Last update: July 28th, 2017, cover all enemies in BCJP 6.3.
Empire of Cats Enemies
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Origin Enemy units in this origin
Common DogeSnacheThose GuysHippoeJackie PengGoryBaa BaaCrocoLe'boinKang RooSquire RelMooth (Floating)Teacher Bear
Red Pigge (Red)Sir Seal (Red)B.B.Bunny (Red)One Horn (Red)
Challenge Mode Assassin Bear (Black)Shy Boy (Red/Floating)
Special The Face (Floating)Ms. SignDark Emperor Nyandam (Red)Teacher Bun Bun (Floating)
Zombie Outbreaks Zoge (Zombie)Znache (Zombie)Zomboe (Zombie)Zigge (Zombie)Zroco (Zombie)Zackie Peng (Zombie)Zory (Zombie)Zir Zeal (Zombie)Zang Roo (Zombie)Lord Gravey (Zombie)Miss Haka (Zombie)
Stories of Legend Enemies
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Area Enemy units in this area
Ch.1-4 Metal Hippoe (Metal)St. Pigge the 2nd (Red)Doge Dark (Black)Master A.CeleboodleDagshundDucheTHE SLOTH
Ch.5-8 Otta-smack-uJ.K Bun Bun (Red/Floating)Bore (Red)Shadow Boxer K (Black)Rain D.
Ch.9-12 Gory Black (Black)OwlbrowCamelleKory
Ch.13-16 Director Kurosawah (Black)Metal One Horn (Metal)Bun Bun BlackH. Nah
Ch.17-20 R. OstDober P.DSir Metal Seal (Metal)Ururun WolfHeavenly Hippoe (Angel)Gabriel (Angel)Angelic Gory (Angel)Ginger Snache (Red)Super Metal HippoeWall DogeSunfish Jones (Angel)
Ch.21-24 Pigeon de Sable (Floating)Dark Otter (Black)Angelic Sleipnir (Angel)Trolly BloggerMetal Doge (Metal)Le'noir (Black)Li'l Nyandam (Red)Chickful A (Angel)
Ch.25-28 Capy (Red)Brollow (Floating)Berserkory (Red)Mr. Mole, Codename "Red Riding"
Ch.29-32 Tackey (Black)Mr. Angel (Angel)Boraphim (Angel)HenryLi'l Bun Bun (Floating)
Ch.33-36 Professor A. (Red)Razorback (Black)Big Sal (Zombie)Coffin Zoge (Zombie)Zamelle (Zombie)
Ch.37-40 Inumusha (Zombie)DolphinaCala Maria (Angel)
Ch.41-44 Froggo
Into the Future Enemies
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Origin Enemy units in this origin
Chapter 4 Shibalien (Alien)Hyppoh (Alien)Helmut Krabbe (Alien)Imperator Sael (Alien)Maawth (Alien/Floating)I.M. Phace (Alien/Floating)Ursamajor (Alien)Kroxo (Alien)LeMurr (Alien)Elizabeth the LVIth (Alien)Nimoy Bore (Alien)Cli-One (Alien/Floating)
Chapter 5 Scissoroo (Alien)Cyberhorn (Alien)Mistress Celeboodle (Alien)Galactic Overseer Nyandam (Alien)Corrupted Valkyrie (Alien/Floating)
Chapter 6 Calamary (Alien/Floating)Alpacky (Alien)Elder Sloth (Alien)Bun Bun Symbiote (Alien/Floating)Raging Bahamut Cat (Alien/Floating)
Other Areas
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Origin Enemy units in this origin
Dojo Scarecrow (base) • Niconico TV (base) • W
Heavenly Tower Hermit Cat
Event Enemies
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Origin Enemy units in this origin
Monthly Events Chief PengDark Emperor SantaLione HippoeAudience BearsTeacher A.Blessing SlothSamurai DoggyGory GroomBearkiniSunny CeleboodleLord EnmaLeggsy • Ecto Gang (Ecto DogeEcto SnacheEcto Baa Baa) • Mighty Gui ZuliHermit PengMaster Da XunPigge Back
