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The Battle Cats is the improved version of the original Battle Cats and is available in more than 100 countries (since November 10th, 2014). This version has lots of features, nearly matching the Japanese Version. However, you can not transfer Japanese data over to this version, as they have different servers. 


Upon starting The Battle Cats (or playing the intro from the Settings), a short cutscene will explain the story behind the game:

Empire of Cats
Stories of Legend
Into the Future


Amongst all the global issues, civil wars, financial crises, terrorism, a brand new threat appears...

"The Battle Cats"

We found it too hard to fight back...because...these Cats...are too cute.

We are powerless to their reign. We cannot stop their legion.

Come to think of it, Cats have already invaded the internet too...We have the best information technology systems and use them to look at Cats.

By the way, the developer of these Battle Cats was interviewed on TV. It went like this...

"Why is the new weapon a Cat?"

and he answered -

"Because I love Cats."

...are you serious?

I just read what I've written. It's horrible. I've forgotten how bad my writing was.

My biggest mistake was I don't know who I am writing to...

I remember my days as a kid, I wanted to be a major leaguer.

Now...Now I want to be a millionaire CEO of a Social Networking Service.

I mean, if you have money, you don't need love, right?


Whatever the answer is...I want to tell you one thing.

The "Battle Cats" aren't so bad.

That's pretty much it.


After all the battles, the world was overrun by the Battle Cats.

A government of the Cats, by the Cats, for the Cats is the new world!

Or that's what I thought...

In the end, nothing really changed.

Well, if I have to say something, I see a lot more Cats nowadays.

That's pretty much it.

Oh, by the way, I had a "Cat" come into my office for a job interview, he didn't get in.

We might be really busy, but a Cat...

is just a Cat.

However, I do feel lucky if I see one, in the office or at school.

Wouldn't you?


Congratulations to The Battle Cats!

Thank you Battle Cats!

Battle Cats Forever!


Thank you for Playing!!

Stories of Legend

After the Battle Cats invaded the world they moved to the next step of their plan...

I thought what they wanted was to blend into our world and live a cozy and peaceful life..


I was wrong.

The Battle Cats took over nuclear power plants all over the world.

They were trying to feed all the world's power into one place!

Their mission was really... Time Travel!

A couple of days ago I ran into The Marketing Manager of the Battle Cats (He was a Cat) and we had a chat, but I don't think he knew what "Strictly Confidential" meant.

So I knew their plan, but I was too busy playing games and going out. Oh, I also paid a visit to my folks too. I'm a good kid.

Trust me.

...and so I forgot about their plan.

We need to release the Legendary Cats!

We need to free them before they were sealed!

We need to travel in time!

We need some Cat Food!

...I think that was what the Cat was saying, Though I can barely remember, because I was pretty drunk too.

Oh right, I was having some nuts with my beer.

So anyway, they succeeded in time travel and the Battle Cats traversed to another world.

They remembered to shut down all the nuclear power plants safely and even left a note saying "Thank you"

...I guess they aren't so bad after all?

Hey, I forgot to add.

You know God, yeah THAT God.

He is around 20 years old.


He shouldn't exist in the past... Yet.


It is the future...

1st April, 29XX

On that day, Aliens came to this planet.

But, hey, what's this? Was it just bad timing?

The people of Earth brushed the visitors off like weirdos.

Their revenge on the humans who ignored them took many forms:

Sinking Japan... Psychic activity... Mind-control implants... Floating cities... Reality television... Unspeakable probing...

Sure, some guys weren't too happy. But lets not worry about that.

Oh yeah, by the way: I've been an alien from space all along.

The changes we made to earth creatures are the symbol of our rule. Lately, you see guys on the street with THAT growing from their head.

Earth has no words to explain what THAT is.

You'd definitely die of embarrassment if you tried to describe THAT.

A real gentleman would never dare mention THAT in public.


That's how awfully shocking THAT is.

Anyhow, I've got 8 of THAT growing on my head.

We had just about invaded every country in the world, but then... some really troublesome guys appeared without warning.

Their name is... Cat Army.

We heard they'd conquered the past... and now they came to invade our future.

There's just one thing I want to say to the Cat Army:

♪Aliens aren't so bad after all

Well, it is true that we sunk Japan...

Well, lets not waste any more time. On to the greatest showdown:



And so... the Alien empire fell before the power of the Cat Army.

