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In-game Events
- Japanese Version -

LINE Stamp Event

- January 2015 Event新年、あけました!おめっ…

- English Version -

- January 2015 Event: Happy New Year? Event

Current Version
- Japanese Version -

Ver 3.3.0

-Added new event stage

-Added save data exchange feature from Android to iOS and vice-versa

-Implementation of true form for some of Special Cats units. Specific conditions or criteria required to meet.

-Fixed some bugs

for a full list of all the version, see here

- English Version -

Ver 1.3.0

- Added new Legend Stages

- Added new Cat Capsules

- Added new Characters, etc.

- Added new Invite Reward Cats

- Save up to three battle formations of Cats (Access at Equip screen after Chapter 3 is cleared)

- Character details can now be viewed by double-tapping a Cat on the Upgrade menu

- Added a filter setting to the Capsule Storage

- Enabled a function allowing users to exchange capsules for Max-level Cats

- Added "Stop" and "Slow" effects

- Adjusted character parameters

- Various bug fixes


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