Shockwaves is a special ability/attack in The Battle Cats and can be created by a few Cat characters and Enemy characters in random chance or at a 100% chance. Shockwaves hit all enemies/cats in its range but doesn't hit bases. (Levels are based on how many "explosion" sounds there are.) The damage done by shockwaves are the same that a normal attack of the cat or enemy. A single shockwave has the range of 266.875.

Units that can do Shockwave attacks:

Cat Units

Enemy Units


  • Kory is the first enemy in the game that can create a shockwave at a 100% chance.
  • Enemy characters will create blue shockwaves and cat characters will create purple shockwaves.
  • Shockwaves resemble the blast from a Cat Cannon.
  • It is said that a shockwave's range works by adding range to a base value. According to various sources, the base value is 267 and for each level, add 200 range to it.

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