Special Cats are unlocked throughout each playthrough by completing certain missions, or after meeting specific requirements. Most Special Cats need to be purchased with Cat Food, which is obtained as a Daily Bonus and can be purchased with actual currency. The purchasable cats and a few others can all have a True Form when their respective awakened stages are beaten.

The list of Special Cats includes:

Purchasable Cats

  • God Cat
  • Ninja Cat strong against red → Ninja Frog Cat → Flying Ninja Cat (Complete Philippines Ch.1)
  • Sumo Cat resist knockback → Madame Sumo → Riceball Cat (Complete Singapore Ch.1)
  • Samurai Cat slow all (except metal) → Knight Cat → Pastry Cat (Complete Nepal Ch.1)
  • Zombie Cat strong against red/zombie + zombie killer → Devil Cat → Skelecat (Complete Madagascar Ch.1)
  • Cats in a Box weaken black → Cat Gang → Heavy Assault C.A.T. (Complete Egypt Ch.1)
  • Boogie Cat knockback all (except metal) → Samba Cat → Gato Amigo (Complete Italy Ch.1)
  • Bondage Cat strong against red + survive + warp blocker → Bondage CatNEO → Ultimate Bondage Cat (Complete Denmark Ch.1)
  • Dom Cat strong against red/black → Executioner → Dark Lazer (Complete Greenland Ch.1)
  • Kung Fu Cat resist weaken → Drunken Master Cat → Dancer Cat (Complete Jamaica Ch.1)
  • Actress Cat → Mother Cat → Beefcake Cat (Complete Japan Ch.2)
  • Skirt Cat barrier breaker → Tights Cat → Loincloth Cat (Complete Greece Ch.2)
  • Panties Cat → Leaf Cat → Lollycat (Complete Bermuda Ch.2)
  • Mr. zombie killer→ Super Mr. → Hyper Mr. (Complete India Ch.2)

Legend Cats

Legends differ from other Special Cats in that they cannot be upgraded past level 30 until the player has completed An Ancient Curse, after which they can be hypermaxed to level 40 using Catseyes.

Bonus Cats

  • Tricycle Cat → Biker Cat → Unicycle Cat (Must log in for at least 30 days total)
  • Flower Cat freeze black → Cooldown Cat → Bombercat (Flick the backdrop door in the Cat Base screen continously)
  • Moneko critical → Miss MONEKO (Complete Moon Ch.1)
  • Bean Cats knockback red → Brah Cats (Complete Greece Ch.1)

Limited Event Cats

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Event Gacha

PC Exclusive

  • Bun Bun Monger Prototype → Bun Bun Monger Iron → Bun Bun Monger Devilsurvive (Complete Fukuoka stage)
  • Peach → Santa Peach & Cat (Obtained as a stamp reward from 19/12/17 - 19/12/17(?)
  • New Year Peachextra money → New Year Peach & Cat (Obtained as a stamp reward from 29/12/17 - 09/01/18(?)))

Serial Code Cats

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