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Great Valkyrie-cat

Valkyrie Cat


  • Evolves into True Valkyrie Cat at Level 10.
  • Pros:

_Strong attack power, hit multiple enemies and high stamina

_Has good movement speed

_High health

  • Cons:

_High summoning cost

_Slow recharge

_Slow attack rate

_Middle range attack so it not so good in all situations


Normal: A fighting venus. Heaven sent the spear for her.

Evolved: Ths is her real form. She is suffering from sexual harassment from God Cat.


Complete Chapter 2 to unlock.

Chapter 1: $2000

Chapter 2: $3000

Chapter 3: $4000


Normal: Looks like a female human wearing armor. Has angelic wings. Carries a spear with a regular Cat face on it.

Evolved: Looks more colorful and realistic. Also cleavage.

Cat's StatsEdit


  • Health: 1400 HP (Lv.1, 0% treasures)
  • Attack Power: 500 damage (Lv.1, 0% treasures)

Normal FormEdit

  • Health: 16800 HP (Lv.MAX, 100% treasures)
  • Attack Power: 6000 damage (Lv.MAX, 100% treasures)

Evolved FormEdit

  • Health: 16800 HP (Lv.MAX, 100% treasures)
  • Attack Power: 6000 damage (Lv.MAX, 100% treasures)


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