Moon (西表島, Iriomote in the Japanese Version) is the 48th and final stage of Empire of Cats. Upon completion in Chapter 1, Moneko will be unlocked; in Chapter 2, Valkyrie Cat; in Chapter 3, Bahamut Cat.

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Empire of Cats - Stage 48
Chapter 1
Energy: 50
Enemy's Castle Health: 99999 HP
Enemies: - Those Guys (100%)

- Hippoe (100%)

- Jackie Peng (100%)

- Gory (100%)

- Kang Roo (100%)

Enemy Boss: - The Face (Floating) (100%)
Treasure: EN: Moon

JP: 猫の心 (Cat Heart)

Moneko (100%)

(Unlock) Stories of Legend, Empire of Cats Chapter 2, Challenge Mode, Catclaw Dojo, Cat Combos, Ototo Development Team, Zombie Outbreaks in Chapter 1, Into the Future, the ability to switch form of cats, the ability to have up to three different lineups instead of one

XP earned: 15100 XP
Stage Width: 4000
Max number of Enemies: 4
Chapter 2
Energy: 60
Enemy's Castle Health: 200000 HP
Enemies: - Those Guys (150%)

- Hippoe (150%)

- Jackie Peng (150%)

- Croco (150%)

- Squire Rel (150%)

- One Horn (Red) (150%)

Enemy Boss: - Dark Emperor Nyandam (Red) (150%)
Treasure: EN: Moon

JP: 猫の心 (Cat Heart)

Valkyrie Cat (100%)

(Unlock) Empire of Cats Chapter 3, Cats now can be upgraded to level 20, "All Cats" and "Filter" buttons, Zombie Outbreaks in Chapter 2

XP earned: 15100 XP
Stage Width: 4300
Max number of Enemies: 12
Chapter 3
Energy: 70
Enemy's Castle Health: 900000 HP
Enemies: - Those Guys (400%)

- Pigge (Red) (400%)

- Gory (400%)

- Sir Seal (Red) (400%)

- Kang Roo (400%)

- Mooth (Floating) (400%)

- Croco (400%)

- B.B.Bunny (Red) (400%)

Enemy Boss: - Teacher Bun Bun (Floating) (400%)
Treasure: EN: Moon

JP: 猫の心 (Cat Heart)

Bahamut Cat (100%)

(Unlock) Catfruit, Catfruit Stages, Zombie Outbreaks in Chapter 3

XP earned: 15100 XP
Stage Width: 6000
Max number of Enemies: 8


Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

  • After hitting the enemy base, Gory appears as an extra peon, and Teacher Bun Bun appears as a boss.


For Chapter 1 - The Face might seem intimidating to first time players, but he has one large disadvantage - it's his low speed. Of course, you can use that to your own advantage.

  • Begin the battle by spawning a couple of meatshields, Sexy Legs Cats and UFO Cats. Meanwhile, upgrade your Cat Wallet to max level. Once the first step has been completed, wait for your money to be maxed out. It should not take long due to the enemies that will give lots of cash. Now you can start to spam your long ranged cats (Sexy Legs Cats, Dragon Cats), and Mythical Titan Cat along with meatshields like Tank Cat. If you have a lot of money stored, then try to spawn lots of UFO Cats as well. Don't freak out when Kang Roo will appear, he will not be a problem as stronger cats can kill him easily. If these steps were followed correctly, The Face will die. Proceed to the Enemy's Base, and victory will be in your grasp.

For Chapter 2 - Dark Emperor Nyandam is another slow enemy, but most importantly, his attack rate is not that fast either. Making him, fairly easy. Pre-Battle, prepare your line-up full of anti-red cats, and long range attackers.(make sure that you have range long enough to avoid Dark Emperor Nyandam.)

  • Note - You will need to have most or all Superior Treasures from previous stages.
  • Tip - Line up: macho cat, samba cat, wall cat, sexy legs cat, dragon cat. So ufo cat, valkire cat and rare/super rare cats anti red.
  • Once the battle begins, start spawning strong cats like Sexy Legs Cat and UFO Cat. They will get rid of Jackie Peng and Hippoe. Next, send out Giraffe Cat, which counters Those Guys, making you a lot of money. Spend that money on upgrading your worker cat if you can. Once worker cat is up, begin to engage the One Horn to earn money for your strong attackers. If One Horn does get near your base, spam meatshields, Brave Cats and Whale Cats. Your Cat Wallet should be already upgraded to level 7/8 by the time a One Horn dies. Once again, you will get a lot of money. Wait for Dark Emperor Nyandam to attack, once he does that spam Mythical Titan Cats, Dragon Cats, UFO Cats, Sexy Legs Cats and meatshields. Also, you could optionally stall his attack slightly using Cat Cannon. Though you will need good timing. Using this strategy, the level should be complete in a matter of time.

