The Great Escaper (大脱走 Dai dassō) is the last stage in Jail Break Tunnel.

Enemy Stats

Name Strength Mag HP Damage Info
Those Guys 1600% 3200 320 -
Squire Rel 1600% 1280 480 -
Squire Rel 8000% 3600 2400 -
Squire Rel 12000% 9600 3600 -
Assassin Bear (Black) 100% 550 3000 -
R. Ost 100% 340,000 7200 -
Bore (Red) 100% 400,000 4837 -
Shadow Boxer K (Black) 100% 80000 4997 -
Ururun Wolf 100% 700000 8812 Boss


This is a timed stage. You have 15 minutes to destroy the enemy base, or Assassin Bears will spawn in droves and end yours. Get moving!

It is highly recommended you do not play this stage until you have obtained all the true form cats. Even then it will be exceedingly difficult, and if having trouble at that point, you should wait for the Crazed cats, which will make the stage more manageable. Ranged cats, like Macho Legs, Paris, and Dragon can help a lot, and ubers like Thundia, Pai-Pai, Tropical Kalisa, Oda, Super Galaxy Cosmo, and the Lugas will help immensly. If you think you have all the cats that you think you‘ll need for this stage, don’t worry about it too much. Compared to its nail-biting predecessor, Pitfall Zone, this stage is relatively straightforward. Remember the Ururun drop!


Strategy 1 (No Ubers or specific Rares needed)

Cat line-up: Mohawk Cat, Eraser Cat, Island Cat, King Dragon Cat and their Crazed counterparts. Also, bring a Crazed UFO Cat and of course a Bahamut Cat.

Start the level by sending 3 Crazed Wall Cats and save up for a Bahamut. It is best to not have any more than three Crazed Walls. No matter what, NEVER have any more than five Crazed Wall Cats. When Bahamut has been recharged, send it out and once both the Bahamut Cats attack, send everything else starting from the heavy attackers (early meatshields will take up unit space).

When the Ururun Wolf appears, do not fire the Cat Cannon but instead, save it for when the Bores come out. Keep sending everything and don't stop with the meatshields especially if there are R.Osts or Bores. You must never stop with the Crazed Whales and Island Cats. They will be your Bore killers and prevent him from attacking your Bahamut Cats. With this, you should be able to beat the level. All cats MUST be Max level for Crazed and True Form if it is a normal cat. This strategy will beat the level comfortably within the time limit, unless you've done something wrong.

Strategy 2

The only natural Cat that outranges Ururun Wolf is Bahamut Cat. Bahamut is extremely weak to Bores, and the level continuously spawns Bores, plus the Ururun keeps smashing down your front line, in turn allowing the Bores to attack Bahamut. You will want Crazed UFO to knock back the SBKs, and Crazed Whale Cat to kill the Bores faster. Use Jamiera Cat to try your luck - even a small knockback can mean a lot. King Dragon Cat is useful, and so is Crazed Dragon Cat. Paris Cat is slightly less useful due to her low health. Bring her along anyway. Bahamut outranges Ururun, so bring him along. Bring at least two meatshields, preferably Wall Cats, because Eraser Cat and Crazed Wall Cat can survive a hit. That's pretty much it. Oh, and bring on any Uber Rares you have. They may make a big difference. As long as you think you can beat this, take a Treasure Radar. This will unlock a new cat for you - Ururun Wolf.

Start the level. Stall the ridiculously high levelled Squire Rels and get 2 Bahamut Cats. Then save money, spam everything and hope for the best. Oh. And if you take longer than 15 minutes, they will spam Assassin Bears, so what are you waiting for? GET MOVING!

Strategy 3

You only really need two types of cats for this level. Don't be discouraged by the difficulty people speak of, it isn't really that hard if you know the cats you need to use.


Make sure you have Cat CPU and Treasure radar equipped (Never use Treasure radar on your first try). If you want you can bring Speed-up.


Bring an anti-red and an anti-black unit. These cats will increase your chance of winning by an immense amount. Cats like: Pirate Cat, Tin Cat, Cat Gunslinger and Witch Cat will keep the constant waves of Bores and Shadow Boxers off your high damaging units.

