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Note: This article is about the base upgrade. If you are looking for the cat that looks similar to the Worker Cat, go to Rich Cat III (Super Rare Cat)
Worker cat

Worker Cat is a support cat that creates cash, needed to produce all Cats in the game. At the beginning of each battle, the Worker Cat starts at his lowest level (1) unless you have the battle item Rich Cat, then he will start off at his maximum level (8) and produce the most money. If you do not have the rich cat boost, you will have to upgrade him using cash which becomes more costly (Level 1 worker cat cost * Current upgrade level = cost to upgrade) after each worker cat level. Leveling up the worker cat increases the amount of money you make. The worker cat icon to upgrade appears in the bottom left corner of every battle.Template:Classic

Certain Cat Combos can increase the level of the Worker Cat from the start of the game, though they are relatively insignificant.

Worker Cat Efficiency (upgrade)

Not to be confused with the Energy Drink, an item that boosts Worker Cat's efficiency by collecting treasures from stages. Please go here if you would like to see the item.

The Worker Cat Efficiency is an upgrade that boosts how much money the worker cat makes. It affects how much money the worker cat can make and how much it costs to upgrade. (Unlike the Energy Drink. each time you upgrade the Efficiency with XP, the cost to upgrade worker cat in battle by each level increases by 20 cash per upgrade)

Worker Cat Wallet (upgrade)

Not to be confused with the Giant Safe, an item that boost Worker Cat's wallet by collecting treasures from stages. Please go here if you would like to see the item.

Worker Cat's Wallet increases with every upgrade, meaning more maximum intake of income. It is essential to upgrade Cat Wallet in order to produce more expensive units, like Uber Rares or Super Rares. (The Giant Safe is a different item, on the other hand. Instead of having to be upgraded with EXP, it uses treasures to upgrade its power, while Worker Cat's Wallet is upgraded with EXP, like Worker Cat's Efficiency.)

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