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Cat Tower, Cat Cloud Tower (風雲にゃんこ塔) is an event stage added in update 6.2, it is associated with the Catnip Challenges feature. It is accessible in the Stories of Legend menu. After a period end, all progress made on this stage will reset, the player can replay the floors to get the same treasures again. Except for the last floor.

First schedule: July 14th to July 27th, 2017.
Cat Tower event stage

where the map is


About the Tower

The Cat Tower contains 30 stages, called floors (階), with enemies from Stories of Legend and enemies from Monthly events, Annual events, the Cyclones and Awakened Cats. After completing a floor for the first time, the player will receive gifts including Battle Items, Catamins, Tickets, Catfruits, Catfruit Seeds and Cateyes. The player will fight and receive Hermit Cat upon defeating it on the last floor, via the Catnip Challenge feature.

Floor Battlegrounds

  • Floor #1~4 are typical Empire of Cats stages.
  • Floor #6 is similar to Sangria River.
  • Floor #7 is a Zombie Outbreak-esque stage, Zombies have minimal magnification.
  • Floor #9 is Tapas Desert, with Assassin Bears as a time attack.
  • From Floor #10 onward, Monthly and Annual event enemies start to appear.
  • Floor #14 only includes Metal enemies.
  • Floor #15 features the Old Masters from the Old Guys About Town event, as well a Dober P.D.
  • Floor #16 is Broken Mask 2.0. NOTE: you must clear Into The Future Ch. 2 before you can attempt this level.
  • Floor #17 is an alternative Great Abyss.
  • Floor #18 is similar to Chapter 1's Zombie Outbreak, except that Zombies are not as weak.
  • Floor #19 is similar to Satan's Bedroom, but combines the first 2 boss waves into 1 all-out assault.

No Continues Allowed after this point:

List of Floors

Floor Enemies Energy Treasure Restriction.
1 Doge, Snache, Those Guys, Hippoe, Ms. Sign 40 Speed Up +1 N/A
2 Doge, Snache, Those Guys, Doge Dark, Ms. Sign 40 Cat CPU +1 N/A
3 B.B.Bunny, Sir Seal, Pigge, Heavenly Hippoe, Ms. Sign 40 Rich Cat +1 N/A
4 Doge, Croco, Jackie Peng, Gory, Mooth, Squire Rel, One Horn, Teacher Bear, Ms. Sign 40 Cat Jobs +1 N/A
5 Croco, Jackie Peng, Shibalien, Helmut Krabbe, Ms. Sign 80 Silver Ticket +1 N/A
6 Doge, B.B.Bunny, Squire Rel, Hippoe, Pigge, Metal Hippoe, St. Pigge the 2nd, Ms. Sign 80 Catamin A +5 N/A
7 Zoge, Znache, Zomboe, Zory, Croco, Kang Roo, Ms. Sign 80 Sniper Cat +2 N/A
8 Those Guys, Snache, Hippoe, Gory, Shy Boy, Ms. Sign 80 Catamin B +5 N/A
9 Assassin Bear, Doge Dark, Croco, Squire Rel, Those Guys, Master A., Ms. Sign 80 Treasure Radar +2 N/A
10 Doge, Those Guys, Squire Rel, Duche, Lucky Sloth, Martin, Sunny Celeboodle, Ms. Sign 120 Rare Ticket +1 N/A
11 Dark Emperor Nyandam, Pigge Back, B.B.Bunny, Lord Enma, Blitzen, Dark Emperor Santa, Ms. Sign 120 Catamin C +3 N/A
12 Sa-Bat, Drac-owl-la, Teacher Bun Bun, Ms. Sign 120 Green Seed +5 N/A
13 Samurai Doggy, St. Pigge the 2nd, Doge Dark, Shadow Boxer K, Gory Black, Gory Groom, Ms. Sign 120 Purple Seed +5 N/A
14 Metal Hippoe, Metal Doge, Metal One Horn, Super Metal Hippoe, Ms. Sign 120 Red Seed +5 N/A
15 Master Da Xun, Angelic Gory, Hermit Peng, Mighty Gui Zuli, Gabriel, Dober P.D, Ms. Sign 160 Silver Ticket +3 N/A
16 Angel Fanboy, Chickful A, Angelic Gory, Angelic Sleipnir, Sunfish Jones, Ms. Sign 160 Blue Seed +5 N/A
17 Shibalien, Kroxo, Maawth, Nimoy Bore, Scissoroo, Bun Bun Symbiote, Elder Sloth, Ms. Sign 160 Yellow Seed +5 N/A
18 Doge, Snache, The Face, Leggsy, Ecto Doge, Ecto Snache, Znache, Zoge, Lord Gravey, Ms. Sign 160 Green Catfruit +3 N/A
19 Gabriel, Angelic Sleipnir, Shy Boy, I.M. Phace, Metal Doge, Bore, Director Kurosawah, Bun Bun Black, Dark Otter, Ms. Sign 160 Purple Catfruit +3 N/A
20 Dancer Cat, Gato Amigo, Riceball Cat, Hyper Mr., Unicycle Cat, Ms. Sign 200 Rare Ticket +1 N/A
21 Those Guys, B.B.Bunny, Shy Boy, St. Pigge the 2nd, Capy, Blitzen, Red Cyclone, Ms. Sign 200 Red Catfruit +3 No Continue Allowed
22 Brollow, Flying Ninja Cat, Ms. Sign 200 Blue Catfruit +3 No Continue Allowed
23 Shibalien, I.M. Phace, Calamary, Alpacky, Pastry Cat, Ms. Sign 200 Yellow Catfruit +3 No Continue Allowed
24 Doge Dark, Dark Otter, Gory Black, Shadow Boxer K, Tackey, Le'noir, Dark Lazer, Ms. Sign 200 EX Eye +3 No Continue Allowed
25 Gory Black, Otta-smack-u, Mr. Angel, Heavy Assault C.A.T., Elizabeth the LVIth, Berserkory, Pigeon de Sable, Kory, Ms. Sign 200 Silver Ticket +5 No Continue Allowed
26 Heavenly Hippoe, Angelic Gory, Gabriel, Mr. Angel, Angelic Sleipnir, Divine Cyclone, Ms. Sign 200 RR Eye +3 No Continue Allowed
27 Sa-Bat, Skelecat, Znache, Zigge, Zang Roo, Lord Gravey, Miss Haka, Ms. Sign 200 SR Eye +3 No Continue Allowed
28 Metal One Horn, Metal Doge, Loincloth Cat, Super Metal Hippoe, Sir Metal Seal, Ms. Sign 200 UR Eye +3 No Continue Allowed
29 Brollow, Angelic Gory, Gory Black, Beefcake Cat, Professor A., Sir Seal, Doge Dark, Ms. Sign 200 Epic Catfruit +3 No Continue Allowed
30 Hermit Cat, Trolly Blogger, Ginger Snache, Doge Dark, Ms. Sign 200 Rare Ticket +3 No Continue Allowed


  • Spam to win works most of the time, with some exception.
  • Most of the bosses are unavoidable.

Recommended Cats

A list of all Cats the player should have in possession to go through all 30 floors.

Boss Skip/Speedrun

Even though on all stage, the player has to beat the bosses and peons supporting it to destroy the Base, on some floors, the Boss can be skipped.

  • Floor #25: Heavy Assault C.A.T. boss fight and Berserkoky can be skipped by using Cat Machine Mk3 to cancel shockwaves and reach the Enemy Base early, destroy it with A. Bahamut, duo Island and duo Jamiera.
  • Floor #30: Hermit Cat boss fight can be skipped by using Awakened Bahamut fly through its knocked back sprite and destroy the base. However, it requires precise timing and knockback.



  • July 14th, 2017 to July 27th, 2017 (first)


  • July 5th, 2017 - July 18th, 2017 (first)


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