This article lists the main levels of Stories of Legend. For the full article about time-limited events, see here.

Stories of Legend (レジェンドストーリー rejendo sutōrī, Lit. Legend Stories, also known as SoL) is a game mode unlocked after completing Empire of Cats - The Battle Cats Rising (Chapter 1) and was released in Version 2.0 of The Battle Cats. It features many new sub-chapters (each one with 5, 6 or 8 stages), new types of enemies, new game mechanics, but also Event Stages where the player could win some prizes, such as Monthly Events (collectible units), Cyclone Stages (anti-Metal cats), Crazed Cats Stages (powerful variants of Normal Cats) and Awakening Stages (True Forms of certain Special Cats and Rare Cats), among many others.

These new challenges wait for the bravest players to come. It is recommended to get Valkyrie Cat before starting these stages. Later, Bahamut Cat will be essential to progress further into the Stories of Legend and its special stages.

The production cost in this mode is the same as Empire of Cats - The Emperor of Darkness (Chapter 2).

Difficulty Magnification

Clearing a sub-chapter for the first time rewards the player with 30 Cat Food, refills their energy, unlocks the next sub-chapter and the next ★ difficulty of the current sub-chapter (up to 4-★).

★★ difficulty multiplies strength and health of the enemies by 1.5, beyond sub-chapter 20, their stats are buffed by 1.2.

★★★ difficulty doubles (x2) enemy strength and health. In sub-chapters 18 and 19, their stats are buffed by 1.7 and beyond that point, they are buffed by 1.4.

You can only deploy Special Cats and Rare Cats in ★★★★ difficulty, although you can still have the Cat Units you want in your line-up, allowing you to use all the Cat Combos you want. This difficulty multiplies enemy strength by 3. The magnification is 2 in sub-chapter 17, after that point, they are buffed by 1.2, similar to ★★ difficulty.

Clearing a time-limited event for the first time also rewards the player 30 Cat Food, refills their energy and unlocks the next ★ difficulty if there is one.


Most of the levels have 2 treasures,a Power-up with 1% drop with no limit; a certain amount of XP that has a 10% chance to drop, the player can only got this XP drop once. Clearing any star difficulties the first time also rewards the player with 30 Cat Food and refills the energy. Starting from Jail Break Tunnel, after every 6~8 sub-chapters, some boss characters can be recruited to your side.


Sub-chapter 1: The Legend Begins

The Legend Begins (伝説のはじまり Densetsu no hajimari)

Sub-chapter 2: Passion Land

Passion Land (情熱の国 Jōnetsu no kuni)

Sub-chapter 3: Glucosamine Desert

Glucosamine Desert (グルコサミン砂漠 Gurukosamin sabaku)

Sub-chapter 4: Swimming Cats

Swimming Cats (ネコども海を渡る Neko-domo umiwowataru)

Sub-chapter 5: Risqué Terrain

Risqué Terrain (見つめてキャッツアイ Mitsumete kyattsuai)

Sub-chapter 6: Western Street

Western Street (ウエスタン街道 Uesutan kaidō)

Sub-chapter 7: Sea of Tuna

Sea of Tuna (マグロ海域 Maguro kaiiki)

Sub-chapter 8: Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island (バンブー島 Bambū shima)

Sub-chapter 9: Squishy Cave

Squishy Cave (ぷにぷに鍾乳洞 Punipuni shōnyūdō)

Sub-chapter 10: Volkanos Volcano

Volkanos Volcano (ボルケーノ火山 Borukēno kazan)

  • Stage 10-1: Hot Bath Rock (半身浴岩 Hanshin-yoku iwa)
  • Stage 10-2: Gentle Geyser (ほっこり間欠泉 Hokkori kanketsusen)
  • Stage 10-3: Thick Magma (とろーりマグマ Toro ̄ri maguma)
  • Stage 10-4: Fire Cage (炎の檻 Honō no ori)
  • Stage 10-5: Volcanic Defender (火口を守る者 Kakō o mamoru mono)
  • Stage 10-6: Flame Caldera (メラメラカルデラ Meramerakarudera)

Sub-chapter 11: Neverending Cat Story

Neverending Cat Story (千里の道 Senri no michi, Lit. Journey of a thousand miles)

Sub-chapter 12: Castle of Fish

Castle of Fish (アオ・ザ・カナ ao za kana)

Sub-chapter 13: Sushi Island

Sushi Island (軍艦島 Gunkanjima, Warship Island)

