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In-game Events
- Japanese Version -

Version 4.0 update announcement

- Introduce Nintendo 3DS version

- New Merchandise: Nyanko Daisensou Capture Items Book

- New Special Event: "Tobidasu! Nyanko daisensō" Launch Event

New Special Event: Sneak Attack

- Collaboration Event: Yakuza Apocalypse x The Battle Cats

LINE Stamp Event

- July 2015 Event: だって夏じゃニャーイ!

- English Version -

Version 3.0 update announcement

- July 2015 Event: Never Summer Event

Current Version

for a list of previous versions, see here

 - Japanese Version -

Ver 3.7.0

- New event stages

- Improved gacha drawing speed

- Bug fixes

 - English Version -

Ver 2.1.0

- Added new Timed Score stages

  • Users receive a performance score based on stage clear time

- Improvements to Stories of Legend stages

  • Adjusted two and three-star stages' difficulty levels, added more unlockable stages
  • Adjusted XP rewards for stage clear

- Added new event stages

  • Unlockable three-star difficulty for monthly event stages

- 10 Capsule Draw at the Rare Capsule Machine increased to 11 Capsule Draw (Same Price)

- Minor bug fixes

Community Poll!
Time for a simple question! Which of the basic true forms is the most useful?

The poll was created at 09:03 on May 28, 2015, and so far 509 people voted.

Last Poll's Results: Friend Code Cats - Worth? Winner: Yes (both Moneko and Bean) - 125 votes (48.83%)

"I'm surprised that many people have been disillusioned by the Aura of Moneko and Bean Cats. ~Clim"

Runner-up: No (both Moneko and Bean) - 79 votes (30.86%)

"Now these people are the ones who know the truth. Congrats. ~Clim"

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