill them. Otherwise the first boss wave would likely overwhelm you and lose the game.

You should have a maximum of 6 Eraser Cats and 1 or 2 Ring-Girl Cats on the battlefield. Depending on the level, the Ring Girl Cat should kill the Doge Dark and Gory Black in one/two hits.

After you reach MAX. Level and Wallet, spam all your Cats except for Valkyrie Cat (save her for later), since she will rush to the front and most likely be killed within the first few moments of the first boss wave. The spamming should be able to let you defeat the first boss wave (a spam of Shadow Boxer K and Celeboodle). A single Squire Rel and Kang Roo will spawn to support the boss wave, and Kang Roo will spawn in a slow interval for the rest of the battle. You may choose to fire the Cat Cannon or spawn Valkyrie Cat after your Cats beginn attacking the enemies, or save them for the second boss. Money earned from defeating enemies should keep you constantly at Max. money.

By the time you killed most/all of the first wave, your Cats should be attacking the enemy base again, and the second boss (Bun Bun Black) will spawn at 120000 HP. It should not be a problem if you keep spamming your cats, as Bun Bun Black would be constantly knocked back and pinned down by your Bahamut Cat, Anti-Floating/Anti-Black Cats, Valkyrie/Ururun Wolf, and your Uber Rare Cat (they should be protected most of the time by your meat shields, and should be still alive after the Bun Bun Black dies). After the Bun Bun Black dies, just attack the base and you are done. It is possible for your Cats (especially Lion Cat) to glitch through Bun Bun Black as he is being knocked back, which allows you to hit the Enemy Base, but it only last for a short moment as more enemies spawn.

Those Guys, Doge Dark, and Gory Black (also Kang Roo after first boss wave) will spawn throughout the entire battle for support, but they are not a threat if you keep spamming. Depending on your Cat Study level, you could earn over 620,000 XP in total after you win (340,000 XP x1.5 if you use Cat Jobs) and obtain the treasure (100,000 XP).

Also, Kasa Jizo can make very quick work of this stage. For those who are energy glitching and spamming for XP, King/Crazed Dragon/Ururun/Crazed Sexy Legs may knock back Bun Bun Black, and Awakened Bahamut can glitch through and destroy the base.

Strategy 3 (ft. Certain Ubers)

  • Lineup: Crazed Macho Cat/Mohawk Cat, Crazed Wall Cat, Eraser Cat, Freshman Cat Jobs, Cat Eastwood, Paris Cat, Dark Lazer, Holy Valkyrie Cat, 2 High DPS Anti-Black or Anti-Floating Ubers with knockback ability and/or slow (I used God-Emperor Megidora and God-Emperor Vars)
  • Make sure you have Cat Jobs activated to harvest the maximum amount of XP
  • Start by stalling with Crazed Wall Cat until the first Gory Black comes out. Upgrade you wallet during this time. Once Gory Black comes out, send out a Dark Lazer. If level 40, Gory should be knocked back from every single hit from Dark Lazer. Keep spamming Crazed Wall and Eraser during this time ONLY. Once you have enough for one of your Ubers, send them in.
  • Once the Shadow Boxer Ks with the shockwave come out, either send in your other Uber or Valkyrie (whichever you have enough for) and then start sending in whatever cats you can. The Celeboodle should top up your money, so send in your other Uber or Valkyrie (whichever you did not send out at the start) keep sending in meatshields as well as upgrading your wallet. If Valkyrie dies, it is okay, it is expected.
  • Once Bun Bun Black comes out, you should still have at least an Uber still alive. The Uber(s) will keep the Bun Bun at the base and slowly chip away at the base. If anything, have at least one Uber there to keep knocking back or slowing Bun Bun. Once you have killed the boss, you are ready to collect your XP jackpot!
  • Note that when the Shadow Boxer Ks come out, you may need a little bit of precise timing to make sure the Ubers are attacking constantly and there is no opportunity for the enemies to get past your defences.

