The Battle Cats Capture Items Book (攻略アイテムBOOK) is a Japanese document that was released by PONOS in March 12, 2015.
BC capture items book


  • LINE stamp
  • Explain the game in an easy-to-understand guide
  • Explain some basic tactics and enemy units
  • Special download content: "大入! にゃんこまっしぐらセット" include: 5 Silver Ticket, 1 Rare Ticket and 30 Cat Food, this content can get up to 10 times per account(?), this book benefits will be obtained after clearing Chapter 1 - Stage 7 (Fukuoka)
  • The serial code can be downloaded only once and the expiration date of the serial code is up to 23:59 PM, March 31, 2016.


Japanese version Exclusive Contents
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Other Merchandise Nyankoma (manga)Keychains GashaponMiscellaneous Merchandise (Toys)
POPS! Nyanko Daisensou (3DS version) • Official Fan PageLINE StampOfficial LINE Account

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