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Welcome to Battle Cats Wikia!Edit

  • Adorable kitties go wild all over the world! Here's your chance to raise and play with them for free! Note: Battle Cats is completely free to play, but some item in game needs real money to get.
  • Easy & fun battle system

_Tap any cat that you like. Remember to wait for the cooldown.

_Use the cat cannon to attack all enemy units on the stage.

_Attack the enemy castle.Easy & fun raising system

_Clear stages to get XP.

_Tap the cat to upgrade its level!

_Its form will be changed at level 10.

_True form will be shown at level 30(Max+10).

_Real max level is level 39(Max+19), unless you hack it to make it more

_True forms only work if you beat chapter 3 lv. 48 ONLY

  • Fun things in Battle Cats 

_Adorable cats!

_More adorable cats!


_Special cats are even more adorable!

_Let me rephrase that...special cats are adorable, but the zombie cat is not. Worse is Devil Cat, the evolution  

_Dark Cats are cool, but are very hard to defeat unless you hack the game...which sometimes does not make the game fun

  • Easy system and recommended for men and women of all ages! Start your wonderful adventure today!
  • Presented by PONOS
  • Fortunately, PONOS released Battle Cats in the Apple store once again, and the recently updated version on Android is also in Japanese. According to PONOS, future plan of BC is now on development. Meanwhile, help us update Battle Cats Wikia!
  • How to obtain Battle Cats after August 11, 2013 (iOS): Create a Japanese Apple ID for accessing the Japan App Store. Search for "ponos", then find and download にゃんこ大戦争 (romaji: nyanko daisensou).
  • There has been no indication of the English version of Battle Cats returning to the US App Store. On Google Play, there are still complaints about the English version being removed, and PONOS has never responded to them ever since they took down the game. For almost a year, the English translation remains lost. It is believed that the reason that the English version was removed to benefit Japanese Players, and PONOS's company is in Japan.
Battle Cats Wiki Update: We have a poll for you to vote which is at the bottom of the home page.A new topic will be changed on Monday every week, and the results of last week's poll will be announced!

Game IconsEdit

Current VersionEdit

  • Ver 2.3.1

_Added new legend Story stage

_Added stage level selected in the legend stage and the cleared

_Some bug fixes

for a list of all the version, see here.

How to PlayEdit

For the benefit of all non-Japanese speaking players, check out these links to find out exactly what each button does!  (Work in progress!)

Cat UnitsEdit

Cats Special Cats Rare Cats Super Rare Cats Ultra Rare Cats Collaboration Event Cats
Cat God Cat Hopping Cat Zairu Cat Ice Cat Princess Punt
Tank Cat Ninja Cat Wheel Cat Sushi Cat Machine Cat Cat Princess
Axe Cat Sumo Cat Esute Cat Geek Cat Demon Nyanma Swordsman
Gross Cat Samurai Cat Jura Cat Tatsu Cat Chevalier Cat Cow Princess
Cow Cat Zombie Cat Fighter Cat Apple Cat Baby Cat Chibigau
Bird Cat Pack of Cats Pirate Cat Swimmer Cat Luga Cat Enforcer
Fish Cat Afro Cat Thief Cat Bathtub Cat Sanada Yukimura KHM48
Lizard Cat Bondage Cat Monk Cat Bancho Cat Maeda Keiji Sleeping Beauty
Giant Warrior Cat SM Cat Fortune-teller Cat Bodhisattva Cat Oda Nobunaga Nimue
Kung Fu Cat Shaman Cat Berserk Cat Galaxy Gals Fuujin no Windy Monkey King
Actress Cat Witch Cat Berserk Tank Cat Galaxy Gals Raijin no Sandia Seresu
Bicycle Cat Archer Cat Berserk Axe Cat Gashapon Cat Nono
Skirt Cat Demon Swordsman Cat Berserk Gross Cat Evangelist Norun
Panties Cat Athletic Cats Berserk Cow Cat

Machine Dragon Cat

Mr. Lehman Cat Berserk Bird Cat Thunder Dragon Cat Oruga
Valkyrie Cat 10 Tank Berserk Fish Cat Wyvern Rider Cat Fuu
Bahamut Cat Reindeer Fish Cat Berserk Lizard Cat Morning Star Dragon Cat Yonichi


Android Cat Berserk Giant Cat Shen Long Cat Rei
David Cat Geisha Cat Date Masamune Aura
Gacha Ball Cat Adult Cat Takeda Shingen ?
PONOS cat Setsubun Cat ? ?

