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Current Events information

All information regarding current events running in BCJP at the moment can be found here.

Events running without known ending dates:

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- September Event: Old Guys about Town

• Icons •
Current Version

for a list of previous versions, see here

 - Japanese Version -

Ver. 5.4

- Additional true forms for some units

- Video sharing feature added (only available for certain devices)

- Unit favorite feature added; You can sort filter to display units based on your favorite

- "Limited" character in filter feature now is shown by default

- Additional SoL stages, Cat Combos and User Rank

 - English Version -

Ver. 5.3.0

・Addl. True Forms for Cat Units

- Select Rare, Super Rare and Uber Rares gain 3rd form

・Copy/Replace feature added to Equip menu

Copy Cat Units from one slot and place them into another

※After Empire of Cats Ch. 1

・Ability/Effect display added to Unit Descriptions

Tap arrow at bottom right to show or hide Ability/Effects

・GAMATOTO level cap raised to 50

・Stories of Legend added

- "Galapa-Goth"

- "Body and Soul” 3-Star

- "Intrepid Cats” 2-Star

・Event Stages added

・CatCombos added

・Misc. Bug Fixes


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Currently only registered users can edit this Wiki to prevent anon vandalism. Do you think this is effective and does it outweigh the missing positive contributions from anon edits?

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