Your primary cats in your load out should consist of: Macho Cat, Tank Cat, Boogie Cat, Paris Cat, Dragon Cat, an Anti-red, an Anti-black, Bahamut, any other uber rare with decent range. (If you have missing spaces in your load out bring more Anti-black/Anti-red cats or bring Gross Cat)

The Strategy

Start off by stalling the constant waves of Squire Rels and building up 2 Bahamuts, use any other uber rares AFTER spawning Bahamut. Start your push by spamming all of your meat shields and Anti-red/Anti-black units. By the time your cats are on the enemy base you should have a full wallet and be at max units. Ururun will spawn. Go ahead and turn on Cat CPU, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Strategy 4 (Super Galaxy Cosmo is needed)

Don't be discouraged, you don't need crazed cats or true forms, you don't need any power ups either. Bring Super Galaxy Cosmo and Crazed Bahamut Cat as heavy! Start the battle by summoning no more than 3 Tank Cats to block the enemy. Save up until you have maxed wallet and a Crazed Bahamut Cat and a Super Galaxy Cosmo. Then spawn all the cats you've brought. Cats that are recommended are:

As you've played on, you'll find that Super Galaxy Cosmo can always inflict damage on Ururun Wolf. And every two to three shots (depends on its level) can make a knock back. Crazed Bahamut Cat can take down R. Ost fairly quickly, Dancing Flasher Cat stops Bore so often. Other cats should be able to finish SBK in a decent rate. Then congratulations, you will be able to finish your enemy within 15 minutes.

Strategy 5 (Good strategy if stacking Bahamut is difficult)

Cat Line-Up: 2 Cheapest meatshield, Artist Cat, Paris Cat, Drama Cat, Urashima Taro(unevolved), Office Lady Cat, Holy Valkyrie, any heavy attacking uber, and Bahamut. Use Rich Cat, so no time is wasted. Also use Sniper the Cat.

First, turn off Sniper the Cat and only spawn 2-4 meatshield. Then spawn Bahamut (and slow-moving uber, if used). When you have enough money, spam Paris Cat, Drama Cat, Urashima Taro, and Office Lady Cat. Also sparsely spawn meatshields. Keep spamming those cats even after the boss appears. Your cat army will slowly progress forward. When enemy base is almost reached, spawn quick-moving uber(s), if used.

When SBK and/or Bore appear, turn on Sniper the Cat. Your cat capacity should be full almost all the time and the enemies will get cornered almost all of the time. Note: When Bahamut or ubers are going to attack, turn off Sniper the Cat.

Strategy 6

Cat Line-up: 3 meat shields, Macho Legs Cat, Paris Cat, Crazed UFO Cat, Crazed Dragon Cat, King Dragon Cat, Face Cat/Gentleman Bros/Momotaro, Crazed Bahamut Cat

When the first Squire Rel appears, send out a Crazed UFO. It will kill incoming Squire Rels, but will eventually be overwhelmed and killed before it hits the enemy base. While your Crazed UFO is out, upgrade your Worker Cat. By the time it dies, you should be at a high Worker Cat level, or even maxed. Once you reach max, spawn Bahamut Cat, Paris, your Dragons, and a couple of meatshields. Be careful not to send too many. When your Cats have nearly reached the base, start spamming meatshields and all your Units except the Anti-Reds. Paris and your Dragons will control the SBKs. Eventually, a Bore will be spawned. Now spawn your Anti-Red(s). Hopefully, your initial RNG will be good, and the Bore will be frozen, at least temporarily. Throughout the battle, more Bores will be spawned. An R. Ost will be spawned once. Bahamut and Dragons will take care of the R. Ost. Ururun will eventually die, and you can win this level. If a Treasure Radar was used, you'll acquire a very strong, flexible Unit, Ururun Wolf. This level is very difficult, so be prepared if you don't win the first couple times!

Strategy 7

Cat Line up: 3 meatshields (Mohawk Cat, Crazed Macho Cat, Eraser Cat), 2 decently ranged attackers (Paris Cat, King Dragon Cat), 2 anti-red cats (Island Cat, Momotaro), Jamiera Cat, Crazed Bahamut Cat, and one other long ranged uber of your choice.

Start off by stacking 2 Bahamut cats. Send out between 3 and 5 eraser cats to block the squire rels from getting to your Bahamut cat. Once you have 2, start sending out your longer range damage dealers (Paris and king Dragon) along with a constant wave of eraser cats. When your cats reach half way, start spawning in Momotaro for the eventual Bore that spawns. When your lineup gets 3/4 of the way to their base, spawn everything and spam meatshields and do not stop spamming them. During the battle, you want to continuously send in Paris Cat to deal with the SBKs. I found that you didn't need anti-black cats because Paris Cat stack could shred them. When the Bore spawns, it is important to have 3 or 4 Momotaros so you can permafreeze it as well as Island Cat out to deal damage to it. Bore is the biggest threat to your Bahamut Cat and needs to be dealt with. When R. Ost spawns, expect your 2 Bahamut cats to die. That is okay so long as you spawn a 3rd when you can and keep stacking Paris Cat. Otherwise, a good line of meatshields should help protect Bahamut and this stage should not be a problem.

