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Need the official English name and a description for XP if necessary.


Normal Cat Units

CRO Cat Name Rarity Notes
0 Cat Normal Upgrades to Mohawk Cat at level 20+10
1 Tank Cat Normal Upgrades to Eraser Cat at level 20+10
2 Axe Cat Normal Upgrades to Dark Cat at level 20+10
3 Gross Cat Normal Upgrades to Macho Legs Cat at level 20+10
4 Cow Cat Normal Upgrades to Lion Cat at level 20+10
5 Bird Cat Normal Upgrades to The Flying Cat at level 20+10
6 Fish Cat Normal Upgrades to Island Cat at level 20+10
7 Lizard Cat Normal Upgrades to King Dragon Cat at level 20+10
8 Titan Cat Normal Upgrades to Jamiera Cat at level 20+10

Ability Orbs

Orb Icon Description
Cat Cannon Power
GatyaitemD 60 f
Increases Cat Cannon Power.
Cat Cannon Charge
GatyaitemD 62 f
Decreases Cat Cannon recharge time.
Worker Cat Efficiency
GatyaitemD 63 f
Increases the Worker Cat's efficiency.
Cat Wallet
GatyaitemD 64 f

Increases the Worker Cat's wallet.

Cat Base Health
GatyaitemD 65 f
Increases the health of the Cat Base.
Cat Research
GatyaitemD 66 f
Increases Cat production speed.
Cat Accounting
GatyaitemD 67 f

Increases the money earned

from defeating an enemy.

Cat Study
GatyaitemD 68 f

Increases the amount of XP

received when clearing a stage.

Cat Energy
GatyaitemD 69 f

Increases the max limit of Cat Energy.

You require Cat Energy to continue fighting.

Items (Super Jackpot!)

Item Icon Description
Treasure Radar
GatyaitemD 01 f
100% to collect the

best Treasure/drop reward.

Items (Big Hit!)

Item Icon Description
Rich Cat
GatyaitemD 02 f
Your Worker Cat will start the battle at MAX level.
Cat Jobs
GatyaitemD 04 f
Get 1.5 the XP during Victory!
Sniper the Cat
GatyaitemD 05 f
A Sniper unit will appear to deliver extra

damage and knockback to enemies!

XP +200,000
GatyaitemD 15 f
XP +100,000
GatyaitemD 14 f

Items (Strike!)

Item Icon Description
Speed Up
GatyaitemD 00 f
Battle speed will be doubled.
GatyaitemD 03 f
Get a computer to auto-play the Battle.
XP +30,000
GatyaitemD 12 f
XP +10,000
GatyaitemD 11 f


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