Listed all the events in Nyanko Daisensou:

Long Period Events

Battle Cats' Events include Monthly events, new updates, downloads milestone celebrations...

Monthly Events

  • January Event (新年、あけました!おめっ…, New Year! Happy...)
  • February Event (召喚された福!, God of Fortune summoned!)
  • March Event (雛壇の戦士達, Terraced Warriors)
  • April Event (春だよ!高校教師, It's Spring! High school teacher)
  • May Event (コイの五月病, May Disease of Love)
  • June Event (禁断の花嫁, The Forbidden Bride)
  • July Event (だって夏じゃニャーイ!, Because It's not Summer-nya!)
  • August Event (あの世からの帰省ラッシュ!, Returning home from the Netherworld!)
  • September Event (町でみたすごい老人, Amazing old men seen in Town)
  • October Event (秋だよ運動会!, Autumn Sports Day!)
  • November Event (勤労感謝スペシャル!, Labor Appreciate Special!)
  • December Event (なんとクリスマスが来た!, Whooping Christmas Arrival!)

Annually Festivals

Updates and Download Celebrations

Daily Stages

The first group of Special Stages in Battle Cats, each stage will available in each day of a week, Battle Items can be obtained by defeating those stages.

A harder version of those levels were added since version 4.0+

Gacha Events

Each event will increase the chance of getting Uber Rare Characters in that set, some collaboration events also has its own gacha event.

Time-limited Stage

Those stages only appear in specific date and time:

Ticket Guerrilla stages

XP Guerrilla Stages

  • XP Stages (ゲリラ経験値にゃ!, XP Guerrilla-nya!)
  • XP Megablitz (超ゲリラ経験値にゃ!, Super XP Guerrilla-nya!)
  • XP Colosseum (極ゲリラ経験値にゃ!)

Actinidia Guerrilla Stages

For the full article, see: Catfruit.

Material Guerrilla Stages

  • Brick & Meteorite Cave (レンガと宇宙石の洞窟)
  • Coals & Beast Bones Island (備長炭と謎の骨の島)
  • Feather & Sprockets & Gold Cape (羽根と歯車と黄金の岬)

Cyclone Stages

A group of Hard+++ levels in which the player will fight one of the powerful Cyclones, each stage contains an Anti-Metal Cats with medium drop rate. Upon defeating, 30 Cat Food will be received.

Crazed Cat Stages

A group of Insane levels in which the player will fight an enemy version of the Normal Cats with extremely buffed stats, said Cats will drop in each stage at 100% rate. Since version 5.0, True Form for the Crazed Cats were added, True Form Crazed Cat Stages ("Deadly" difficulty, Continues after losing are not allowed) will appear to conquer after clearing all 9 Crazed Cat Stages.

Buyable Cat's True Form Stages

A group of many mini-chapters (each mini-chapter contains 1 Hard and 1 Hard+ level) in which the player will fight the True Form of all the Cats that require Cat Food to unlock. Beating the levels will unlock True Form for said Cats. The first stage in each chapters has very low drop rate, but 100% guaranteed in the second stage.

Monthly Cat's True Form Stages

Li'l Cat's True Form Stages

Other Cat's True Form Stages

Other Special Stages

Memorial Stages

Monthly Events All-stars Stages

A group of Hard+++ Stages appears when the game reach a milestones. Each stage has many enemies from several Monthly Events. there is a small chance to get 1 million XP in each stage.


Collaboration Events

Unreleased Stages

These stages are locked by region or not have any release schedule.

Other Events

Not include any levels

Guerrilla Events