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- Big Update: Version 6.0;

New Gacha Event: GirlsMons;

- Annually Event: Golden Week;

- Monthly Event: The Forbidden Bride (Monthly Event);

- Collab: Princess Punt Sweets;

- Collab: Merc Storia (June 2017).

All information regarding current events running in BCJP at the moment can be found here

- English Version -

- Monthly Event: The Forbidden Bride (Monthly Event).

All information regarding current events running in BCEN at the moment can be found here

• Icons •
Current Version

for a list of previous versions, see here

 - Japanese Version -

Ver. 6.1 (May 18th, 2017)

- Cat Beacon feature added;
- Added True Form for some Uber Rare Cats;
- Stories of legend addition:
* Sub-chapter 39 added;
* 4-star difficulty for Stairway to Darkness and Prince of Darkness;
* 3-star difficulty for Mouseyland;
* 2-star difficulty for Cutpurse Coast;
- Adjusted Cat Cannon Recharge time limit;
- Characters now can run through knocked back enemies again;
- Adjusted some Stats.

 - English Version -

Ver 6.0 (May. 18th, 2017)

- Ototo Development Team added;

Letting Gamatoto's brother, Ototo developing the Cat Cannon for additional effects. Unlocked after beating Chapter 1.

- Added new True Forms and characters;

-Stories Of Legend additional:

2-star: Walk of Fame

3-star: Quarantine Island

4-star: Capone Jail - Silk Road

*Special/Rare only on 4-Star Stage!

- Increased Gamatoto's level cap to 76;

- Revised character parameters

-Revised difficulty for some Future stages

- Misc. Bug Fixes


• Community Poll! •
What do you think about Collaborations in The Battle Cats?

The poll was created at 10:01 on March 22, 2017, and so far 892 people voted.
Where are you in the Stories of Legend currently?

Period: Dec. 9th, 2016 to Mar. 22nd, 2017

Winner: Sub-Chapters 1-5 - 220 out of 773 votes (28.46%)

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