MERRY CATSMAS!クリスマスイベント開催!! (MERRY CATSMAS! Christmas Event being held!!)

Christmas Event (クリスマスイベント kurisumasu ibento) is a time-limited event in Battle Cats.


  • Limited Rare Capsule

Cute cyber girls dressed in Christmas costumes only during this limited event. When players move to the Rare Cat Capsule screen, "Christmas Gals" (クリスマスギャルズ kurisumasu gyaruzu) event has been held.

Name Rarity Description Abilities
Frosty Kai Uber Rare Clumsy but charming cutie-pie of the ski slopes! Reduced damage taken from Alien and Angel Enemies
Santa Kuu Uber Rare Fearless and feisty in the face of winter! Strong against Alien and Angel Enemies
Holy Coppermine Uber Rare Her chilly attitude hides warm holiday wishes! Stops Alien and Angel Enemies
Yuletide Nurse Uber Rare Bearing the sacred hopes of all Catkind! Effective against Alien and Angel Enemies
  • Time-limited Christmas Stages:

During this event, a new special stage can be seen: "赤鼻サンタのプレゼント" (Akabana santanopurezento, Present of red-nosed Santa)

In this event, a new enemy - Blitzen - makes an appearance.

By clearing the stages, players have a chance to unlock the Rare Cat "A Gift of Cats" at extremely high probability. The higher difficulty stage cleared, higher chance to get this Cat, but players can use Treasure Radar to get it in one shot.

List of Levels

Jolly St. Nick

EN name JP name
Stage 1 Coming to Town! サンタが町にやってくる
Stage 2 Reindeer Games トナカイ一揆
Stage 3 Whipped Cream ムチ打たれた日々
Stage 4 Coup d'Workshop 下克上
Stage 5 War on Xmas 戦場のクリスマス


  • December 12th, 2015 - December 26th, 2016



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