Floating Continent is 47th stage in Into the Future.


Floating Continent

Into the Future - Stage 47
Chapter 1
Energy: 75
Enemy's Castle Health: 750000
Enemies: -Those Guys (600%)

-Baa Baa (600%)

-Heavenly Hippoe (Angel) (100%)

-Gabriel (Angel) (100%)

-Kroxo (Alien) (100%)

-Imperator Sael (Alien) (100%)

-Maawth (Alien/Floating) (100%)

Enemy Boss: -Nimoy Bore (Alien) (100%)
Treasure: English Version: Floating Rock

Japanese Version: 浮遊石 (Floating stone)

Score rewards:

6500 - Treasure Radar x1

5500 - Cat Food x10

4500 - Cat Ticket x1

3000 - XP 125000

XP earned: 14200
Stage Width: 6000
Max number of Enemies: 9
Chapter 2
Energy: 85
Enemy's Castle Health: 750000
Enemies: -Those Guys (1200%)

-Baa Baa (1200%)

-Heavenly Hippoe (Angel) (200%)

-Gabriel (Angel) (200%)

-Kroxo (Alien) (250%)

-Imperator Sael (Alien) (250%)

-Maawth (Alien/Floating) (250%)

-Cyberhorn (Alien) (100%)

Enemy Boss: -Nimoy Bore (Alien) (250%)
Treasure: English Version: Floating Rock

Japanese Version: 浮遊石 (Floating stone)

Score rewards:

6000 - Treasure Radar x1

3000 - Cat Food x10

1500 - Cat Ticket x1

500 - XP 187500

XP earned: 14200
Stage Width: 6000
Max number of Enemies: 9
Chapter 3
Energy: 95
Enemy's Castle Health: 750000
Enemies: -Those Guys (1800%)

-Baa Baa (1800%)

-Heavenly Hippoe (Angel) (250%)

-Gabriel (Angel) (250%)

-Kroxo (Alien) (900%)

-Imperator Sael (Alien) (900%)

-Maawth (Alien/Floating) (900%)

-Nimoy Bore (Alien) (750%)

-Cyberhorn (Alien) (600%)

Enemy Boss: -Those Guys (1800%)
Treasure: English Version: Floating Rock

Japanese Version: 浮遊石 (Floating stone)

Score rewards:

6000 - Treasure Radar x1

3000 - Cat Food x10

1500 - Cat Ticket x1

500 - XP 250000

XP earned: 14200
Stage Width: 6000
Max number of Enemies: 9


Chapter 1

The stage starts off spawning nothing for a little while. Eventually, a couple Baa Baa will spawn, eventually being supported by Heavenly Hippoe and Gabriel. Heavenly Hippoes and Gabriel will spawn slowly throughout the early battle, blocking the way to the enemy castle, which has 750,000 health. Once you attack the enemy base, a couple Kroxo will spawn, eventually being supported by Maawth. After the enemy castle reaches 650k health, Nimoy Bore will spawn.

Chapter 2

Pretty much the same, except everything has a higher strength magnification.

Another big difference is that Cyberhorns will spawn after the boss shockwave.

Chapter 3

Still pretty much the same, with an intense buff.

When you attack the base enough, Nimoy Bore spawns, with an even higher buff. Cyberhorns will still spawn, with an even higher buff as well.

After some time another Nimoy Bore will spawn, meaning now the player must deal with two 750% buffed Nimoy Bores. Eventually, a third Nimoy Bore will spawn.


Chapters 1/2

Strategy 1:

Castaway Cat really helps here. Drop him as frequently as you can. With many surfer cats, and a lot of luck, you can pretty much freeze the Nimoy Bore for a long time. Dark Heroes help here, especially Akira, as his normal form can stop the Nimoy Bore and hayabusa to knock him back. Combined with lots of Castaway Cats, the Nimoy Bore will be stopped for most of the battle. If you have Paris Cat, Bahamut, Neo Psychocat, and Dancing Flasher, you can possibly kill the Nimoy Bore in under 30 seconds.

