Listed here are all Story Mode stages in The Battle Cats.

Energy Drink

Ot009 o en

Worker Cat Efficiency increased!

Stage Location Treasure
1 Korea Kimchi
2 Mongolia Portable Tent
3 China Shark Fin
4 Thailand Collar of the Gilded
5 Cambodia Smiles of Children
6 Philippines Banana
7 Japan Topknot

Giant Safe

Ot008 o en

Worker Cat Wallet Capacity increased!

Stage Location Treasure
8 Australia Didgeridoo
9 Singapore Merlion
10 Maldives Tropical Juice
11 India Curry

Relativity Clock

Ot007 o en

Production Speed of Cats increased!

Stage Location Treasure
12 Nepal Devotion
13 Dubai Resort Property
14 Saudi Arabia Oil
15 Kenya Seal of Masai
16 Madagascar Aye aye

Philosopher's Stone

Ot006 o en

XP obtained from battle increased!

Stage Location Treasure
17 South Africa Vuvuzela
18 Ghana Cacao
19 Sahara Silky Sand
20 Egypt Hieroglyph
21 Turkey Rug
22 Russia Vodka
23 Greece Zeus Nail Clippings

Smart Material Wall

Ot005 o en

Cat Base health increased!

Stage Location Treasure
24 Italy Pizza
25 Monaco Cruiser
28 Germany Beer

Super Register

Ot004 o en

Money for defeating enemies increased!

Stage Location Treasure
27 France French Bread
26 Spain Passion
29 Denmark Folktales

Legendary Cat Shield

Ot003 o en

Cat Health increased!

Stage Location Treasure
30 Norway Income Tax
31 United Kingdom Fish and Chips
32 Greenland Santa's Beard

Legendary Cat Sword

Ot002 o en

Cat ATK increased!

Stage Location Treasure
33 Canada Maple Syrup
34 New York Musical
35 Bermuda Flight Recorder
36 Jamaica Steel Beans
37 Columbia Coffee Beans
38 Brazil Carnival Costumes
39 Argentina Beef

Energy Core

Ot001 o en

Cat Cannon ATK increased!

Stage Location Treasure
40 Machu Picchu Inca Textiles
41 Easter Island Mini Moai Statue
42 Mexico Cactus
43 NASA Space Rations
44 Las Vegas Slot Machine
45 Hollywood Actress Hair

Turbo Machine

Ot000 o en

Cat Cannon recharge speed increased!

Stage Location Treasure
46 Alaska Fur

Management Bible

Ot010 o en

Max Cat Energy Increased!

Stage  Location Treasure
47 Hawaii Macadamia Nuts
48 Moon Moon

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