True Form, Third Form, or Awakened Form for Special Cats, is the third evolution of many Cats. True Form Cats are different from its Evolved Form because when a Cat enters its true form stage, there is a change in health, attacking power and possibly abilities.

Currently, only Normal Cats, Special/EX Cats (purchasable cats and some exception), and some Rares, Super Rares, and Uber Super Rares (with the 5.0.0 update), which account for 1/3 Units in the game have this additional form.

Changes in True Form

Below are all possible third form upgrade in the game (update version 6.6.0)

Normal Cats

All Normal Cats get an increase in both health and damage, and some get a slightly longer recharge speed. However, some get abilities:

Special/EX Cats

Rare Cats

Super Rare Cats

Uber Rare Cats

  • Nekoluga: Higher attack power, and gains the ability to stop all enemies except Metal.
  • Tecoluga: Increased range, higher chance to critical hit.
  • Asiluga: Much longer range (750 -> 1250).
  • Togeluga: Increase in health, knockbacks, triggers greater attack power at 99% health, and gains immunity to shockwaves!
  • Balaluga: Increased Freeze duration (70f - 90f), gains a Weaken by 50% ability (for 180f).
  • Kubiluga: Gains a 100% chance to perform critical hits, but loses the ability to knock back enemies.
  • Ice Cat: Increase in health and range - 100% chance to freeze Red Enemies!
  • Cat Machine: Increase in health, range, movement speed, and gains the ability to stop shockwaves!
  • Lesser Demon Cat: Greatly increases attack power and stamina.
  • Marauder Cat: Increase health, damage, range, and critical rate (40 -> 50%). Also immune to knockback ability.
  • Baby Cat: Better health and range - able to release level 2 shockwaves!
  • Sanada Yukimura: Increases attack damage and movement speed.
  • Maeda Keiji: Increase in health, range, attack speed, triggers greater attack power at 50% health, and gains immunity to shockwaves!
  • Date Masamune: Increase in range, damage, and health
  • Takeda Shingen: Increased health, damage and attack range. Still attack only Blacks and Aliens.
  • Sodom: Increase in health, range, speed, a slight decrease in attack intervals - 100% chance to knockback Floating Enemies!
  • Megidora: Increase health, movement speed, attack power and range.
  • Vars: Increases health, attack damage and attack range.
  • Kamukura: Increase health and range. Reduce attack pause.
  • Raiden: Increase in range and speed. Becomes strong against Red Enemies.
  • Dioramos: Increases health and chance to knock back and slow Angels to 100%.
  • Windy: Increase attack, health, range and speed.
  • Thundia: Increases attack power, health, range, and movement speed.
  • Kuu: Increase health greatly, damage and range. Reduce attack pause. Also gain Weaken immunity.
  • Kai: Increase health and speed greatly and attack. Becomes immune to knockback.
  • Coppermine: Increase in health, damage, range, and a 75% chance to stop Floating Enemies!
  • Kalisa: Increased damage and range.
  • Momotaro: Raised attack power, health, range, speed, and a 40% chance to stop Red and Angel enemies!
  • Princess Kaguya: Increase health, damage, and range. Also 100% slow Angels and Metals.
  • Urashima Taro: Doubled health, increased range and damage. Becomes immune to Weaken.
  • Akira: Strong against Alien enemies and immune to shockwaves.
  • Mekako Saionji: Attacks now do massive damage to Alien Enemies - 100% chance to slow Alien Enemies too!

How to unlock True Forms

Category of Cats/Cat Unit How to Unlock
Normal Cats Use Cat Tickets to upgrade Normal Cats to level 20+10.

Special Cats (purchasable);

Monthly Event Cats

Beat the Awakening Stages.
Valkyrie Cat Complete Into the Future - Chapter 2.
Bahamut Cat Complete Into the Future - Chapter 3.
Crazed Cats Beat the Manic Stages.
Collaboration Cats Varies
Gacha Units Collect a certain amount of Catfruit and a certain amount of XP (200k for Rare, 500k for Super Rare, 1 million for Ubers)

The Battle Cats POP!

Normal Cats will evolve to their true form at level 20 in The Battle Cats POP!. There are no other true forms currently available.



  • Hikakin is the first Serial Code Cat to have true form upgrade.
    • This is the first cat that does not have its enemy counterpart and its own awakened stage.
  • Droid Cat is the first Rare-class cat and the first Collaboration Event cat to have a true form upgrade.

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