For Chapter 3 - First of all, all of your cats have to be at level 20. Make sure you have acquired lots of gold treasures from previous chapters.

  • When the battle starts, spam Wall Cat, and Dragon Cat. (If this does not work, wait for your Worker Cat, and save up for a Mythical Titan Cat, spam meatshields, and try to kill the Kang Roo.) Meanwhile, upgrade your Cat Wallet. Once Sir Seal will be close by, spam Dragon Cat. By the time Mooth comes, your Cat Wallet should be already maxed out. Just keep sending out the same units. Once your money has reached its maximum capacity, send out Valkyrie Cat. This way you will slowly proceed toward the enemy's base. You should be able to spawn another Valkyrie Cat once you start hitting their base. After that start spamming meatshields and Dragon Cats. Once Teacher Bun Bun spawns, your 2 Valkyrie Cats will most likely die. Keep spamming those same units, but this time add Sexy Legs Cats, and sometimes send out Titan Cats. But you always want to have at least 4000 money, because you want to spawn Valkyrie Cat as soon as possible. Yet thanks to all of those Mooths, you should have enough money. When Bun Bun is near to death, start spamming UFO Cats. A good option is to stall Teacher Bun Bun at his base to allow time for him when he passes through your pushes.
  • Finally, once Teacher Bun Bun is defeated, you can head to the base and claim victory.

Another strategy, for people with no time to get all the treasures, requires Earth King Sodom or Kai at around lvl 15/16, and a level 10 (at least) Balaluga/decent reload long ranged area attack cat that freezes enemies. on the top row of the equip menu place Macho Cat, Wall Cat, Catburger (if you have Killer or/and Catburger, that is) and Dragon Cat. On the bottom row, place Balaluga, Sodom, Valkyrie, and Titan Cat. use Maiden Cat if you have as well. Now, before battling, you will need 40 Cat Food. You'll want to die and continue, using 30 cat food, then spawn Sodom and (as soon as possible) Balaluga. Make sure your army does not proceed too fast, and don't overspam. Just constantly send out Wall Cat, and the occasional Dragon Cat. If Sodom is able to be bought again, then buy. The same applies to Balaluga. you will want two (at least) Balalugas, and around three to four Sodoms attacking in sequence before the base drops to 630000 HP. At about 800000 HP, you will want to begin constantly spamming Tank, Macho and (if equipped) Catburgers. if any of your Sodoms go to half health while attacking the base before Bun Bun appears, then use God Cat's Healing Oasis for 10 Cat Food. When Bun Bun appears, keep your stream of Cats steady. You do not want Bun Bun hitting your Sodoms. If he does, and gets them to half health, use Healing Oasis. Once Bun Bun is dead, there's nothing to do but watch the show and take some screenshots.

If you have Nurse Cat, which should be at least level 6+, can make this battle much easier, as it can knockback and slow Floating Enemies. You don't have to get all superior treasures, just the Normal Treasures (but I suggest you get some of the treasures at 100%), and at least level 15 cats. You will need 3-4 meatshields, depending on your cat recharge time. When the battle starts, wait for Kang Roo to get to your base, then send out Macho Cat, Wall Cat, and Ninja Frog Cat (can be replaced by any fast hitter that does good damage), and keep spamming those until the Kang Roo dies. You can send out Sexy Legs Cat if you wish. If the Those Guys swarm come, the Ninja Frog Cats should be able to speedily slice them. Once Kang Roo dies, start sending out Sexy Legs and UFO Cats, as well as some meatshields. When the Mooth comes out, it will most likely have Kang Roo and Sir Seal next to it. Send out either Mythical Titan Cat or True Valkyrie Cat, depending on your money count. When you have enough money, IMMEDIATELY SEND OUT NURSE CAT, as you will want to get 2 at the same time, to compensate for its slow recharge. Start slowing down on sending any meatshields, as you do not want to not be able to send any more cats. Once you reach the base, try to not destroy the base too fast, as the supports are needed to be killed before Teacher Bun Bun comes out. Keep Nurse Cat protected while you wait for its recharge. When Nurse Cat is recharged, immediately send out another one. Consistently send out UFO Cats, Sexy Legs, your meatshields, and True Valkyrie Cats/Mythical Titans. Once Teacher Bun Bun comes out, try to spam as much meatshields as you can, and use your Cat Cannon if they get too close to your Nurse Cats. If you're lucky enough, your Nurse Cats will always knockback/slow Teacher Bun Bun. If Nurse Cat recharges AGAIN, send her out if you feel it is becoming unsafe. Consistently send out damage dealers until Teacher Bun Bun is killed, and then you may claim your rewards! (Disclaimer: The chances of 2 Nurse Cats at once are highly unlikely, but as long as you have a good Research Ability and its treasures, you should be fine)


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