Dubai is the 16th stage in Into the Future. It features a new enemy in every chapter. In Chapter 1, the boss is an Imperator Sael. In Chapter 2, the boss is Cyberhorn. And in Chapter 3, the boss is Alpacky



Into the Future - Stage 16
Chapter 1
Energy: 50
Enemy's Castle Health: 40000
Enemies: -Pigge (400%)

-Gory (400%)

-B.B.Bunny (400%)

-Squire Rel (400%)

-Shibalien (100%)

Enemy Boss: -Imperator Sael (100%)
Treasure: English Version: Skyscraper

Japanese Version: リゾート地 (Holiday resort)

Score rewards:

8000 - Cat Food x10

6500 - Cat Ticket

5000 - Rich Cat x1

XP earned: 5500
Stage Width: 3600
Max number of Enemies: 6
Chapter 2
Energy: 60
Enemy's Castle Health: 60000
Enemies: -Pigge (800%)

-Gory (800%)

-B.B.Bunny (800%)

-Mooth (800%)

-Squire Rel (800%)

-Shibalien (250%)

Imperator Sael (250%)

Enemy Boss: -CyberHorn (100%)
Treasure: English Version: Skyscraper

Japanese Version: リゾート地 (Holiday resort)

Score rewards:

8000 - Cat Food x10

7500 - Cat Ticket

7000 - Rich Cat x1

XP earned: 5500
Stage Width: 3600
Max number of Enemies: 7
Chapter 3
Energy: 70
Enemy's Castle Health: 80000
Enemies: -Pigge (1200%)

-One Horn (1200%)

-B.B.Bunny (1200%)

-Shibalien (500%)

-CyberHorn (200%)

Enemy Boss: -Alpacky (100%)
Treasure: English Version: Skyscraper

Japanese Version: リゾート地 (Holiday resort)

Score rewards:

6500 - Cat Food x10

6000 - Cat Ticket

5500 - Rich Cat x1

XP earned: 5500
Stage Width: 5000
Max number of Enemies: 8


Chapter 1

B.B.Bunny (Red) and Squire Rel appear as peons.

Shibalien (Alien) appears at random times.

Pigge (Red) and Gory appear as a support.

Imperator Sael (Alien) appears as the boss and major threat to your cats.

Chapter 2

Squire Rel, B.B.Bunny (Red) and Shibalien (Alien) appear as peons.

Pigge (Red), Gory and Mooth (Floating) appear as a support.

Imperator Sael (Alien) appears as a stalling enemy.

Cyberhorn (Alien) appears as the boss here for the first time. It is a deadly enemy with enormous health (120,000 hp at with all anti alien treasures!).

Chapter 3

B.B.Bunny (Red) and Shibalien (Alien) appear as peons.

Pigge (Red) and One Horn (Red) appear as a support

Cyberhorn (Alien) appears as a stalling enemy.

Alpacky (Alien) appears as a boss here for the first time. It has much slower attack rate than Camelle, but has more hp and deals a lot more damage.


For chapter 1: This level can be very hard to pull off without Bahamut or an uber, so it is recommended to have Bahamut at this point.

For chapter 2: First, spam Wall Cat/Eraser Cat. Once your wallet is full, spawn Bahamut, Valkyrie and your uber (If you have one). Be wary that if you still don't have any anti alien treasures, Cyberhorn will have a devastating 840,000 hp and 15,400 damage! This will make the level nearly impossible, so it is advised to have both anti alien treasures from Chapter 1.

For chapter 3: First, stall with Eraser Cat and Crazed Wall Cat .Then, once Alpacky spawns, stop upgrading your wallet and start spawning strong units, Bahamut and of course, meatshields.

Once Cybehorn dies, go all out on Alpacky. It wont last long if you have a lot of anti aliens.


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