This article is about the Cat Unit. For the enemy unit, see Heavy Assault C.A.T (Enemy).

Cats in a Box is a Special Cat you can purchase for 90 Cat Food in the Upgrade store. True form decreases movement speed, but gains the ability to weaken Black enemies and increases range.

Cat Unit - 14
Special Cat

Cats in a box

Cat gang

Heavy Assault C.A.T


Evolves into Cat Gang at level 10.

Evolves into Heavy Assault C.A.T when obtained from the Box Cat Awakens! Stages (May be dropped on the first stage but guaranteed on the second stage.) and is level 20 or above.


  • Very fast movement speed except True Form.
  • Nice attack power (Area Attack).
  • Decent stamina.
  • Short recharge time.
  • True Form has longer range and might weaken Black Enemies.


  • Short ranged attacks even in True Form.
  • Somewhat expensive.
  • True form has decreased movement speed.


Switch EN/JP

Cat Units - 14

Special Cat
Cats in a Box
Uni014 f00
EN Description
These poor guys have been abandoned. They are now fending for themselves with GREAT JUSTICE and speed (Area Attack)
Cat Gang
Uni014 c00
EN Description
The hard life turned them towards the wild side. We should avoid them now. Who knows what they'll do (Area Attack)
Heavy Assault C.A.T
Uni014 s00
EN Description
An elite unit who keep the peace by rushing at the enemies of society. Might lower the attack power of Black (Area Attack).

Cat Units - 14

Special Cat
ネコの箱詰め (Neko no hakodzume, Boxed Cat)
Uni014 f00
JP Script

猛ダッシュから繰り出す一撃で 敵を一気に粉砕する(範囲攻撃)

EN Translation
The swift attack type character which takes pride in its fastest traverse speed.

An enemy is crushed quickly by the blow paid out from Takeshi dash (area attack).

ネコギャング (neko gyangu, Gang Cat)
Uni014 c00
JP Script

猛ダッシュから繰り出す一撃で 敵を一気に粉砕する(範囲攻撃)

EN Translation
Haste type character that tends to slip on the road. It's a painful life.

Can blow away the enemy with its mad dash. (range attack)

重機C・A・T (Jūki C A T, Heavy Equipment C.A.T)
Uni014 s00
JP Script

猛ダッシュから繰り出す一閃で 敵を一気に粉砕する(範囲攻撃)

EN Translation
The swift attack type character which has begun to function at a construction site for a social comeback.

Paid out flash from Takeshi dash. Crushes enemy quickly (area attack).


  • These cats are sufficient due to its high damage output and speed in which it can reach the area of conflict.
  • One might want to send three or more Giraffe Cats (or one Sushi Cat) to back the Cats in a Box up while it deals heavy damage to enemies.
  • Sending out tanky units such as Tank Cat or Bronze Cat is inefficient because the Cats in a Box will greatly outspeed such units and has low range, breaking the point of this strategy.
  • These cat units are very helpful for beginnings, and possibly later, but it can easily be killed in late-game
  • These cats are very good at clearing a bunch of peons protecting a boss.
  • These cats are good against Camelle or Master.A, because of the quick attack animation, fast movement and Area Attack.
  • A good lead off to deal damage to the enemy tower.
  • Their True Form might be very useful against some Black Enemies that has short range, making meatshields able to survive longer.(Recommended NOT to use it against Bun Bun Black.)


Available to unlock after completing Egypt in Chapter 1.

  • Chapter 1: $750
  • Chapter 2: $1125
  • Chapter 3: $1500

Upgrading Cost

Level XP Level XP
Level 0-1 90 Cat Food Level 10-11 5000
Level 1-2 3000 Level 11-12 6000
Level 2-3 3900 Level 12-13 7800
Level 3-4 5100 Level 13-14 10200
Level 4-5 6600 Level 14-15 13200
Level 5-6 8400 Level 15-16 16800
Level 6-7 10500 Level 16-17 21000
Level 7-8 12900 Level 17-18 25800
Level 8-9 15600 Level 18-19 31200
Level 9-10 18600 Level 19-20 37200


Cats in a Box
Health Attack Power Attack Range Time between attacks Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharging Time
800 HP 300 damage 140 3.36 seconds 35 3 times 0.33 seconds 15.66s - 6.86s
Health (Lv.MAX) Attack Power (Lv.MAX) Attack Type Special Ability
13600 HP 5100 damage Area Attack -
Cat Gang
Health (Lv.MAX) Attack Power (Lv.MAX) Attack Range Time between attacks Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharging Time
13600 HP 5100 damage 140 3.36 seconds 35 3 times 0.33 seconds 15.66s - 6.86s
Attack Type Special Ability
Area Attack -
Heavy Assault C.A.T
Health (Lv.MAX) Attack Power (Lv.MAX) Attack Range Time between attacks Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharging Time
13600 HP 5100 damage 199 3.36 seconds 30 3 times 0.33 seconds 15.66s - 6.86s
Lv.MAX Attack Type Special Ability
Lv.40 Area Attack Might reduce the attack power of Black Enemies by 50% for 8.33 seconds.(30%)
*Includes treasures; recharge time may vary.
*Time between attacks is the time of the attack from the animation's end until the next attack animation start.
*See this section to calculate stats.

Initial Stats:

Health Attack Power
Cats in a Box 800 HP 300 damage
Cat Gang 800 HP 300 damage
Heavy Assault C.A.T. 800 HP 300 damage


  • Normal Form: Three Li'l Cats riding a cardboard box with a banana logo on it.
  • Evolved Form: They now look like gangsters. The cardboard box now has wheels, a flag. and an orange logo on it.
  • True Form: Wheels replaced by robotic legs, making this cat taller than before. Also has a mini blaster that shoots lasers. Reference to a Star Wars AT-ST. Now has a watermelon logo on it.


  • Version 3.0 of The Battle Cats gave its true form an anti-black ability.
  • True Form's machine greatly resembles AT-ST from Star Wars.
  • Heavy Assault C.A.T.'s attack range is very slightly shorter than Bun Buns' (200).



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