The Battle Cats main chapters consist of 7 chapters, each with 48 stages and separated into "Empire of Cats," "Into the Future," and "Cats of the Cosmos".

Empire of Cats

Chapter 1: The Battle Cats Rising

The Battle Cats Rising is the first chapter in Empire of Cats.

  • The player starts at Chapter 1 when playing Battle Cats for the first time.
  • A mini tutorial will run the player through on the game basics.
  • As the player progress to Stage 7 and beyond, more game features will be unlocked for the player, such as the Cat Capsule.
  • After completing Greece, the player will unlock Bean Cats. When Moon is completed, Moneko will be unlocked.
  • Has the lowest cost for summoning cat
  • Final boss of this chapter is The Face.
  • Strength Magnification of all enemies will be at 100%.

Chapter 2: The Emperor of Darkness

The Emperor of Darkness is the second chapter in Empire of Cats.

  • Unlocked when Chapter 1 is completed.
  • Cost of summoning cats increases by 50%.
  • Enemies attacks and health increased by 50% (150% strength magnification).
  • Final boss of this chapter is Dark Emperor Nyandam.
  • Upon completion, Valkyrie Cat is unlocked for the player
  • All cat-units/abilities have their levels unlocked from Level 10 upon completion of The Empire of Cats! You can now level them up to Level 20!

Chapter 3: Revival of Bahamut-Cat

Revival of Bahamut-Cat is the third and the last chapter in Empire of Cats.

  • Unlocked when Chapter 2 is completed.
  • Cost of summoning cats is twice that of Chapter 1.
  • Final boss of this chapter is Teacher Bun Bun
  • Upon completion, Bahamut Cat is unlocked for the player.
  • Strength Magnification will be 400%.

Into The Future

Chapter 1: Time Enough for Cats

  • Unlocked when Chapter 1 is cleared, appears in "Into the Future".
  • This chapter also has 48 stages and new different treasures.
  • Cost of summoning Cats is 50% higher than Chapter 1.
  • This chapter introduces Alien Enemies, players will fight an Alien element final boss and many Stories of Legend enemies appear in this chapter.
  • Players unlock more Cat Combos upon completion.

Chapter 2: Alien Intrigue: A Maiden's Revenge

  • Unlocked when Chapter 1 of into the future is cleared, appears in "Into the Future".
  • You will fight a different final boss (Corrupted Valkyrie).
  • Upon completing this chapter player will unlock Valkyrie's true form, Holy Valkyrie Cat.
  • Old aliens not introduced in this chapter have a strength magnification of 250%.

Chapter 3: The Ancients Arise: Take Back Earth!

  • Unlocked when Chapter 2 of into the future is cleared, appears in "Into the Future". Different final boss (Raging Bahamut).
  • Upon completion, player will unlock Bahamut's true form, Awakened Bahamut Cat.
  • Old aliens not introduced in this Chapter have a strength magnification of 500%.

Cats of the Cosmos

Chapter 1: Beyond the Exosphere

  • Unlocked when Chapter 1 of Into the Future is cleared, appears in "Cats of the Cosmos".
  • You will fight God Cat as the final boss.
  • Without any treasures, aliens in this chapter are buffed by 1600%.
  • Certain levels in this chapter will have restrictions on what type of cats you can use. (e.g: The level may restrict you from using Normal and Special Cats.)
  • Upon completion, you will recieve a discount for purchases from God Cat.

Stories of Legend

Main article: Stories of Legend Levels
  • Unlocked at the start but limited to 2 high difficulty levels. The rest is unlocked after you beat chapter 3.
  • Cost of summoning cats is equal to Chapter 2 of Empire Of Cats
  • There is a variety of new enemies, including but not limited to: THE SLOTH, Rain D, Celeboodle etc... (Just note that the new characters so far cannot be found in regular game chapters. Limited time enemies seen will not go to the dictionary, but for fun, you can take a photo of it!)
  • The health and attack boost is different every stage, constantly getting stronger.
  • Special Events are mainly held here.
  • Levels in this mode seperate into Stories of Legend Stages (yellow stages), Event stages (Red stages) and Collaboration stages (Purple stages)

Challenge Battle

For the full information, see Challenge Mode.
  • Unlocked when Chapter 1 is completed.
  • Cost for Cats = Chapter 1
  • Some enemies that can't be seen in Normal Chapters appear (Shy Boy, Assassin Bear)


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