This category listed all enemies that first appear in Stories of Legend game mode. Stories of Legend introduces new type of Enemies such as Metal, Black, Angel; some members in this group also has special abilities and their strength magnifications are different in each level. This group includes all characters in Empire of Cats, and Into the Future, a new game mode which was added since BCEN 3.0.

Appearance Pattern

Location Enemies
Sub-Chapter 1
Sub-Chapter 2
Sub-Chapter 3
Sub-Chapter 4
Sub-Chapter 5
Sub-Chapter 6
Sub-Chapter 7
Sub-Chapter 8
Sub-chapter 9
Sub-chapter 10
Sub-chapter 11 N/A
Sub-chapter 12 N/A
Sub-chapter 13
Sub-chapter 14 N/A
Sub-chapter 15
Sub-chapter 16
Sub-chapter 17
Sub-chapter 18
Sub-chapter 19
Sub-chapter 20
Sub-chapter 21
Sub-chapter 22
Sub-chapter 23
Sub-chapter 24
Sub-Chapter 25


Sub-Chapter 26
Sub-Chapter 27
Sub-Chapter 28
Sub-Chapter 29
Sub-Chapter 30
Sub-Chapter 31
Sub-Chapter 32
Sub-Chapter 33
Sub-Chapter 34
Sub-Chapter 35
Sub-Chapter 36
Sub-Chapter 37
Sub-Chapter 38
Sub-Chapter 39

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