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Western Street is the sixth sub-chapter in Stories Of Legend


6-1: Gunman's Dawn = Spammed Mooths and Celeboodles.

6-2: Cowboy Haven = 3 St. Pigge the 2nds, and one of them is buffed as the boss.

6-3: Wanted Night = A Shy Boy will rush your base, and two more come out after attacking the enemy castle.

6-4: Macaroni Town = A buffed Metal Hippoe as the boss.

6-5: Wandering Traveler = Spammed Le'Boins.

6-6: Disappointed Guard = One Horn as peons and Master A as boss.

6-7: Cowboy Mountain = Celeboodle and Dagshund.

6-8: Rodeo Night = J.K. Bun Bun makes his first appearance.

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