Strategy 4

  • Lineup: Crazed Macho/Mowhawk Cat, Eraser/Wall Cat, Crazed Wall, Plane Cat/Robocat Cooldown Cat/Bombercat, Paris/Cyborg, Dragon, Crazed Bahamut
  • It is helpful to have CPU
  • When the battle starts, just save up money and level up. When Those Guys get close to the base, send out wall cats. When Gory Black appears, send out a few Paris Cats. Continue leveling up your worker and after the first Gory Black dies, save up more money. At this point, you should already be spamming meatshields, occasionally sending out Paris (and Dragon), and sending out Cooldown Cats. When you get close to the enemy base, send out Bahamut.
  • When the base gets low enough, the Shadow Boxer Ks will come out. Spam meatshields, the anti-black cats, and Paris, occasionally sending out a dragon. You should make sure your worker is a level 8. Your stacks of Paris and Dragon will help Bahamut kill all the Kang Roos and Shadow Boxer Ks. You will get a lot of money from this. Once you reach the base again, turn on the CPU.
  • When Bun Bun black comes out, the CPU will do everything. The Plane/Robocat stack will keep knocking Bun Bun Black into the base, preventing an attack. If Bahamut dies, your stacks of Paris and Dragon should still be killing Bun Bun Black, and should quickly destroy the base.

Helpful Notes

  • It really helps to have the true forms of Paris, Plane, Cooldown, and your meatshields.
  • If the strategy doesn't work, make sure you have high level cats and/or trueforms. They help a lot.
  • Make sure you get your worker cat level up quickly. If you don't get it maxed by the first bosswave, then the money earned from killing everything should help out a lot.
  • Some ubers help. Good ubers like Jizo might help, but even the infamous Balalan Pasalan can help by freezing the enemies in the first bosswave.

Strategy 5 (Speed Run Strategy, Requires Specific Units)

No Rich Cat or Cat CPU required, Speed UP is not recommended due to precise timings

Note that this speed run strategy requires some specific timings at the beginning. It also requires specific units, so it might not be for everyone. VERY IN DEPTH FOR ALL SCENARIOS. Should take around 1 minute and 30 seconds to 2 minutes if done properly, and requires some RNG.

Lineup 1: 2 Research Power UP (Sm) combos (Biohazard and Bony Bone), A. Bahamut, and Twinstars.

Lineup 2: Manic Eraser Cat, Bomber Cat, Crazed Cow Cat / Crazed Giraffe, Crazed UFO Cat / Manic Flying Cat, and Cyborg Cat.

  • Crazed Cow / Giraffe and Manic Eraser must be at least level 30 to get the right timing at the beginning.
  • Crazed UFO and Cyborg are easily replaceable by other DPS units, but I just used these two because of cooldowns.
  • Bombercat isn't necessary, but it helps
  • Not tested with Manic Lion Cat
  • Not tested with high level Iron Wall Cannon upgrade, which may be more consistent for Bun Bun Black

The beginning is the most crucial, as it will save you the most time during this stage. Start by saving just enough money to spawn a Crazed Cow, then proceed to spawn one Manic Eraser. The Crazed Cow should kill the Those Guys, giving you just enough money to spawn another Crazed Cow and Manic Eraser. From here, the timing gets kind of skewed. You save money to be as efficient as possible for the second part of the stage. Generally, the money you save after the second Manic Eraser should be around $900 - $1100, which depends on whether or not you kill another Those Guys, so be observant! As a general rule of thumb, if you don't kill another Those Guys (or if one doesn't spawn), then spawn a Manic Eraser as soon as the money hits 900. Otherwise, if a Those Guys does spawn, then spawn your third Manic Eraser at 1100. Follow up with a fourth Manic Eraser as soon as it comes off cooldown. Now, the strategy is to get the base down to at least 224,000 health, which releases the second wave of enemies. The Manic Eraser timings ensure that you just barely tank enough damage from the Doge Darks and the Gory Blacks, leaving time for your Crazed Cows to get the base to the 224,000 mark. If your Crazed Cows don't manage to get the base health low enough, then you might have too low level cats, or RNG hates you. Either way, if this happens, it basically turns into a regular speed run.