Blue Ninja cat

Hinanyanko ? ?
Skipping cat Astronaut Cat ?
Singer Cat Maiden Cat
Ururun and Wolf Crawling Fish Cat
Bean Cats Madame the Bride
? (July 2014)


Cats Special
Axe Cat 1.5 times damage against red enemies
Fish Cat 1.5 times damage against red enemies, Critical damage (only in true form)
Ninja Cat 1.5 times damage against red enemies
Zombie Cat 1.5 times damage against red enemies
Bondage Cat 1.5 times damage against red enemies
SM Cat 1.5 times damage against red enemies
Jura Cat Critical damage
Fighter Cat 1.5 times damage against red enemies
Pirate Cat Better knock back distance against red enemies
Thief Cat Double income for defeating enemies
Monk Cat Slow down movement of flying enemies
Fortune-teller Cat Better knock back distance against flying enemies
Shaman Cat Stop the movement of flying enemies
Witch Cat Stop the movement of red enemies
Archer Cat Triple damage to flying enemies
Demon Swordsman Cat Triple damage to red enemies
Zairu Cat Stop the movement of red enemies
Sushi Cat Only takes 1/4 damage from red enemies
Tatsu Cat Only takes 1/4 damage from flying enemies
Apple Cat Stop the movement of red enemies
Swimmer Cat Triple damage to flying enemies
Bathtub Cat Triple damage to red enemies
Bancho Cat Stop the movement of flying enemies
Bodhisattva Cat Slow down movement of flying enemies
Ice Cat Stop the movement of red enemies
Machine Cat Only takes 1/4 damage from red enemies
Chevalier Cat Critical damage
Baby Cat Better knock back distance against flying enemies
Luga Cat Better knock back distance against all enemies
Cow Princess Triple damage to black enemies
Chibigau Only takes 1/4 damage from black enemies
Sha Enforcement Slow down movement of black enemies
KHM48 Stop the movement of black enemies
Reindeer Fish Cat Double income for defeating enemies

Enemy UnitsEdit

Normal Enemies Red Enemies Special Enemies Legend Story Enemies Legend Story Enemies (continued) Time limited Event Enemies "Dark" Enemies Collaboration Event Enemies Unimplemented Enemy
Doggy Elizabitch Big Face Metal Hippo Electric Metal Hippo Dark Emperor Santa(December 2013) Dark Cat Princess Punt Metal Bear
Snake Sir Baby Seal Assassin Bear Elizabitch II Reindeer Lion Hippo          (January 2014) Dark Wall Cat Princess Head Metal Seal
Stick Guys Smart Rabbit Signboard Girl Doggy (Black) Owl Bear Cart(March 2014) Dark Axe Cat Yuurinchii Metal Big Face
Hippo Rhinoceros Dark Emperor Nyandum Anteater Camel

Sensei Anteater(April 2014)

Dark Gross Cat Chibigau Metal Cyclone
Jackie Peng Shy Boy Bun Bun Teacher Poodle Koala

Blessing Sloth     (February 2014)

