A group of Special Stages that will unlock the third form of a Cat Unit by completing the stage. Currently, there are awakening stages of Buyable Special Cats (unlockable to buy by progressing Empire of Cats) and Monthly Cats (unlock as treasure drop in Monthly Events)

Each special stage consists of 2 levels. The first stage is rated Expert and second stage is Insane difficulty. The chance to unlock a Cat's True Form is very low (5%) in stage 1 and guaranteed (100%) in stage 2. The player will receive 30 Cat Food and auto-refill energy after clearing it for the first time.

  • Event Infomation (from Ponos's Facebook and Twitter page)




Rough translation:

"Announcement of the new event!

EX characters who were awakened to the true force attack! Clearing the stage for the evolution to third form!

Scheduled to start to the "guerrila" from 30th, January (2015)."


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