Special Cats are unlocked throughout each playthrough by completing certain missions, or after meeting specific requirements. Most Special Cats need to be purchased with Cat Food, which is obtained as a Daily Bonus and can be purchased with actual currency. The purchasable cats and a few others can all have a True Form when their respective awakened stages are beaten.

The list of Special Cats includes:

Purchasable Cats

  • God Cat
  • Ninja Cat Strong against red → Ninja Frog Cat → Flying Ninja Cat (Complete Philippines Ch.1)
  • Sumo Cat Resist knockback → Madame Sumo → Riceball Cat (Complete Singapore Ch.1)
  • Samurai Cat Slow all (Except metal) → Knight Cat → Pastry Cat (Complete Nepal Ch.1)
  • Zombie Cat Storng against red and zombie + Zombie killer → Devil Cat → Skelecat (Complete Madagascar Ch.1)
  • Cats in a Box Weaken black → Cat Gang → Heavy Assault C.A.T. (Complete Egypt Ch.1)
  • Boogie Cat Knockback all (Except metal) → Samba Cat → Gato Amigo (Complete Italy Ch.1)
  • Bondage Cat Strong against red + survive + warp blocker → Bondage CatNEO → Ultimate Bondage Cat (Complete Denmark Ch.1)
  • Dom Cat Strong against red and black → Executioner → Dark Lazer (Complete Greenland Ch.1)
  • Kung Fu Cat Resist weaken → Drunken Master Cat → Dancer Cat (Complete Jamaica Ch.1)
  • Actress Cat → Mother Cat → Beefcake Cat (Complete Japan Ch.2)
  • Skirt Cat Barrier breaker → Tights Cat → Loincloth Cat (Complete Greece Ch.2)
  • Panties Cat → Leaf Cat → Lollycat (Complete Bermuda Ch.2)
  • Mr. Zombie killer→ Super Mr. → Hyper Mr. (Complete India Ch.2)

Legend Cats

Bonus Cats

  • Tricycle Cat → Biker Cat → Unicycle Cat (Must log in for at least 30 days total)
  • Flower Cat Freeze black → Cooldown Cat → Bombercat (Flick the backdrop door in the Cat Base screen continously)
  • Moneko Critical → Miss MONEKO (Complete Moon Ch.1)
  • Bean Cats Knockback red → Brah Cats (Complete Greece Ch.1)

Limited Event Cats

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Event Gacha

Serial Code Cats

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