The second wave of enemies comes in with Shadow Boxer K's, Celeboodles, Kang Roos, Doge Darks, Those Guys, Gory Blacks, and one Squire Rel as a boss. Your Crazed Cows should kill the Squire Rel before they die, allowing you just enough money to spawn Twinstars. From here on, just keep spamming all of your cats, including A. Bahamut. He shouldn't die from the enemies if he gets knocked back, so don't worry. You'll eventually reach the base, at which time your Cat Cannon should be fully charged. Once the base reaches below around 110,000 to 120,000 health, the third wave will be spawned. As soon as the base is hit by A. Bahamut, or the health of the base is low enough, fire your Cat Cannon to knock back other peons that spawn with Bun Bun Black. Here, RNG plays a big role in how A. Bahamut attacks. If it's a good run, then A. Bahamut should attack Bun Bun Black, get knocked back once, and then run straight through the enemy to attack the base and win. Twinstars should ensure that by the time A. Bahamut recharges his second attack, Bun Bun Black will be knocked back, leaving an opening for A. Bahamut to attack the base. If this doesn't happen, maybe because of peon blockage or not enough Twinstars damage, then your Crazed Cows and two DPS units should be able to slowly make it through Bun Bun Black during knockbacks. The base should be destroyed before Bun Bun Black even dies.

Strategy 6 (No Ubers Necessary)

Row 1: Three meatshields: possibly (Crazed/Manic) Wall Cat, (Crazed/Manic) Macho Cat, Jiangshi Cat, Ramen Cat, Samba Cat, etc.; Cooldown/Bombercat, and Plane/Robocat (or other anti-black units)                                                                                                                         

Row 2: Ring Girl Cat (or other anti-black offensive unit), Crazed Bahamut Cat, Ururun Cat, any offensive unit (Valkyrie, Mina, or an uber if you have one), and an extra space which I will talk about later. I used The White Rabbit as my offensive unit.

At first, only Those Guys, Doge Darks, and Gory Blacks spawn. Upgrade Worker Cat once (or use Rich Cat), and wait until the first Those Guys is almost at your base, then spawn one of each meatshield to kill the Those Guys. At the same time, a Doge Dark has spawned, and you should have enough money to spawn Ring Girl Cat, provided your meatshields aren't too expensive. Also spawn Cooldown/Bombercat and Plane/Robocat, and continue spawning meatshields. The money from Doge Darks and Gory Blacks should provide enough money to spawn at least one more Ring Girl Cat and possibly upgrade Worker Cat once more. If your cats have already reached the base, don't spawn Ring Girl Cat again, wait until the boss wave, because she is too slow and will get knocked back behind the base. The first boss wave contains many Doge Darks, Gory Blacks, Shadow Boxer K's, and Celeboodles. My Ring Girl was level 15 when I beat this stage for the first time. Money from defeating the black units and Celeboodles should provide enough money to spawn your expensive damage-dealers, more Cooldown/Bombercats, Plane/Robocats, and more Ring Girl Cats. Also upgrade Worker Cat to Max (level 8). Eventually, you should proceed to the base. Be wary of the cat limit, and spawn meatshields when you can. Just about 100,000 base health, Bun Bun Black will spawn. You should have a good stack of Cooldown/Bombercats and Plane/Robocats, which should keep Bun Bun Black stunlocked into the base since he can't be knocked back behind the base. Perhaps if you have Awakened Bahamut or Yukimura, he can rush past the knocked-back Bun Bun Black and take out the remaining 100,000 or so base health. Be careful, though, your ranged attackers might advance into Bun Bun Black's range if you don't have enough Plane/Cooldowns, to remedy the problem, stack more and Bun Bun Black will never attack. If you keep losing because your ranged attackers are getting wiped out, get rid of any black knockbacker you have. If all goes well, just spam all units when you can and watch the Bun Bun torture. When Bun Bun dies, you don't need to do anything else. Just wait a few seconds and receive your enormous XP bonus!

Now, let's talk about that extra space. Maybe you could add a cat that makes a CatCombo with another cat, or add Freshman Cat Jobs/Prof. Cat Jobs (just make sure all combo units are in the top row). If the first boss wave units are breaking through your meatshield defenses, add another meatshield! If all is going well, you could add another offensive unit, or a good anti-black uber like Kasa Jizo, Guardian/King Gamereon, or any Sengoku Wargods: Vajiras uber. However, if you have Bombercat, you could remove Plane/Robocat, although I would suggest not to, as it is quite good of a mid-range damage dealer. Besides, the knockback usually helps. Oda Nobunaga might also help, but with Bombercat, Oda would not really help much. You could also consider adding a Luga or two.



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