This article shows all Cat Units available in the English/Japanese/Taiwanese/Korean Version/PC version.
Last update: Decmber 8th, 2018: cover all Cats in BCEN/BCJP/BCTW/BCKR 8.0 and PC version.
For the full list, see Cat Units or Cat Release Order.

Cat Units Dictionary

Normal cat left icon

Normal Cats
Cro 000 Cro 001 Cro 002 Cro 003 Cro 004 Cro 005 Cro 006 Cro 007

Cro 008

Special cat left icon

Special Cats

God cat homemade

Cro 009 Cro 010 Cro 011 Cro 012 Cro 013 Cro 014 Cro 015 Cro 018 Cro 019 Cro 020 Cro 021 Cro 022 Cro 023

Cro 024 Cro 025Epic11

Epic8 Epic10 Epic7 Epic6 Epic9 353-2 icon 383-2 icon
Cro 016 Fffffffffffffuckingloli
Cro 123 129-3 icon Cro 017
Burger TF Cro 381 EpicJP48


Lucky Gacha
Uni209 s00 Uni210 s00 Uni211 s00 Uni245 s00 Uni246 s00 Uni247 s00 Uni311 s00 Uni312 s00 Uni313 s00
Collaboration Cats
Cro 175 Cro 184 Cro 278 Cro 279 Cro 280 Uni317 c00 Uni328 c00384-2 icon Epic12Epic13Epic31 Epic45 EpicJP1 EpicJP2 EpicJP4 EpicJP5 EpicJP9 EpicJP10 EpicJP12 EpicJP13 EpicJP14 EpicJP15 EpicJP16 EpicJP17 EpicJP18 EpicJP19 EpicJP20 EpicJP21 EpicJP22 EpicJP23 EpicJP24 EpicJP3 EpicJP25 EpicJP26 EpicJP27 EpicJP28 EpicJP29 EpicJP30 EpicJP31 EpicJP32 EpicJP33 EpicJP34 EpicJP35 EpicJP36 EpicJP37 EpicJP38 Uni300 s00 EpicJP40 EpicJP41 EpicJP42 EpicJP43 EpicJP44 EpicJP45 EpicJP46 EpicJP47 EpicJP49 EpicJP50 EpicKR2
PC Exclusive
What a mong-er Pinkbear1 Pinkbear2 Neko-Musume Cat4

Rare cat left icon

Rare Cats
Cro 037 Cro 038 Cyborg Cro 046 Cro 047 Cro 048 Uni049 s00 Uni050 s00

Cro 051 DANCE Cro 055 Cro 056 Cro 058 Rodeo! Acrobatic Uni147 s00 Uni148 s00 Uni149 s00 Fancy Headphones199-3 iconUni308 c00 325-3 icon Catellite

Uni063 s00 Uni070 s00 Uni074 s00 Cro 079 Cro 080 Cro 081 Cro 100 Cro 104

Cro 109 Cro 122 Cro 128 Cro 132

Cro 176 Cro 227 Cro 244 Cro 282 Uni303 c00 Uni319 c00 Uni329 c00 Epic16
Republican Cro 078 Rope jump true form icon Puppet cat tf Cro 154 Cro 201 Cro 379

Uni324 c00 382-2 icon 442 icon

Collaboration Cats
Cro 214 Cro 215 Cro 216 Cro 217 Cro 218 Cro 221 Epic15 Cro 277

Uni315 c00 Epic17 Epic18 Epic19 Epic20 Epic21 Epic22 Epic23 Epic24 Epic25 Epic26 Epic27 Epic28 Epic29 Epic30 Epic44 EpicJP52 EpicJP53 EpicJP54 EpicJP55 EpicJP56 EpicJP57 EpicJP58 EpicJP59 EpicJP60 EpicJP61 EpicJP62 EpicJP63 EpicJP64 EpicJP65 EpicJP66 EpicJP67 EpicJP68 EpicJP69 EpicJP70 EpicJP71 EpicJP72 EpicJP73 EpicJP74 EpicJP75 EpicJP76 EpicJP77 EpicJP78 EpicJP79 EpicJP80 EpicJP81 EpicJP82 EpicJP83 EpicJP84 EpicJP85 EpicJP86 EpicJP87 EpicJP88 EpicJP89 EpicJP90 EpicJP91 EpicJP92 EpicJP93EpicTW4 EpicTW5

Super rare left icon

Super Rare Cats
Cro 030 Epic Uni032 s00 KoTF Rich Bad Cat Aquacat Uni039 s00 Cro 040