A new world has emerged: of the Cats, by the Cats, for the Cats! This life will surely become even more punishing and cruel! Aaagh!

Well, that's what I thought.

But... In the end, nothing really changed.

Well, if I have to say something. Cats star in a lot more TV dramas these days.

That's pretty much it.

Now we have lots of cute "big sister" characters on TV. Aliens became less trendy so we don't get parts anymore.

Hey, do you remember THAT? Well, pushing and pulling on THAT is the new comedy boom.

Oh, one more thing.

I just got back from drinking with the Cats...

They were a little tipsy, but they seemed very interested in our planet.

I was cornered for over an hour... They kept asking things like: "Is there Cat Food over there?"

They were so persistent I finally just said, "Yeah, sure!"

Suddenly their eyes were gleaming with childlike joy.

I hear they're building a rocket now.

Do you think...? No, there's no way...

Anyhow... Congratulations to The Battle Cats!

Thank You Battle Cats!

Onward into an endless universe!!!



Cat Units

Many units have different descriptions, although some reuse old material from Battle Cats. Many new units have been added with the addition of the Rare Cat Capsule and Special Events.

Enemy Units

The new English Version has all enemies from Main Chapters, Challenge Mode and almost all enemies can be seen in Stories of Legend, Most of the enemies have a different description to be more kid-friendly, as some of the enemy descriptions in Battle Cats were pretty inappropriate.

Levels and Stages

The New English Version has 3 Main Chapters (each chapter contains 48 levels, which take place in 48 locations, from cities, states, countries, and places in the world, and even the moon), Challenge Mode , Into The Future and Stories of Legend (include time-limited event stages and stories of legend chapters). Version 3 added Into The Future chapter(s), the CatCombo System, a new Uber set, and 2 new subchapters.

Nintendo 3DS version

Nintendo 3DS version of The Battle Cats: The Battle Cats POP! (shortened: BCP!) released in June 27th, 2016 with a multi-player mode, silimar to Nyanko Daisensou's 3DS version, Tobidasu! Nyanko Daisensou.


The story of BCP! is very similar to the story of the mobile game, at least with chapters 1 and 2. In chapter 3 the Battle Cats want to take over the universe.

Cat Units

BCP! has a majority of the cat units from the mobile game, but it is missing some of the cats and their true forms.


There are significantly less enemies in BCP! than there are in the mobile version, as there is not any Stories of Legend nor any of the event stages.

Levels and Stages

There are a total of 3 chapters in the game, as well as Challenge mode. For the English version, Chapter 1 takes place in locations around the world, Chapter 2 takes place in Japan, and Chapter 3 takes place in space.

Version Differences

Mobile and 3DS

  • The names of several of the cats have been changed (probably due to space), and some of the descriptions may be different. As the game progresses, more Uber sets to draw from become available. Nekoluga can be obtained in any one of the sets, making it the easiest to obtain.
  • Some enemy units that do not show up in the mobile version's dictionary are in the dictionary for BCP!, including Dark Emperor Santa and Chief Peng.
  • The Normal Cat Capsule does not appear like the Rare Cat Capsule does. Instead, you can get True Forms for Normal cats by simply leveling them up to 20.
  • Special Cats are bought with XP instead of Cat Food, and do not have their True Forms yet as of 09/26/2016.
  • The Rare Capsule also includes the Monthly, Cyclone, and Crazed event cat rewards, as well as Singer Cat, Moneko, and Bean Cats all of which can be obtained in any Uber set in their respective rarity level. (With the exception of Singer, Moneko, and Bean Cats, which are now Super Rare instead of Special.)
  • Ururun Wolf appears as the final boss of chapter 3, and may be obtained upon completion of the stage. The player will receive Bahamut Cat as a reward for completing the game. Because of this, Li'l Nyandam, Red Rid ing Mina and Miyamoku Miyamoku Musashi are unobtainable. (Enemy Bosses linked to the first half of the unit's name, while the cat unit is linked to the second half.) -Note: Since Bahamut Cat is a 100% chance reward the first time reward, Treasure Radars cannot be used to obtain Ururun Wolf, leaving you to be forced to deal with the 5% drop chance.
  • The Stories of Legend are unavailable in The Battle Cats POP!. The same goes for all features added in The Battle Cats version 4.0 and beyond, such as Into the Future, gacha True Forms, Cats of the Cosmos, Zombie Outbreaks, Catclaw Dojo, Ototo Corps and more.


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