Lords of Destruction Dragon Emperors (超破壊大帝ドラゴンエンペラーズ chō hakai taitei doragon enperāzu, Lit. Ultra-Destruction Great Dragon Emperors) is one of the Rare Cat Capsule events in Battle Cats. This event was added December 21st, 2014 in The Battle Cats[1].


Players have a chance to get the Uber Rare characters:

  • Megidora - Existing solely to purify the wicked world!
  • Sodom - A legendary beast sealed away since ancient times!
  • Raiden - Catkind's ultimate weapon against Ancient Cat Dragons!
  • Vars - A cat knight of legend who has ridden over 1000 dragons!
  • Kamukura - Commanding powers that can move both heaven and earth!
  • Dioramos - The draconian dominator prophesied to appear and sear the Earth until only ash remains!

By playing the Rare Cat Capsule/Gacha during this special event.

Other Characters

All Gacha/Jackpot Rare and Super Rare Cats



  • The main role of this Uber set is Knockback and Slow one certain type of enemies.
    • If the members replaced Slow with other abilities, they will have 100% Knockback ability, sooner or later. (Example: Sodom and Raiden)
  • This is the first Uber set in which all 6 members has a True Form, while Megidora is one of the first ever Ubers that gained True Form.


  • Sodom shares the same name with an ancient city that was destroyed by fire.
  • Kamukura looks very similar to Shenron from Dragon Ball.
  • Dioramos is a big reference to Godzilla's worst enemy: Destoroyah.
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