Sub-chapter 14: The Scratching Post

The Scratching Post (つめとぎ の廊下 Tsume togi no rōka)

Sub-chapter 15: Parthenon

Parthenon (パルテノン神殿 Parutenon shinden)

Sub-chapter 16: Low Tide Beach

Low Tide Beach (ずんどこ海水浴場 Zundoko kaisuiyoku-ba)

Sub-chapter 17: Alcatraz

Alcatraz (アルカトラズ島 Arukatorazu shima, Alcatraz)

Sub-chapter 18: Jail Break Tunnel

Jail Break Tunnel (脱獄トンネル Datsugoku tonneru)

Sub-chapter 19: Capone's Jail

Capone's Jail (カポネの監獄 Kapone no kangoku)

Sub-chapter 20: Silk Road

Silk Road (シルクロード Shiruku rōdo)

Sub-chapter 21: Stairway To Darkness

Stairway to Darkness (闇へと続く地下道 Yami e to tsudzuku chikadō, underpass that leads to darkness)

Sub-chapter 22: Prince of Darkness

Prince of Darkness (魔王の豪邸 Maō no gōtei, Mansion of Satan)

Sub-chapter 23: Dead End Night

Dead End Night (終わりを告げる夜 Owariwotsugeru yoru)

Sub-chapter 24: Battle Royale

Battle Royale (バトルロワイヤル batoru rowaiyaru)

Sub-chapter 25: Scars of War

Scars of War (戦争のつめあと Sensō no tsume ato)

Sub-chapter 26: Sea Polluter

Sea Polluter (海を汚す悪しき者 Umi o yogosu ashiki mono)

Sub-chapter 27: Body & Soul

Body & Soul (心と体、繋ぐもの Kokoro to karada, tsunagu mono)

Sub-chapter 28: Weak & Mildly Acidic

Weak & Mildly Acidic (also known as Weak Yet Bitter)

Sub-chapter 29: Intrepid Cats

Intrepid Cats (導かれしネコ達 Michibika reshi neko-tachi)

Sub-chapter 30: Shadow Cosmopolis

Shadow Cosmopolis (暗黒コスモポリス Ankoku kosumoporisu)

Sub-chapter 31: Galapa-Goth

Galapa-Goth (ガラ・パ・ゴス Gara Pa gosu)

Sub-chapter 32: Kombu Cape

Kombu Cape (岩海苔半島 Iwa nori hantō)

Sub-chapter 33: Axis of Evil

Axis of Evil

Sub-chapter 34: Suburbs of the Dead

Suburbs of the Dead

Sub-chapter 35: Quarantine Isles

Quarantine Isles

Sub-chapter 36: Mouseyland


Sub-chapter 37: Walk of Fame

Walk of Fame

  • Stage 37-1: Paparazzi Paradise (パパラッチフィーバー, Paparatchifībā, Paparazzi Fever)
  • Stage 37-2: Gossip Rags (因縁ゴシップスター, In'nen goshippusutā, Fate Gossip Star)
  • Stage 37-3: Beverly Hills Scoop (バブリーヒルズ白書, Baburīhiruzu hakusho, Beverly Hills White Book)
  • Stage 37-4: Lovechild Lane (子役上がり, Koyaku agari, Child Raising)
  • Stage 37-5: Saucy Scandals (セクシースキャンダル, Sekushīsukyandaru, Sexy Scandal)
  • Stage 37-6: Multiversal Studios (ウニバーサンスタジオ, Unibāsansutajio, Universal Studios)

Sub-chapter 38: Cutpurse Coast

Cutpurse Coast

Sub-chapter 39: Above & Below

Above & Below Added in update 6.1, introduced 1 new enemy. One of the stages has material farming potential.

Sub-chapter 40: Windless Island

Windless Island Added in update 6.2, no new enemy is introduced in this sub-chapter. However, the Doge Base makes its second appearance here.

Sub-chapter 41: IT Catacombs

IT Catacomb Added in update 6.3, introduced 1 new enemy, this sub-chapter contains 6 stages, they are quite fast-paced.

Sub-chapter 42: Grotesque Gallery

Grotesque Gallery Added in 6.4, Angel Fanboy appeared in Sol in the first time.

Sub-chapter 43: Area 22

Area 22 Added in 6.6, introduced a bunch of new enemies.

Sub-chapter 44: Beyond the Savannah

Beyond the Savannah Added in update 6.7, introduced 1 new enemy,Winged Pigge


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