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  • Someone, edit this thread when you find more information.

    BCJP 6.1

    • Nyanko Beacon, appear after clearing EoC chapter 1, on the title screen after the mail box. Wizards made some theories about PvP in the mobile version with that feature
    • New Cats, (possibly Annihilation City),
    • 3 known new True Forms:
    • Kachi-Kachi: colorful firetruck
    • KHM48: she has less 2 Cats, needs 2 Epic Fruits and 1000000 XP
    • Crazed Kerihimne: gains a Cat, requirement same as the above
    • SoL expand:
    • New chapter
    • New 4-star, 3-star and 2-star levels, you know the catch for 4-star.
    • Fixed some stats (Cat units)
    • Fixed upper limit for the Cannon Recharge
    • Fixed something in a battle.

    BCEN 6.0

    Anything from the RED ALERT post.

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