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Gamatoto Expedition (ガマトト探検隊 Gamatoto tanken-tai, Gamatoto Expedition Troops) is a game feature added in version 5.0 of Nyanko Daisensou and The Battle Cats which enables players to give an expedition task to Gamatoto to search for items. This feature lets players easily obtain upgrade XP, Cat food, power-ups, etc without doing anything after a period of time has passed. He also has many costumes, however they are only aesthetic, not increasing the chances of finding items during expeditions regardless of the costume worn.


The expedition screen can be accessed from the main menu screen after selecting a chapter. The button is located in the same row as cat/enemy library (encyclopedia) and treasure (if in main story chapters) buttons.

You can start an expedition task by tapping the Gamatoto on the center of the screen. The top right button enables reminder when expedition task completed. The shop button is a shortcut to expedition power-up in the premium shop.

The expedition tasks are separated into areas and three task duration options. The expedition area decides the results of the expedition. The average number of upgrade XP, Cat food acquired, and how many base expedition points Gamatoto could acquire from the expedition task are all determined by where the expedition is held. The task duration decides how long Gamatoto goes for the expedition and the quantity of the rewards.

Each area also has specific requirements for Gamatoto's level and the player's user rank. The player has to meet all the requirements specified before able to start an expedition on a locked area.

Once an expedition task is confirmed, a screen will show the remaining expedition timer along with a home icon button to cancel the task and power-ups to accelerate the progress. Warning: Cancelling an expedition task forfeits any rewards the would previously have been obtained and any power-ups used will not be returned. You also need to enable your wireless connection in order to leave the game screen without "freezing" Gamatoto. Task cancellation requires a confirmation and once confirmed will be completed instantly.

Upon returning after the timer expires, Gamatoto will be shown running back and then gains the expedition points the from the expedition. There is a random chance to gain a 1.5x multiplier for the expedition points gained from the expedition. Tap the Gamatoto again to get the expedition results. Expedition log screen will show what Gamatoto has found during the expedition. The player can skip the log by using the top right button on the log screen. Ending result screen will show everything gained during the expedition.

How to Start Expedition

You can access the expedition screen by tapping on this button in the left picture. The button is on main menu screen after chapter selection. Gamatoto Expeditions are only available after clearing a certain requirement!
Expedition Screen
Gamatoto rollcall
Gamatoto wardrobe
You can line-up all helpers and change Gamatoto form using these buttons. They are located below the push notification toggle button. Each only shown after you have at least a helper or evolved Gamatoto's form once!
Expedition Task Assignment Screen
Expedition Task In-progress Screen
Expedition Result Log Screen
Expedition Ending Screen
Gamatoto results

List of Areas

Please note: Gamatoto's level does not affect the drop amount nor drop rate of EXP, Catfood or items. The area however, does affect the average amount of XP or catfood that can be obtained. You also have to unlock the previous area before able to unlock ones after.

For battle item drops, see this page for explanation.  For Cat's Eye drop, see this page for explanation.


Area Unlock requirements Drops other than XP & catfood Task exp (1H/3H/6H)
Mellow Fields Clear Shiga pfc. (BCJP) or Greece (BCEN) in Empire of Cats Ch. 1 Speed up 100/200/500
Shaolin Kingdom Gamatoto level 3 Cat CPU, Speed up 300/800/1600
Dusty Desert Gamatoto level 6 Cat CPU, Rich Cat, Sniper cat 1000/2700/5500
Facility 999 User rank 600 & Gamatoto level 10 Speed up, Sniper cat, Cat Job 2000/5500/11000
Caracara Marsh User rank 900 & Gamatoto level 14 Speed up, Rich cat, Treasure radar 3000/8200/16500
Tomb of Gold Unlocked by user rank 1600 and Gamatoto level 19 EX cat eye 5000/13700/27500
Eagle Fields Gamatoto level 24 Rare cat eye 5500/15100/30200
Traitor Trench Gamatoto level 30 Super Rare cat eye 6000/16500/33000

Mt Parabola

Gamatoto level 36 Uber Rare cat eye


Pacific Waves
Gamatoto level 43 EX cat eye, Rare cat eye  ?
Kotatsu Tundra
Gamatoto level 50 Super Rare cat eye, Uber Rare cat eye  ?


