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Welcome to Battle Cats Wiki!
• The wiki with 1,585 articles that anyone can edit! •
(The Wiki is under-construction, many contents will be changed, see here  for more info)
- Game Contents -
- Misc. -

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- Community -

Staff | References  Current Goals

- Japanese Version -

Current Events information

- Occult Festival (monthly event)

Nazousagi Collaboration Event.

All information regarding current events running in BCJP at the moment can be found here and End of Year event here.

- English Version -

- January Event: Ritual Happiness

- Gacha Event: Air Busters Step up Gacha (18 Jan - 20 Jan)

- Special Stage: Queen's Coronation (18 Jan - 20 Jan)

All information regarding current events running in BCEN at the moment can be found here

• Icons •
Current Version

for a list of previous versions, see here

 - Japanese Version -

Ver. 5.8 (Jan. 18th, 2017)

- Added true forms for some UR Cats
- Added new abilities to some characters
- Zombies now also attack Chapter 3 of the Empire of Cats (available after completing Chapter 3)
- Stories of Legend expansion:

- 4-star difficulty* added from Neverending Cat Story to Sushi ISland
- 3-star difficulty added for Kombu Cape
- 2-star difficulty added for Suburbs of the Dead
* These are stages that the player can only use Rare/Special Cats.

- Added new contents
- Added new Cat Combos
- Bug fixes

- Catfruit Drop Rates changed

- New unit Mitama

 - English Version -

Ver 5.8.0 (Jan. 25th, 2017)

●New Stories of Legend!
・An all-new map: Mouseyland
・Kombu Cape → ★★★ ・Suburbs of the Dead → ★★
Plus, 4-Star stages now available for "Neverending Cat Story" through "Sushi Island"! Only Special/Rare Units allowed - can YOU complete this challenge?!
●More True Forms!
・Togeluga (Tales of the Nekoluga) can now evolve to its third form!
・Raiden (Dragon Emperors) can now evolve to its third form!
●More Zombie Outbreak Events!
Now, once Empire of Cats Ch. 3 is cleared, the ZOMBIES will attack that chapter as well!
・New CatCombos!
・Added "Immune to Weaken" to Dancer Cat and Iron Claw X.
・Added "Immune to Knockback" to Riceball Cat.
・Added "Immune to Freeze" to Angry Delinquent Cat and Olympienne Cat.
・Added "Zombie Killer" trait to Hyper Mr., Vengeful Cat, and Onmyoji Cat.
・Added "Strong vs. Zombies" trait to Skelecat.
(ripped directly from PONOS' Facebook page, slightly edited)


• Community Poll! •
Where are you in the Stories of Legend currently?

The poll was created at 20:18 on December 9, 2016, and so far 559 people voted.
Should PONOS include more Uber Rare Cats?

Winner: Only if they are good - 81 out of 125 votes (64.80%)

Current poll idea suggested by: The Cattle Bats

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