Crazed Cats Crazed CatCrazed Tank CatCrazed Axe CatCrazed Gross CatCrazed Cow CatCrazed Bird CatCrazed Fish CatCrazed Lizard CatCrazed Titan Cat
Manic Cats Manic Mohawk CatManic Eraser CatManic Dark CatManic Macho Legs CatManic Lion CatManic Flying CatManic Island CatManic King Dragon CatManic Jamiera Cat
Awakened Cats (Buyable) Beefcake CatDancer CatHyper Mr.Ultimate Bondage CatDark LazerHeavy Assault C.A.TLollycatUnicycle CatFlying Ninja CatSkelecatPastry CatRiceball CatGato AmigoLoincloth Cat
Awakened Cats (Monthly) Prisoner CatGentleman Bros.NyalladinOlympienne CatKiss and KoiMadam the SavannahCall Center CatKite CatIron Claw XRampage CatsRitual CatXmas Pudding Cat
Awakened Cats (Li'l) Li'l Mohawk CatLi'l Eraser CatLi'l Dark CatLi'l Macho Legs CatLi'l Lion CatLi'l Flying CatLi'l Island CatLi'l Jamiera Cat
Awakened Cats (Other) Cat Kart P
Celebration Stages MartinPumpdogeDrac-owl-laSa-BatBlitzenIcy DogeMammotheSnowballKiller CatEaster BunnyEaster DucheGolden DogeGolden HippoeGolden R. OstSluggy (Red)Sluggy (Black)Sluggy (Angel) • Summer Gory
Cyclone Stages Red Cyclone (Red/Floating)Black Cyclone (Black/Floating)White Cyclone (Floating)Divine Cyclone (Angel)Angel FanboyMetal Cyclone (Metal)Cosmic Cyclone (Alien/Floating)Zyclone (Zombie)
Deadly Stages Hannya (Red)Queen B (Alien/Floating)Cruel Angel Clionel (Angel)Daboo of the Dead (Zombie)
Other Firework GuysBirthday Cake EnemyAngry Sun20 Million DL Birthday Cake
Collaboration Event Enemies
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Event Enemy units in this event
Hometown Self-Defense Force Type 10
Google Android Sakura Android
Princess Punt Princess Punt/KerihimePrincess HeadSwordsmanChibigauBurning Phoenix/Yuurinchii
Million Arthur x Dragon Poker NimueMonkey King
Final Boss Advent!? Mega Cat
Merc Storia SeresuNonoNorunSeramuOrugaFuuYoichiReiAuraWyburnMore WarlockHarushutoKooneriaAroisuNyanko More WarlockCCNyanko MercCCTiti CatCCOrutosuMisheriaTodomeki
Dragon League Drury SwordsmanDrury Witch
Kishidan Ayanokōji ShōSaotome HikaruSaionji HitomiHoshi GuranmanieShiratori Shōchikubai
Survive! Mola Mola! SardineSquidCrabPeninsula SunfishKid MolaKing Mola
Yakuza Apocalypse Mob CatYakuza Vampire
Annihilation City TakuyaYuki
Monster Hunter RathalosRathian
Metal Slug Defense Mars PeopleDonald MordenAllen O'NeilMarcoSV-001Huge HermitJupiter KingHI-DO
Yurudrasil ValkyrieBrynhildrSuruzuFreyaOdin
Castle & Dragon SwordsmanCavalry SoldierAshuraBattle BalloonDragon RiderPretty CatCyclopsGolemSwordsman of MyooThunderclap Black Cavalry SoldierKabukimono AshuraBattle Balloon UFOFlamming Dragon RiderCyber Pretty CatSpace-time CyclopsVolcano Golem
Nebaaru-kun & Nyan Puzzle NyamusuPochiKuromiSetsukoNebaaru-kun
NEO Mushroom Garden Funghi
Y! Mobile Futenyan
Madoka Magica Gertrud (Witch)Charlotte (Witch)Kirsten (Witch)Walpurgisnacht (Witch)Kyubey
Cat Busters NekoHakase
Pikotaro Pikotaro
Nazousagi Nazousagi
Crash Fever MobiusBelialHappy 100
Gudetama PlateGudegude à la modeNisetama Army

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