Once the enemy castle falls below 600k health, the boss will spawn Nimoy Bore. It helps to kill the support enemies before the Nimoy Bore spawns, as it will make the boss much easier. Gabriel, Heavenly Hippoe, and Kroxo will spawn at a slow rate, acting as support. Depending on your anti-alien treasures, the Nimoy Bore can have over 1 million health and 10,000 damage in Chapter 1.Once the boss spawns, be sure to mass-produce meatshields. If the wave of meatshields is not constant, the Nimoy Bore may rush forward and kill your long-ranged attackers. Cats that can stop or knock back alien enemies are very useful, as stopping the Nimoy Bore can give you many chances to hit it. Knocking it back prevents it from advancing, giving you a bit more time. The Nimoy Bore gets knocked back twice. Once he dies, then the stage is very easy. Just keep killing the other enemies, and you should win soon.

Strategy 2 (No Anti-Alien):

Cats: Macho cat, wall cat, "third meat-shield"(Li'l Cat), Magica cat, Dragon cat, Paris cat, Bahamut, "high health uber"(Guardian Gamereon), "high ranged uber"(Super Galaxy Cosmo).

Execution: Level up worker till Heavenly Hippo spawn, when Those Guys come near your base spawn Macho, Wall and Magica , then Dragon and Paris. Slowly spawn more of them, up worker if possible, when the hippos are clear, stop spawning. Up worker to 7/8. If Maawth spawns and your stack of attackers die, then you are doing it right. When Maawth is near Spawn Gamereon , Macho, Wall, Magica. Save enough for Cosmos. When Maawth dies spawn Bahamut, stack Dragon, Paris, Magica, Macho, Wall. When Nimoy Bore spawns use cannon, spam cats. If Gamereon dies prematurely don't worry tables will turn. Victory is when Nimoy Bore dies.

Summary: When Maawth's 370 range and Nimoy Bore are paired, they're deadly. Thus lure Maawth out and kill it swiftly. It can give an advantage when dealing with Nimoy Bore. Player can use the time lag between Maawth spawns to achieve an under-powered victory.

Chapter 3

Strategy 1:

Cats: Mohawk Cat, Manic Mohawk Cat, Eraser Cat, Crazed Wall Cat/Manic Eraser Cat, Macho Legs Cat, Neo Psychocat/Castaway Cat, Chill Cat, Holy Valkyrie Cat, Bahamut, Ururun Wolf. Items: Cat CPU (obligatory), Rich Cat (helpful).

The stage is extremely difficult and nasty this time, because 3 Nimoy Bores come instead of 1. Psychocat and/or Castaway Cat are almost obligatory, to stop the bosses. Wheel Cat also helps, especially his True Form, because he does massive damage to aliens and has fast attack speed. Macho Legs Cat can be a huge help, too. The rest of your party should be filled with meatshields and heavy hitters.

Build up money at the beginning, using Bahamut to bring down the Heavenly Hippoes. Use Eraser Cat and Crazed Wall to protect your Bahamut. Spam Psychocat/Castaway Cat. Send Ururun Wolf and Holy Valkyrie when the base is hit.

NOTE: You are probably going to fail. Don't give up. Whatever you do, try and get lots of anti-alien treasures so you can do more damage and take less. If you die, restart until you win. What do you have to lose?

Strategy 2:

Cats: Crazed Eraser Cat, Eraser Cat, Thaumaturge Cat, Seafarer Cat, Chill Cat, Oni Hayabusa (or cat that has Alien knockback ability), Crazed Bahamut Cat, Ururun Cat

The idea of this line up is to freezelock the Nimoy Bores with the Seafarer Cats while also using a stack of Thaumaturge Cats to decrease their attack power. This way, if the Nimoy Bores do escape the freezelock momentarily, their attacks will not obliterate your other stacked cats. Due to Seafarer Cat's high freeze chance, there is a good percentage that a stack of them will freezelock the Nimoy Bores. Optionally, but also recommended, is to bring a cat that can knockback Aliens, such as Ururun Cat or Oni Hayabusa. This way, you dont actually have to kill the Nimoy Bores, but rather just knock them back and use the Cannon to knock them behind the base, leaving a heavy hitter like Bahamut or any other cat to attack the base. 


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