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Listed all Empire of Cats stages in Nyanko Daisensou. (treasure's name taken from the original Battle Cats)


Money Production Speed increased

Location Treasure
Stage 1: Nagasaki Castella
Stage 2: Saga Goggle-eyed goby
Stage 3: Kagoshima Sweet potato
Stage 4: Kumamoto Horse sashimi
Stage 5: Miyazaki Mango
Stage 6: Oita Distilled spirit
Stage 7: Fukuoka Seasoned cod roe


Money Capacity increased

Location Treasure
Stage 8: Kochi Bonito
Stage 9: Ehime Mikan
Stage 10: Tokushima Sudachi
Stage 11: Kagawa Udon


Unit Production Speed increased

Location Treasure
Stage 12: Yamaguchi Blowfish
Stage 13: Hiroshima Pancake
Stage 14: Shimane Izumo soba
Stage 15: Okayama Peach
Stage 16: Shimatori Pear

Comedian Outfit

Xp Bonus increased when completing a stage

Location Treasure
Stage 17: Hyogo Akashi yaki
Stage 18: Wakayama Dried Plum
Stage 19: Osaka Takoyaki
Stage 20: Kyoto Pickles
Stage 21: Nara Deer
Stage 22: Mie Cattle
Stage 23: Shiga Crucian Carp


Cat's Castle Toughness increased

Location Treasure
Stage 24: Fukui Glasses
Stage 25: Ishikawa Sushi
Stage 28: Toyama Firefly Squid


Money gained when defeating enemies increased

Location Treasure
Stage 27: Gifu Craft
Stage 26: Aichi Miso
Stage 29: Shizuoka Tea


Stamina of Cats increased

Location Treasure
Stage 30: Yamanashi Hoto
Stage 31: Nagano Shinshu soba
Stage 32: Niigata Rice


Attack Power of Cats increased

Location Treasure
Stage 33: Kanagawa Dried Fish
Stage 34: Chiba Peanut
Stage 35: Tokyo Monja
Stage 36: Saitama Crackers
Stage 37: Gunma Konjac
Stage 38: Tochigi Dumplings
Stage 39: Ibaraki Natto


Cannon Sharpness increased

Location Treasure
Stage 40: Fukushima Kitikata ramen
Stage 41: Miyagi Tongue
Stage 42: Yamagata Cherries
Stage 43: Iwate Wankosoba
Stage 44: Akita Kiritanpo
Stage 45: Aomori Apple


Cannon Recharging Time reduced

Location Treasure
Stage 46: Hokkaido Milk

Southern Wind

Energy/Stamina Capacity increased

Location Treasure
Stage 47: Okinawa Awamori
Stage 48: Iriomote Cat Heart

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