Version 3.2.1 for English version of BCEN appeared on October 4th, 2015. The major points of the update are changes to procedure of obtaining Moneko and bean cat due to discontinuation of invitation code, along with new Metal Slug Defense Collaboration Event in addition.

For full list of update defined from the app page:

- Three-Star Stages added to Stories of Legend map: "Capone's Jail"

- Three-Star Stages added to Stories of Legend map: "Dead End Night"

- New Event Stages added

- Acquiring Special Units "Moneko" and "Bean Cats" changed "Bean Cats" are now unlocked upon clearing the Greece stage of Ch.1, and Moneko is unlocked upon clearing Ch. 1

- Special Unit "Mr.Ninja's" trait changed from "High damage to Red" to "High damage to Aliens"

- Misc. bug fixes

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