Roe Cat Uni150 s00 Ringgirltrueform FOR WHOM GOLDS ARE Cro 153 Uni199 s00 Uni307 c00Cro 377

Cro 129 Cro 131 Cro 144 Cro 200
Cro 237 Cro 238 Cro 239

Minilegionicon1 Minilegionicon2 Minilegionicon3 Minilegionicon4 Minilegionicon5

Cro 228 Cro 276 Uni314 c00 Uni332 c00
Cro 091 Cro 092 Cro 093 Cro 094 Cro 095 Cro 096 Cro 097 Cro 098

Cro 099

Cro 260 Cro 267 Cro 284 Uni273 c00 Uni287 c00

Collaboration Cats
Cro 173 Cro 219 Cro 220Uni327 c00390-3 icon 391-3 icon 392-3 icon Epic32 Epic33 Epic34 Princesspuntthingtrueform Princesspuntbirdtrueform EpicJP96 EpicJP97 EpicJP98 EpicJP99 EpicJP100 334-3 icon EpicJP102 EpicJP103 EpicJP104 EpicJP105

Uber rare left icon

Uber Rare Cats
The Dynamites
Cro 042 Uni043 s00 Cro 044 Cro 057 Cro 059 JOY Uni427 c00
Tales of the Nekoluga
Cro 034 Uni168 s00 Uni169-3 s00 Cro 170172-3 iconUni240 s00 Epic35
Sengoku Wargods Vajiras
Cro 071 Cro 072 Epic2 Uni124 s00 Immortal Shingen Kenshin 158 338-3 icon
Cyber Academy Galaxy Gals
Cro 075Cro 076 Cro 105 Uni106 s00 Uni107 s00 Divine Kalisa352-2 icon
Lords of Destruction Dragon Emperors
Uni083 s00 Cro 084 Cro 085 Uni086 s00 Uni087 s00 Uni177 s00

396-2 icon

Ancient Heroes Ultra Souls
King Gamereon Ultra Power Cro 136 Cro 137 Cro 138 KAB Uni322 c00
Dark Heroes
Cro 194 Uni195 s00 Catmantrueform1 Grey Vixen Uni226 s00 Akuma Epic5
The Almighties
Cro 257 Cro 258 Cro 259 Splendid Amateratsu Icon Exalted Ganesha Icon Valiant Poseidon Icon HDkronos
Frontline Assault Iron Legion
Uni304 c00 Uni305 c00 Mighty Bomburr Case Uni355 c00 Sub-Ground
Girls&Monsters Angels of Terror
Uni334 c00Uni335 c00Uni336 c00 Deale Verbena
Nature's Guardians Elemental Pixies
Uni359 c00 Uni360 c00 Uni361 c00 Uni401 c00
Cro 229 Cro 230 Uni302 c00

Cro 241 Cro 242 Cro 243 Uni310 c00

Cro 274 Cro 275 Uni354 c00 HDsummerkuu
Uni330 c00Uni331 c00

Collaboration Cats
Cro 174 Cro 222 Cro 223 Cro 224 Cro 225 Uni326 c00 Epic36 Epic37 Epic38 Epic39 Epic40 Epic41 Epic42 Epic43 EpicJP107 EpicJP108 EpicJP109 EpicJP110 Princessshipicon3 EpicJP112 185-3 icon EpicJP114 EpicJP115 EpicJP116 345-3 icon EpicJP118 EpicJP119 EpicJP120 EpicJP121 EpicJP122 EpicJP123 EpicJP124 EpicJP125 EpicJP126 EpicJP127 Uni440 c00 EpicJP128 EpicJP129 EpicJP130 EpicJP131 EpicJP132 EpicJP133 EpicJP134 EpicJP135 EpicJP136
Cro 269 Uni318 c00 Uni380 c00

Cro 283 Uni286 c00 Uni397 c00
Uni333 c00Uni378 c00 Darkdartanyaniscool

Liilvalkenglish Evangelist cat icon

PC Exclusive
Uni902 c00 Uni903 c00 Mikan icon 2 Uni907 c Tiny man Something about odin PCwaifu2 This made me laugh Maid BCPCCollabicon Mimilan Pasalan Case Nouryou Natsu Mikan Icon BCPCairbusters2

Cf rainbow cat icon

Legend Rare Cats
Sengoku Wargods Vajiras
Cyber Academy Galaxy Gals
Lords of Destruction Dragon Emperors
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