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In-game Events
- Japanese Version -

- New Merchandise: Nyanko Daisensou Capture Items Book

- Collaboration Event: Kishidan x The Battle Cats

- Collaboration Event: Yakuza Apocalypse x The Battle Cats

LINE Stamp Event

- May 2015 Eventコイの五月病

- English Version -

- May 2015 Event: Love is Sickness Event

- Collaboration Event: Survive! Mola Mola! x The Battle Cats

Current Version

for a list of previous versions, see here

- Japanese Version -

ver 3.6.0

- Additional legend stage

- Added option to "View storage" from main menu

- Increased the amount of EXP bought using catfood

- Changed rare gacha screen

- Adjusted Dom Cat (Special Cat) true form to single target

- Locked power-ups now will display original number currently owned instead the number -1

- Some bug fixes

- English Version -

Ver 2.1.0

- Added new Timed Score stages

*Users receive a performance score based on stage clear time

- Improvements to Stories of Legend stages

*Adjusted two and three-star stages' difficulty levels, added more unlockable stages

*Adjusted XP rewards for stage clear

- Added new event stages

*Unlockable three-star difficulty for monthly event stages

- 10 Capsule Draw at the Rare Capsule Machine increased to 11 Capsule Draw (Same Price)

- Minor bug fixes

Community Poll!
As many of you may know, our Invitation Codes Station is always buzzing with anons and their codes. Now, do you really think that the friend code cats are really that worth it?

The poll was created at 07:04 on May 14, 2015, and so far 182 people voted.

Last Poll's Results: Most Wanted Awakened Special? Winner - Heavy Assault C.A.T (Cats in a Box) - 32%

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