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This is the general stratagy for Long-Ranged Enemies. These stratagies will be built over by Battle Cat Wikians to deliever the best experience.

The First encounter of the Long-Ranged Enemy is the 2nd chapter Moon/Iriomote.

Examples of enemy units

General Stratagy

When facing Long-Ranged Enemies, the value of meatshileds tend to decrease.

The general stratagy is pretty simple.

When something (Support, Peon, or Boss alike) is in front, blocking your way from the Ranger, deal with them first.

When the front of the Ranger is Emptry, Control your money well and sent a special unit for hitting the Ranger, such as Jamiera Cat or Island Cat.

Cancelling the attacks with the Cat Cannon also helps out. This method can clear out the peons too.

Metal Enemies

There are no ranged Metal Enemies Yet, but Just in case if Metal Bear (Unimplented) or some other enemy is Implented.

Replace the special unit with Critical Cats.

As said in the "General Stratagy for Close-Ranged Enemies" section, beating metal enemies require luck from the critical chance.

Fast Hitters

....Such as Camelle or Master A. can be a bigger Pain. Try to produce cats with a minimum amount of knockbacks or high speed. The Cat cannon is crucial in this method, as it clears the way for your units.

Examples are Chubby B Goode, and Tapas Desert.

Superiority in Range

If you have the Superiority in range over the enemy Ranger, (Most likely L'il Nyandam, The Luga Family, Super Galaxy Cosmo or Hacker/Nerd Cat) you can just keep producing dealers and meatshileds. The More-Ranged cats can whittle down the enemy's health slowly and you can eventually Win.

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