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The User Rank counter will be unlocked after completing Empire of Cats Chapter 1. It is first appeared on version 3.0.0 of the Japanese version and 2.0.1 of the English version. This feature provides various rewards to the player from an increase in unit's level caps, to usable item bonuses such as Rare Tickets, Stage Powerups, or Catseye.

To get the rewards, players have to reach certain ranks, which are the sum of the levels of all cat units you have: each time you level up a cat, the rank is increased by one. For every increment of 100 user rank reached, a "Rank Up Sale" offer will be presented where Cat Food , XP, or a supply drop can be purchased at discounted prices. Early rewards at 100 through 700 include powerups and tickets; 800 is a Rare ticket. Later rewards will generally raise maximum allowed levels of the cats. For example, at the 1600 rank, Special Cat can then be upgraded beyond level 20 to a max of 30. Once a player has reached the requirement of rewards, there will be an exclamation " ! " sign on the user rank button to notify player there is a reward available.

Please note claiming any user rank reward will also restore all your battle energy to full. This can be exploited when farming XP Megablitz or Facing Danger.

Before completing Chapter 2

Initial level cap (+ value):

After completing Chapter 2

Initial level cap (+ value):

User Rank Requirement & Rewards

Max level values are based on having completed Empire of Cats Chapter 2.

Rank Cats Category Gift or level increase (new total cap)
100 1 Rare Ticket
200 5 Speed-up
300 50000 upgrade XP
400 1 Treasure Radar
500 2 Silver tickets
600 2 Max starting production power-up
700 100000 upgrade XP
800 1 Rare Ticket
900 Rare Cats Level 25 (25+9)
1000 Super Rare Cats Level 25 (25+9) except Crazed units
1050 3 Rich Cat powerup
1100 Uber Rare Cats Level 25 (25+9)
1150 2 Sniper Cat powerup
1200 Rare Cats Level 30 (30+9)
1250 2 Silver Tickets
1300 Super Rare Cats Level 30 (30+9) except Crazed units
1350 1 Rare Ticket
1400 Uber Rare Cats Level 30 (30+9)
1450 3 new Cat Combos
1500 Normal Cats Level MAX+25 (20+25)
1550 1 Epic Catfruit
1600 Special Cats Level 30
1650 3 [Special] Catseyes
1700 Normal Cats Level MAX+30 (20+30)
1750 3 [Rare] Catseyes
1800 Rare Cats

Level MAX+20 (30+20)

1850 3 [Super Rare] Catseyes
1900 Rare Cats Level MAX+30 (30+30)
1950 3 [Uber Rare] Catseyes
2000 Super Rare Cats Level MAX+20 (30+20)
2050 3 Gamatoto's Speed Up C
2100 Uber Rare Cats Level MAX+20 (30+20)
2150 3 new Cat Combos
2200 1 Rare Ticket
2250 1 Epic catfruit
2300 Rare Cats Level MAX+40 (30+40)
2350 3 [Special] Catseyes
2400 Super Rare Cats Level MAX+30 (30+30)
2450 3 [Rare] Cateyes
2500 Uber Rare Cats Level MAX+30 (30+30)
2550 3 [Super Rare] Catseyes
2600 1 Rare Ticket
2650 3 [Uber Rare] Catseyes
2700 3 new Cat Combos
2750 5 Sniper Cat Powerup
2800 1 Rare Ticket
2850 3 Gamatoto's Speed Up C
2900 Normal Cats Level MAX+35 (20+35)
2950 3 Silver Tickets
3000 Normal Cats Level MAX+40 (20+40)
3050 1 Epic Catfruit
3100 Rare Cats Level MAX+50 (30+50)
3150 3 [Special] Cateyes
3200 Super Rare Cats Level MAX+40 (30+40)
3250 3 [Rare] Cateyes
3300 Uber Rare Cats Level MAX+40 (30+40)
3350 3 [Super Rare] Catseyes
3400 1 Rare Ticket
3450 3 [Uber Rare] Catseyes
3500 Normal Cats Level MAX+45 (20+45)
3550 Normal Cats Level MAX+50 (20+50)
3600 Crazed Units (SR) Level 25
3650 Crazed Units (SR) Level 30
3700 3 Treasure Radars
3750 3 Epic Catfruits
3800 3 [Special] Catseyes
3850 3 [Rare] Catseyes
3900 3 [Super Rare] Catseyes
3950 3 [Uber Rare] Catseyes
4000 1 Rare ticket
4050 Rare Cats Level MAX+60
4100 Super Rare Cats Level MAX+50
4150 Uber Rare Cats Level MAX+50
4200 Normal Cats Level MAX+55
4250 Normal Cats Level MAX+60
4300 3 Epic Catfruits
4350 3 [Special] Catseyes
4400 3 [Rare] Catseyes
4450 3 [Super Rare] Catseyes
4500 3 [Uber Rare] Catseyes
4550 1 Rare ticket
4600 Rare Cats Level MAX +70
4650 Super Rare Cats Level MAX +60
4700 Uber Rare Cats Level Max +60

Cat's Eye Additional Level Limit

For more information, please see Cat's Eye page

To use Cat's Eye level limit upgrade, the said cat unit must have reached level 30 first except for Normal Cats which cannot be used on. The additional level limit also need XP to level up and every Cat's Eye will only increase the level limit by one level. The upper limit is 10 additional level up from the base max means 10 Cat's Eyes are required for an unit to reach the limit.

Exceptions and Notes

  • The Cat Cannon Range can only be leveled up to 10, there are no capsule upgrades for this. Unless PONOS introduces wider levels it is unlikely there would ever be a need for a range higher than level 10.
  • The Monster Hunter and Lucky Gacha cats can be upgraded to level MAX+10, unlike other Special cats. It is possible any Special cat which can be obtained through a Gacha will have this additional leveling ability.
  • There have been reports of bugs with the User Rank system. Examples found in Reddit discussions include players being able to increase units beyond specified + levels without having reached the necessary rank or the notice presented when clicking the Mission icon will indicate there is no further rank to currently achieve. This may have occurred if you played the game on Version 2, and upon getting Version 3, you auto-obtained all the new rewards. It should have been fixed around update 5.0.
  • Sometimes, you may have the Catcombos unlocked at Rank 2700 upon unlocking CatCombos.
  • Some Cats can be upgraded beyond the player's current level cap, such as the Madoka Magica Ubers can reach level 10+19 before clearing Chapter 2.


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