A countdown battle with endless enemies. Beat down as many as you can for the top score!

The Catclaw Dojo is a game mode unlocked upon clearing Empire of Cats Ch. 1. The Dojo consists of levels with an invincible and OHKO-delivering base and constantly spawning enemies, with a time limit. There is a score to these levels, which increases only through defeating enemies. The level ends once the enemies take down your base or time runs out, which ever comes first.

You can access the Dojo beside Empire of Cats, Stories of Legend, Into the Future and Cats of the Cosmos from the main menu.
6.2 New Screen

About Dojo Battles

You have a time limit to defeat as many enemies as possible. The game supplies you with a speed up and Cat CPU; however, you cannot use other items. The base has unlimited health. The base attacks cats under a certain range. You gain no money for defeating enemies.

List of Dojo Stages

Fixed Stages: Dojo Stages that are available all the time.

  • Hall of Initiates

Collaboration Stages: Dojo Stages that are only available during certain collaboration events.

  • ニコ修行 やわめ

Event Stages: Event for this Dojo mode was planned in early 6.0 update and finally available since July 31th, 2017 in 6.3 update.

New Enemies

  • Scarecrow - A animated attacking enemy base appears at Wanderer's Trial.
  • Niconico TV - A animated attacking enemy base appears at Training Cats.
  • W - A enemy has three different forms with speed and size. Can be considered a White/Floating enemy.


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