Sweat and Tears (Insane) is the second stage in Sports Day Awakens!.

Upon completion, players have a guaranteed chance to recieve the true form of Sports Day Cat.


Starts off with a single Rampage Cats. No other enemies are spawned until the enemy castle is hit. Since the Rampage Cats alone isn't very strong, use walls or crazed walls to stall it while maxing out your worker cat.

After the enemy castle loses around 10 000 HP, 4 Rain D. appear, with 2 Trolly Bloggers, 4 Gory Black, and 2 Rampage Cats. During the battle, Rain D. and Rampage Cats spawn at a moderate rate. Gory Black start off spawning at a quick pace but as the battle drags on, they will spawn at a slower rate.


Stall the lone Rampage Cat at the beginning for max worker cat and try to stack cats.

Strategy 1 (ft. Cyberpunk Cat)

Battle Items: Speed Up (Recommended), Cat CPU (Optional).

Layout: Bring 3-4 meatshields, one of which is a type of wall cat. Have both Titans to tank and Cyberpunk Cat somewhere in the loadout. The Cyberpunk I used was level 29+1. Hacker Cat may work but has lower attack damage and no slow chance compared to it's true form. In the other slots, equip anti-black units for the Gory Blacks and something with high stamina that can disarm the Rain D.

My layout: C. Cat (20), C. Wall (20), C. Whale (20), Jamiera Cat (20+13), D'artanyan (28), Cyberpunk Cat (29+1), The Black Cat (28), Kaso Jizo (28), C. M. Titan Cat (20).

  • First, let the Rampage Cats get close to your base but not too close as it has a long range of 500. Stall it with walls, no more than 2 at once, while upgrading worker cat. When around the 4th-5th worker cat level, spawn a Cyberpunk. Hopefully the Rampage Cats are in Cyberpunk's blind spot so you can start stacking. If not, let it get a little closer but not letting it hit the cat base or Cyberpunk.
  • Max out the worker cat and stack 3-4 Cyberpunk Cats. You would want to have Speed Up for this part.
  • Spawn everything and spam your cats and meatshields, spawn more Cyberpunks when possible. After a short while, the level should be over and you will have Sports Day Cat's true form, and the First Clear Reward (30 Cat Food and Energy Refill).


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