This is the fifth stage in Crazed Cat Stages. It appears on the 15th of every month.


At the beginning of the battle, Crazed Cow Cats spawn at a very slow rate. When the player damages the Enemy's Base, a group of Crazed Cow Cats will appear. The spawn rate of Crazed Cow Cats also increases.

Enemy Info


No uber/super rare strategy video:

Strategy 1

At the beginning, spawn some defensive and long range cats to block the Crazed Cow Cat. When the player has max money, spawn all cats and you will arrive at the Enemy's Castle.

Strategy 2

This level isn't very intimidating and quite easy if you know how to beat it. 

Start off by spawning some Eraser and Crazed Walls, then proceed to spawn Crazed Macho. After the first Crazed Cow spawns, your meatshields should kill it eventually, while you build up your money. From there, begin building up a stack of Flying Cats and Paris Cats. When your units hit the base, the horde will spawn. If your stacks are large enough, then the Crazed Cows won't kill you, and you can easily kill them, and win the level with ease.

Strategy 3 (No Crazed Tank)

The cats you will need are Crazed Macho Cat, Eraser Cat, Brave Cat (or Dark), two high damage area attackers (such as Paris or The Flying Cat), Lion Cat, Dragon Cat (King Dragon), Jamiera Cat, and Bahamut Cat.

Begin by spawning one set of meatshields (Crazed Macho, Eraser, and Brave). When the first Crazed Cow spawns, spam your three meatshields. The meatshields should kill the Crazed Cow. As soon as it's defeated, spawn every cat you have. Continue spamming Crazed Macho, Eraser, and a cheap area attacker. When your cats reach the enemy base, a horde of Crazed Cows will spawn. Bahamut should get one or two hits off on them, taking care of the majority of the horde. Bahamut will eventually die, but keep spamming whatever you can. The Crazed Cows might get near your base, but just keep spamming area attackers. The Crazed Cow spawns will eventually slow down, allowing your cats to stack enough to push towards the base. You will eventually reach the base and win. If you fail, consider bringing Sniper the Cat and Rich Cat powerups.

Strategy 4 (cheese strategy)

  • Powerups: Rich Cat is highly recommended

When the 3 B.B.Bunnies start coming at the beginning of the level, start sending 1 Bird Cat at a time when they are close enough to the base. When the Crazed Cow comes close to the base, start spamming your meatshields and then Bahamut Cat. When the Crazed Cow gets knocked back the first time, Send out Warlock and Pierre with your meat shields. When it dies, stop sending meatshields and Warlock and Pierre should start to demolish that base to take the glory of your new Crazed unit.

Strategy 5

Strong tanky ubers like Gameron, Bahamut Cat and ubers like it can help a lot. Spammable cats can help protect against the crazed cows. Strong non-ubers like Paris Cat and Flying Cat.

P.S:Juliet the Maiko (Juilet cat's true form) can replace paris cat and Jiangshi cat can manage to help kill the crazed cows

"Strategy 6"

Bring at least 3-4 cheap Meatshields, one of them should be Crazed Macho (don't bring Jiangshi, as it won't help save money), Paris Cat (lv. 30), Ramen Cat (> lvl. 30), 1-2 ubers with high DPS and can outrange C. Cow Cat (Used Mekako and Zeus), Bahamut, Dragon (optional, but recommended), and Jamiera (should be able to tank a few hits).

You need to bring a Rich Cat (and a Cat CPU, if you can't spam 3-4 cats fast enough)

  1. Place one Ramen cat to get rid of the B.B. Bunnies.
  2. When the first Cow Cat comes out, start spamming your meatshields and Ramen, but not too much to overwhelm it. The trick is to save money for the right moment.
  3. Once you have enough money, you can head towards the base. Send a few meatshields, Ramens, and 3-4 Paris Cats.
  4. The horde of Crazed Cow Cats will appear. Let the cats you sent out die.
  5. As the Cow Cats near your base, place a few meatshields to slow them down. Place your ubers, Bahamut, and other ranged cats in a way where they don't move once they are spawned to prtect your cats.
  6. Next, you just have to survive. Build up a group of Paris Cats and Dragon Cats (if you brought it) while placing meatshields and Jamiera. This is where you would turn on Cat CPU, if you used it.
  7. After a while, the rate of Cow Cats spawned will drop and the horde will thin. You will now be able to head towards the base.
  8. Because of the large group of Paris Cats (and Dragons), the Cow Cats that are spawned will die in a matter of seconds. From here on out, just place a few cats and watch as you destroy the base. You got the C. Cow Cat!

(Took me a couple of tries)


The Battle Cats - Head Shaker (Hard ) - Played by Nurse Wuffa-0

The Battle Cats - Head Shaker (Hard ) - Played by Nurse Wuffa-0


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