Area Unlock requirements Drops Task exp (1H/3H/6H)
XP Harvest Easy Clear Shiga pfc. (BCJP) or Greece (BCEN) in Empire of Cats Ch. 1 +5000 XP, +10000 XP, no Cat Food 100/200/500
XP Harvest Normal User rank 900 & Gamatoto level 14 +5000 XP, +10000 XP, +30000 XP, no Cat Food 3000/8200/16500
XP Harvest Hard Unlocked by user rank 1600 and Gamatoto level 19 +5000 XP, +10000 XP, +30000 XP, +50000 XP, no Cat Food 5000/13700/27500
Cats Eye Cave Unlocked by user rank 1600 and Gamatoto level 19 EX cat eye, Rare cat eye, Super Rare cat eye, Uber Super Rare cat eye, no Cat Food 5000/13700/27500

Level Up Points Requirement

Lv XP (actual needed) Lv XP (actual needed) Lv XP (actual needed)
1 Initial 12 228700 (+60500) 37 4590700
2 600 (+600) 13 289200 (+60500) 38 4869000
3 2400 (+1800) 14 349700 (+60500) 42 5982100
4 10900 (+8500) 15 444000 (+94300) 43 6260500
5 16900 (+5900) 16 538400 (+94400) 50 8462700
6 23000 (+6100) 17 632800 (+94400) 58 11142900
7 44100 (+21100) 18 727200 (+94400) 67 14614000
8 65300 (+21200) 19 821600 (+94400) 72 16985600
9 86500 (+21200) 24 1729100 76 19320720
10 107700 (+21200) 30 2860400
11 168200 (+60500) 36 4312400

Expedition Helpers

After each expedition, Gamatoto has a rare chance (about 5%) to meet fellow friend during expedition which joins after the expedition ends. These are called "Expedition helpers" and takes form of a li'l version of Gamatoto. Every helpers gives a small boost to drop rate of items in expedition.
Gamatoto helper screen

Helpers come with randomly generated names each. There is a maximum of ten (10) helpers a player can only have and the player can not have more until at least one retired. Gamatoto can return with an eleventh helper but expeditions cannot take place until there are ten or less. By tapping on the helpers in the field, you can find the details of the helper's name and effect description, how many helper(s) you have and the dismiss button.

Dismissing a helper will allow them to be recruited to the Ototo Corps as engineers, for use on cat base upgrades. Note that engineers can only be used on one upgrade, however.

Picture Rank Effect
Intern Item Pickup chance slightly increased
Lackey Item Pickup chance somewhat increased
Underling Item Pickup chance greatly increased
Assistant Item Pickup chance massively increased

Item Pack

After each expedition, there is a chance for players to find an item pack or buried catfood in the field. By tapping it, the player will be given reward and an extra option to watch online ads for extra catfood, cat eyes, and materials. If the player declines, a Doge steals the item pack.
21766915 461700127563437 680806800 o

Expedition Tips

  • If you are not looking for certain power-ups, it is recommended to keep doing expeditions on the latest area to increase Gamatoto's level quicker.
  • Save any expedition power-ups you get for the most rewarding levels and use it only at the start after a transformation phase point, such as when you have leveled up to level 19 due to earlier stages only having very small XP rewards.
  • Do not dismiss your helpers easily; the chance to find a helper is very rare, and they are more valuable as helpers rather than Ototo Corps engineers. Only dismiss helpers if you are at max capacity and want to replace a helper with a higher rarity one, or if you desperately need Ototo Engineers.


  • Gamatoto was mentioned in Masked Cat description before it was released.
    • His appearance at level 50 shows the mask that Masked Cat wears.
  • The battlefield background changes depending on the actual time of day in your area. There are day, evening and night backgrounds for each phase.
  • If you decline the littered catfood offer, a Doge will come and snatch the catfood and run away.
  • On occasion, a Cat can be seen in the tent.


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