Super Rare Cats (激レアキャラ) are a type of Cat Unit. Most of them can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule (some of them appearing only in specific pools) while others are item drops from special stages.

Rare Cat Capsule Cats


  • Hip Hop Catstrong against red → Dancing Flasher Cat → Can Can Cat
  • Sushi Catweaken + resistant to red → Fried Shrimp Cat → Roe Cat
  • Nerd Catlong range + slow all (except metal) → Hacker Cat → Cyberpunk Cat
  • Kotatsu Catweaken + resistant to floating + wave blocker → Sadako Cat → Octopus Cat
  • Apple Catfreezes red → Face Cat → iCat
  • Swimmer Catmassive damage to floating → Butterfly Cat → Fishman Cat
  • Bath Catmassive damage to red → Sexy Bathtub Cat → Luxury Bath Cat
  • Bodhisattva Catslows + weaken floating enemies → Avalokitesvara Cat → Tathagata Cat
  • Delinquent Catfreezes floating enemies + resist freeze, which upgrades to Angry Delinquent Cat
  • Juliet Catfreezes angels → Princess Juliet Cat → Juliet the Maiko
  • Weightlifter Catmassive damage to black, which upgrades to Ring Girl Cat
  • Figure Skating Cats, which upgrades to Drama Cats
  • Cat Toasterslows angels + barrier breaker → Cat Projector → Catophone
  • Surfer Catsurvive + freezes aliens → Castaway Cat → Seafarer Cat
  • Vaulter Catlong range + slows zombies + zombie killer, which upgrades to Pole Vaulter Cat
  • Fencer Catbarrier breaker, which upgrades to Kendo Cat

Limited Edition Cats

Main article: Rare Capsule Bonus Characters.
  • Gold Cat, which upgrades to Gold Macho Cat
  • Nenekocritical, which upgrades to Miss NENEKO
  • Cat Base Miniwave attack, which upgrades to Cat Base Jr
  • Metal Catmetal, which upgrades to Metal Macho

Reinforcements Cats


Collaboration Event Cats

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Crazed Cat Stages

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Cyclone Stages Rewards

Deadly Stages Rewards