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In-game Events
- Japanese Version -

- Collaboration Event: Kishidan x Battle Cats

LINE Stamp Event

- March 2015 Event雛壇の戦士達

- English Version -

- February 2015 Event: Bears be Bear Event

Current Version
- Japanese Version -

Ver 3.4.0

- Story of Legend mode difficulty adjustment

- SoL mode up to alcatraz stage now have 3-star difficulty, later stages now have 2-star

- Adjustment for repeated clear reward and add display number of clear times

- new event stages

- Some bug fixed

From this version onward, support for Android below version 4.0 is dropped. If you using operating system with version less than recommended, it is better to transfer or update your system to avoid bug

for a full list of all the version, see here

- English Version -

Ver 1.3.0

- Added new Legend Stages

- Added new Cat Capsules

- Added new Characters, etc.

- Added new Invite Reward Cats

- Save up to three battle formations of Cats (Access at Equip screen after Chapter 3 is cleared)

- Character details can now be viewed by double-tapping a Cat on the Upgrade menu

- Added a filter setting to the Capsule Storage

- Enabled a function allowing users to exchange capsules for Max-level Cats

- Added "Stop" and "Slow" effects

- Adjusted character parameters

- Various bug fixes

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