Something important: only spawn in your other uber once during your first wave of cats and after you kill Ururun and only spawn in Momotaro and Island Cat when you believe another Bore is about to spawn. With max worker cat, you won't have enough money to sustain continuously spawning them, plus it's useless because they will get shredded by Ururun Wolf.

Another note: Use Momotaro instead of Peach Angels!!! You need the stack of Momotaro to freeze Bore and you can't stack with Peach Angels.

Have all your cats be Level 30+ and you should be set.

Strategy 8

Cat line up: Crazed Mohawk, crazed eraser, eraser/gato amigo, Mohawk (or any 4 meatshields of your choice), crazed whale, crazed bahamut, Togelugan Pasalan (or Shishilan Pasalan if you have it), 1 ranged cat to deal with the squire rels (high-level paris cat or king dragon), Tesalan Pasalan (or Lufalan Pasalan if you have it) and roe cat (anti-red meatshield).

Similar to the other builds, stall the squire rels until you can get out your damage dealers (Lufalan, Shishilan and Bahamut). Once you've deployed them, begin to spam meatshield and roe cat to deal with the bores, and (depending on the level) your ranged attacker for additional damage.

Strategy 9

Cat line-up: Mohawk Cat, Eraser Cat, one red freezer (Face Cat is a good choice due to its cheap cost and good probability of freezing), Paris Cat, another ranged area attacker (Drama Cat is a good choice, because UFO have shorter range), Island Cat, Dragon Cat, Jamiera Cat, True Valkyrie/Holy Valkyrie Cat, Crazed Bahamut Cat (at least level 27, assuming your treasure quality is excellent).

Similar to other strategies, this one would require a stack of at least two Bahamut Cat. Start with spawning Eraser Cats as stallers (don't spam them because they would push too far). Spawn Bahamut Cat as soon as money's ready. Pick the amount of Eraser Cats you think is the ideal amount (depends on level) so that they would sweep the peons at a slow speed and push slowly. (Take note that you might have to retry this process a lot of time until the Eraser amounts doesn't force you to hit the base, nor does it slow you down too much.) Keep it like that until you reach 1/3 of the battlefield. By this time your wallet should be full and your Eraser Cats should be dying soon. You should spawn some more Eraser Cats to replenish the ones that will be dying. When your Bahamut Cat land/finish his attack animation, and your second Bahamut is ready, you should spawn all of your cats, including the second Bahamut Cat and rush it (fast enough so that the first Bahamut doesn't land the next hit). Keep stacking the attackers / supporters whenever they're ready. The constant stacking of them will be crucial in this fight.

The reason why there should be an ideal distance between both Bahamut is that their attack animations will have a reasonable interval in between, so that fast-pushing peons with high amount of knockbacks like R.Ost, Shadow Boxer K can be knocked back constantly by the powerful attacks.

You should not let the Shadow Boxer K's at the beginning of the boss wave push you back and keep the Ururun Wolf lock to its base (meaning: if it gets knocked back, it stays on the same spot), so that after the knockback from the first Bahamut Cat's hit will guarantee the second one to hit.

Bore will only be a little problem, due to the freezer having short range and might get hit by Ururun Wolf, but you might be able to have him kept at bay. When he's dead, spawn the range attackers, because the R.Ost attack would give your cat a little push and they should be the one filling in Bahamut's pause before his next attack. Don't be discouraged by it, because your Bahamut Cat should be able to endure at least 2 hits from it (including crits), and the supports from your attackers should be able to make the Bahamuts stay alive until the next attack animation.

If the Bahamuts stay alive after R.Ost attack, the rest of the time should be easy to knock down the boss, no matter how good the Shadow Boxer K's are.

You should be able to finish the level before Bore spawn, and even if he spawns, it would be helpless due to the super-high DPS you're pinning on the base!


Walkthrough Video Player
The Battle Cats - The Great Escaper - Played by Nurse Wuffa

The Battle Cats - The Great Escaper - Played by Nurse Wuffa

Nurse Wuffa MattShea Tactical Fedorine Kanta Okuwa Awakened Bahamut


  • This is the only Stories of Legend stage with an item drop cat in which the boss is spawned by attacking the enemy base, rather than on a timer.


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