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- Game Contents -

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- Community -

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In-game Events
- Japanese Version -

- New Event: White Valentine Day Event

- New Merchandise: Nyanko Daisensou Capture Items Book

- Collaboration Event: Kishidan x Battle Cats

LINE Stamp Event

- March 2015 Event雛壇の戦士達

- English Version -

- March 2015 Event: Teacher! It's Spring Event

For special events schedule, see here.

Current Version
- Japanese Version -

Ver 3.5.0

- Change from 10 consecutive gacha to 11 consecutive gacha roll. Basically a roll 10 free 1 roll bonus

- Implemented Score-based reward stage. The stage grants you reward based on your score on the stage. Scoring system is same like challenge mode

- Added new SoL stage

- Added 3-star difficulty to Bears be Bear Event stages

- Some bug fixed

for a full list of all the version, see here

- English Version -

Ver 2.0.1.

- Added User Rank System (it will appear after chapter 2 clears)

The power-up total will be displayed as your User Rank

When reaching certain ranks you may receive particular rewards!

- Added 3rd evolved form of EX (Special) characters

You can evolve to the 3rd form when fulfilling specific requirements (Eye-opening stages)

- New characters added to the Rare Gacha!

- Event Stages added

- Legend Stages added

- Added recording system of gameplay

- Save data transfer process has been changed

(Google+ can no longer be used for save data transfer)

- Switched Achievements and Leaderboards to iOS Game Center

- Minor bug fixes


- Jamiera Cat is now flipped to the left where he is supposed to be (bug fix?)

- All true form backgrounds now receive a new dusty gold color

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