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Welcome to Battle Cats Wikia!Edit

  • Adorable kitties go wild all over the world! Here's your chance to raise and play with them for free! Note: Battle Cats is completely free to play, but some item in game needs real money to get.
  • Easy & fun battle system

- Tap any cat that you like. Remember to wait for the cooldown.

- Use the cat cannon to attack all enemy units on the stage.

- Attack the enemy castle.Easy & fun raising system

- Clear stages to get XP.

- Tap the cat to upgrade its level!

- Its form will be changed at level 10.

- True form will be shown at level 30(Max+10).

- Real max level is level 39(Max+19), unless you hack it to make it more

- True forms only work if you beat chapter 3 lv. 48 ONLY

  • Fun things in Battle Cats 

- Adorable cats!

- More adorable cats!


- Special cats are even more adorable!

  • Let me rephrase that...special cats are adorable, but the zombie cat is not. Worse is Devil Cat, the evolution  
  • Dark Cats are cool, but are very hard to defeat unless you hack the game...which sometimes does not make the game fun
  • Easy system and recommended for men and women of all ages! Start your wonderful adventure today!
  • Presented by PONOS

The English version of Battle Cats has returned on both Google Playstore and Apple App Store. Unfortunately, you can not transfer your save data from the Japan version to English version (and the verse) due to the different system used. For now it is only available to US,The UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Ireland

Game IconsEdit

Current VersionEdit

  • Ver 2.6.0 (JP) / ver 1.0.1 (EN)

- Bug fixes

for a list of all the version, see here.

How to PlayEdit

For the benefit of all non-Japanese speaking players, check out these links to find out exactly what each button does!  (Work in progress!)

Cat UnitsEdit

Normal Cats Special Cats Rare Cats Super Rare Cats Ultra Rare Cats Collaboration Event Cats
Cat God Cat Pogo Cat Hip Hop Cat Ice Cat Princess Punt
Tank Cat Ninja Cat Wheel Cat Sushi Cat Cat Machine Cat Princess
Axe Cat Sumo Cat Salon Cat Nerd Cat Lesser Demon Cat Swordsman
Gross Cat Samurai Cat Jurassic Cat Kotatsu Cat Marauder Cat Cow Princess
Cow Cat Zombie Cat Viking Cat Apple Cat Baby Cat Chibigau
Bird Cat Cats in a Box Pirate Cat Swimmer Cat Nekoluga Enforcer
Fish Cat Boogey Cat Thief Cat Bath Cat Sanada Yukimura KHM48
Lizard Cat Bondage Cat Bishop Cat Deliquent Cat Maeda Keiji Sleeping Beauty
Giant Warrior Cat Dom Cat Fortune-teller Cat Bodhisattva Cat Oda Nobunaga Nimue
Kung Fu Cat Shaman Cat Crazed Cat Galaxy Gals Fuujin no Windy Monkey King
Actress Cat Witch Cat Crazed Tank Cat Galaxy Gals Raijin no Thundia Seresu
Tricycle Cat Archer Cat Crazed Axe Cat Evangelist Cat Nono
Skirt Cat Swordsman Cat Crazed Gross Cat Raiden - Machine Dragon Cat Norun
Panties Cat Sports Day Cats (October 2013) Crazed Cow Cat

Megidora - Thunder Dragon Cat

Mr. Salaryman Cat (November 2013) Crazed Bird Cat Sodom - Morning Star Dragon Cat Oruga
Valkyrie Cat 10 Tank Crazed Fish Cat Vars - Wyvern Rider Cat Fuu
Bahamut Cat Reindeer Fish Cat (December 2013) Crazed Lizard Cat Kamukura - Shen Long Cat Yonichi


Droid Cat Crazed Titan Cat Date Masamune Rei
Gashapon Cat Adult Cat (January 2014) Gold Cat Takeda Shingen Aura
Gacha Ball Cat Evil Cat (February 2014) Neneko Kuo of Sarutei (Kuu) Wyburn
PONOS Cat Doll Cats (March 2014) Kai Pig Call ?

Blue Ninja Cat

Space Cat Copper Mine Takaratsue Merc
Geisha Cat Bronze Cat
Singer Cat Rope Jump cat
Ururun and Wolf Maiden Cat (April 2014)
Bean Cats Koi Cat (May 2014)
3 Brothers Cat Madame the Bride (June 2014)
Flower Cat Queen of Holiday (July 2014)
Karakuri Nyanko (?) Urameshi Nyan (August 2014)
Kungfu Cat G (September 2014)
  • names in italic means character only available for Japanese version

Enemy UnitsEdit

Normal Enemies Red Enemies Special Enemies Legend Story Enemies Legend Story Enemies (continued) Time limited Event Enemies "Dark" Enemies Collaboration Event Enemies Unimplemented Enemy
Doggy Elizabitch Big Face Metal Hippo Electric Metal Hippo Dark Emperor Santa(December 2013) Dark Cat Princess Punt Metal Bear
Snake Sir Baby Seal Assassin Bear Elizabitch II Reindeer Lion Hippo          (January 2014) Dark Wall Cat Princess Head Metal Big Face
Stick Guys Smart Rabbit Signboard Girl Doggy (Black) Owl Bear Cart(March 2014) Dark Axe Cat Yuurinchii Metal Cyclone
Hippo Rhinoceros Dark Emperor Nyandum Anteater Camel

Sensei Anteater(April 2014)

Dark Gross Cat Chibigau
Jackie Peng Shy Boy Bun Bun Teacher Poodle Koala

Blessing Sloth     (February 2014)

Dark Cow Cat Swordsman
Gorilla Dachshund Dark Emperor Nyandum (Black) Mega-nyanko Dark Bird Cat Burning Phoenix
Baa Baa Goose Metal Rhinoceros Musha Doggy  (May 2014) Dark Fish Cat Nimue
Croco Sloth Bun Bun Teacher (Black) Son-in-law Gorilla  (June 2014) Dark Lizard Cat Monkey King
Elephant Sea Otter Hyena Bikini Bear (July 2014) Dark Giant Cat
Kangaroo Bun Bun Teacher (Red) Red Cyclone Bikini Poodle (July 2014)
Squirrel Mammoth (Red) Black Cyclone Firework Guys
Moth Gorilla (Black) White Cyclone Run-kun  (August 2014)
Teacher Bear Kangaroo (Black) Ostrich The King of Hell  (August 2014)
Doberman Pinscher Battle Click Macho (September 2014)
Metal Seal Bae Hermit (September 2014)
Ururun and Wolf Master Duck Hun (September 2014)


As BC is now only available in Japanese it becomes confusing as to what you are actually upgrading:


What category of cats do you think is the coolest by design?

The poll was created at 07:38 on June 12, 2014, and so far 96 people voted.

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