Togeluga is an Uber Rare Cat that can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule/Gacha during the Tales of the Nekoluga and Best of the best events. His True Form grants higher health, faster attack rate, increased knockbacks, Shockwave immunity, and attack power triples at 99% HP instead of 1%, making this one of the best Uber Rares to have in Stories of Legend stages such as Darkweb.

Cat Unit - 240
Uber Rare Cat

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Screenshot 2015-11-03-03-40-05-1

Shishilan Pasalan


Evolves into Togelan Pasalan at level 10.

Evolves into Shishilan Pasalan at level 30 using Catfruit.


  • Extremely high attack power, especially when Strengthened.
  • Great range for a powerful attacker.
  • Survives one Lethal Strike.
  • True Form grants immunity to shockwaves, fortified health and strengthens quicker.
  • Attack strength triples at 1% HP in evolved form, and 99% HP in True Form.
  • True Form gains a slightly faster attack rate.
  • Slightly faster recharge time when compared to other Nekolugas.
  • For his power in his True Form, his Catfruit Evolution requirements are moderately cheap when compared to other Uber Rares of similar quality.


  • Second lowest health of any Uber except in True Form.
  • Slow movement speed and attack rate.
  • Long attack animation.
  • Expensive to deploy.
  • Long recharge time, even though it's faster than other Nekolugas'.
  • Easily knocked back in true form, canceling his attack animation.
  • Completely useless in first form.


  • Universally among the Nekoluga family, it's better to use his Evolved Form or True Form.
  • Togelan Pasalan can be used as a boss killer (like Tesalan Pasalan). However, players need to be careful since he can easily be killed by long-ranged area attacks or Shockwaves, with the exception of his True Form.
  • Shishilan Pasalan can act as a counter to Kory due to having less range than Bahamut and Shockwave immunity. But if you are trying this, make sure there are units in front of him, as his high knockback count and slow movement speed make it harder for him to stay in front of Bahamut.
  • When strengthened, Togelan/Shishilan Pasalan has one of the highest damage outputs of all cats, about 150k (~200k when hypermaxed)! This makes him one of the most powerful units in the entire game.
  • He can serve as an ultimate Shockwave-resistant attack unit in his True Form. Shishilan Pasalan can be used on the 30th floor of the heavenly tower to utterly DESTROY the Hermit Cat boss! Also works exceptionally well on the Crazed Gross, Crazed Titan, Manic Macho Legs and Manic Jamiera stages, as he outranges all of them and has immunity to Shockwave attacks.
  • Can be used on the Into The Future Chapter 1 Moon to tank cli one and take off large chunks of HP. This usage heavilly advises to only use his True Form for this strategy, as he will almost immediately be killed by Cli-One. Also, if you take too long then Elizabeth The LVIth will kill him with her Shockwaves. In his True Form he can tank hits, and eventually take out Cli-One.


Switch EN/JP

Cat Units - 240

Uber Rare Cat
Uni240 f00
EN Description
Not sure if this is a Cat... There's just something about those... spikes???
Togelan Pasalan
Uni240 c00
EN Description
No. Way. This can't be right... Survives one lethal strike, get stronger the more damage he takes. (Area Attack)
Shishilan Pasalan
Uni240 s00
EN Description
Ancient god who bridges the worlds of the living and the dead. Survives once, grows stronger as he takes more damage. (Area Attack)

Cat Units - 240

Uber Rare Cat
トゲルガ (togeruga)
Uni240 f00
JP Script


EN Translation
What of whether a cat's,

all unidentified mystery of character
And evolve..

トゲランパサラン (togeran pasaran)
Uni240 c00
JP Script


EN Translation
What of whether a cat's, all unidentified mystery of character

Survival only once, attack power ultra-rise in strength reduction ( range attack )

デイダラトゲラン (deidaratogeran)
Uni240 s00
JP Script


EN Translation
Is it a cat or an old god who controls life and death?