Dark Bird Cat Swordsman ? ? ?
Gorilla Dachshund Dark Emperor Nyandum (Black) Mega-nyanko Dark Fish Cat Burning Phoenix
Baa Baa Goose Metal Rhinoceros ? (May 2014) Dark Lizard Cat Nimue
Croco Sloth Bun Bun Teacher (Black) ? (June 2014) Dark Giant Cat Monkey King
Elephant Sea Otter Hyena ? (July 2014)
Kangaroo Bun Bun Teacher (Red) Red Cyclone ? (July 2014)
Squirrel Mammoth (Red) Black Cyclone
Moth Gorilla (Black) White Cyclone
Teacher Bear Kangaroo (Black) Ostrich
Doberman Pinscher


As BC is now only available in Japanese it becomes confusing as to what you are actually upgrading:


Cat Release OrderEdit

This the order of cats released from the very first version of Battle Cats on app store. This list also including some unreleased cats but is already included in the game data

Cat 0
Tank Cat 1
Axe Cat 2
Gross Cat 3
Cow Cat 4
Bird Cat 5
Fish Cat 6
Lizard Cat 7
Giant Warrior Cat 8
Actress Cat 9
Kung Fu Cat 10
Mr. 11
Bondage Cat 12
SM Cat 13
Pack of Cats 14
Panties Cat 15
Moneko 16
Bicycle Cat 17
Ninja Cat 18
Zombie Cat 19
Samurai Cat 20
Sumo Cat 21
Afro Cat 22
Skirt Cat 23
Valkyrie Cat 24
Bahamut Cat 25
Princess Punt 26
Cat Princess 27
Gacha Ball Cat 28
Mask Cat 29
Bodhisattva Cat 30
Bancho Cat 31
Zairu Cat 32
Tatsu Cat 33
Luga Cat 34
Geek Cat 35
Swimmer Cat 36
Hopping Cat 37
Wheel Cat 38
Apple Cat 39
Bathtub Cat 40
Esute Cat 41
Ice Cat 42
Machine Cat 43
Demon Nyanma 44
Geisha Cat 45
Jura Cat 46
Fighter Cat 47
Pirate Cat 48
Thief Cat 49
Monk Cat 50
Fortune-teller Cat 51
Shaman Cat 52
Evangelist 53
10 Tank 54
Witch Cat 55
Archer Cat 56
Chevalier Cat 57
Demon Swordsman Cat 58
Baby Cat 59
David Cat 60
Sushi Cat 61
Gashapon Cat 62
Athletic Cats 63
Swordsman 64
Cow Princess 65
KMH48 66
Chibigau 67
Enforcer 68
Sleeping Beauty 69
Lehman Cat 70
Sanada Yukimura 71
Maeda Keiji 72
Oda Nobunaga 73
Reindeer Fish Cat 74
Galaxy Gals Fuujin no Windy 75
Galaxy Gals Raijin no Sandia 76
Android Cat 77
Astronaut Cat 78
Adult Cat 79
Setsubun Cat 80
Hinanyanko Cat 81
Blue Ninja Cat 82
Morning Star Dragon Cat 83
Thunder Dragon Cat 84
Wyvern Rider Cat 85
Shen Long Cat 86
Machine Dragon Cat 87
Skipping cat 88  
Nimue 89
Monkey King 90
Devil cat 91
Devil wall cat 92
Devil axe cat 93
Devil gross cat 94
Devil cow cat 95
Devil bird cat 96
Devil fish cat 97
Devil lizard cat 98
Devil giant cat 99
Giant school girl cat 100
??? cat 101
??? cat 102
Singing cat 103
??? cat 104
??? cat 105
??? cat 106
??? cat 107
3 brothers cat 108
Madame-the-bride 109
??? cat 110
??? cat 111
??? cat 112
??? cat 113
??? cat 114
??? cat 115
??? cat 116
??? cat 117
??? cat 118
??? cat 119
??? cat 120
Merc 121
??? cat 122
??? cat 123
Date Masamune 124
Takeda Shingen 125
??? cat 126
??? cat 127

This Week's Poll (Starts from 12 June-16 June)Results will be told at 16 June. Edit

What category of cats do you think is the coolest by design?

The poll was created at 07:38 on June 12, 2014, and so far 45 people voted.

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