Mysterious character of completely unknown character
Survived only once, increased strength of attack by physical strength reduction (range attack)


  • Chapter 1: $3000
  • Chapter 2: $4500
  • Chapter 3: $6000

Upgrading Cost

Level XP Level XP Level XP
Level 0-1 0 Level 10-11 15600 Level 20-21 23400
Level 1-2 9800 Level 11-12 19600 Level 21-22 29400
Level 2-3 14800 Level 12-13 29600 Level 22-23 44400
Level 3-4 21800 Level 13-14 43600 Level 23-24 65400
Level 4-5 42500 Level 14-15 85000 Level 24-25 127500
Level 5-6 64300 Level 15-16 128600 Level 25-26 192900
Level 6-7 93200 Level 16-17 186400 Level 26-27 279600
Level 7-8 118000 Level 17-18 236000 Level 27-28 354000
Level 8-9 197400 Level 18-19 394800 Level 28-29 592200
Level 9-10 513500 Level 19-20 1027000 Level 29-30 1540500


Health Attack Power Attack Range Time between attacks Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharging Time
500 HP 150 damage 140 2.73s 4 5 times 0.43 seconds 33.67s-27.87s
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Type Special Ability
8500 HP 2550 damage Single Target -
Togelan Pasalan
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Range Time between attacks Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharging Time
850 HP 51000 damage 445 20 seconds 4 1 time 3.5 seconds 167s - 161.2s
Attack Type Special Ability
Area Attack Survive 1 lethal strike. (100%);

Attack power increase by 300% at 1% health.

Shishilan Pasalan
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Range Time between attacks Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharging Time
51000 HP 51000 damage 445 17 seconds 4 100 times 3.5 seconds 167s - 161s
Lv.MAX Attack Type Special Ability
Lv.40+60 Area Attack Survive 1 lethal strike. (100%);

Attack power increase by 300% at 99% health;
Unharmed by shock waves.

*Includes treasures; recharge time may vary.
*Time between attacks is the time of the attack from the animation's end until the next attack animation start.
*See this section to calculate stats.

Initial Stats:

Health Attack Power
Togeluga 500 HP 150 damage
Togelan Pasalan 50 HP 3000 damage
Shishilan Pasalan 3000 HP 3000 damage

Catfruit Evolution

PurpleFruit 5 RedFruit 5
BlueFruit 6 YellowFruit 5
RainbowFruit 2 XP1,000,000


  • Normal: Appears to be a small, somewhat hunched-over cat-like organism, with the signature Nekoluga dead-eyes. Appears to have 2 antennae and several spikes on its back. Sometimes shudders his head. Attacks by biting.
  • Evolved: Now appears to be a very large organism, sporting many spikes protruding out of its body and has horribly proportioned body parts. Moves by slowly lurching, and appears to smile. Attacks by leaning back, electrifying its spikes and smashing the target with its forearms. Does not appear to have thumbs, but only four fingers. The spikes on its back sway slightly while moving and attacking.
  • True Form: Same as evolved, except it has swirled markings around its arms and body and darker detail. It also has a series of small spikes on its chin resembling a beard, and its back spines now shimmer and occasionally discharge lightning. Attack animation remains the same.


  • "Toge" in Japanese can mean splinter or spine, which explains the many protruding spikes on Togeluga's body.
  • This is one of the only cats that has more health in its basic form than in its evolved form.
    • Its evolved form has the lowest health among all Nekolugas and Pasalans and among all Uber Rares, excluding collaboration cats.
    • Its True Form has the highest health among all Nekolugas and Pasalans.
  • Shishilan Pasalan is a reference to the Night Walker from the movie Princess Mononoke, also known as a Shishigami, explaining the first part of Shishilan's name. In addition to looking similar, both are described as gods of life and death.
  • Shishilan Pasalan has the 2nd highest knockback amount of any units in the game, only behind Ms. Sign. It has twice as many knockbacks as Inumusha.
  • This cat's gender is confirmed through the descriptions given in the Cat Guide entries, contrary to popular belief.
  • Featured in the Best of the Best gacha event, presenting itself as the best unit from the Tales of The Nekoluga gacha event.



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