Cat Food
Cat Food is the currency for in-app purchases. Cat Food is needed for using God Cat's services, refilling the energy, or restarting a battle. Cat Food can be converted into XP, and can also be used to buy power-ups to enhance gameplay. Certain Special Cats (except God Cat, collab. special cat and reward special cat) can only be bought with Cat Food. Cat Food can be obtained by Tapjoy offers, watching ads or buying them via in-app purchase. They can also be earned by getting stamps or through the events and Stories of Legend sub-chapters, as beating an event or sub-chapter for the first time will award 30 Cat Food.

Items purchasable using Cat Food

Item Cost
Continuing a Battle that has been lost 30 Cat Food
Refilling energy 30 Cat Food
Healing Oasis (God's Miracle) 5 cat Food
God Bless You (God's Miracle) 10 Cat Food
Wrath of God (God's Miracle) 20 Cat Food
Baby Boom (God's Miracle) 90 Cat Food
Speed up (x9) 50 Cat Food
Treasure Radar (x2) 90 Cat Food
Rich Cat (x7) 150 Cat Food
Cat CPU (x20) 180 Cat Food
Cat Jobs (x5) 300 Cat Food
Sniper The Cat (x3) 90 Cat Food
XP +50000 75 Cat Food
XP +120000 150 Cat Food
XP +400000 450 Cat Food
XP +1000000 900 Cat Food
XP +2000000 1500 Cat Food
Rare Cat Capsule (1 roll) 150 Cat Food

(30 if starter special)

Rare Cat Capsule (10+1 roll) 1500 cat food

(750 after starter special)

Unlocks Special Cat Varies
Buy slots to organize cats 90 cat food

Values for Cat Food per item

  • 1 Speed up ≈ 5.5555555555556 Cat Food.
  • 1 Treasure Radar = 45 Cat Food.
  • 1 Rich Cat ≈ 21.428571428571 Cat Food.
  • 1 Cat CPU = 9 Cat Food.
  • 1 Cat Jobs = 60 Cat Food.
  • 1 Sniper the Cat = 30 Cat Food.
  • For XP bundle +5000, 1 Cat Food ≈ 66.666666666667 XP.
  • For XP bundle +12000, 1 Cat Food ≈ 80 XP.
  • For XP bundle +40000, 1 Cat Food ≈ 88.888888888889 XP.
  • For XP bundle +100000, 1 Cat Food ≈ 111.11111111111 XP.
  • For XP bundle +200000, 1 Cat Food ≈ 133.33333333333 XP.
  • For 1 unit in Rare Cat Capsule (1 draw), 1 Cat Food ≈ 0.0066666666666667 units.

Cat Food sources

Source Amount Repeatable?
Buying from the store Varies Yes
Clearing an event or Stories of Legend sub-chapter 30 Cat Food No
Time Score Rewards Varies No
Tapjoy or Ads offers Varies Varies
Stamps Varies No
Random giveaways Varies No
Gamatoto Expedition's result Varies Yes
Checking new units in the Cat Guide 5 per unit No
Redeemable special or giftcode Varies No
Clearing a Zombie Outbreak stage 10 Cat Food No
Completing Catnip Challenges Varies No
(3DS Only) Obtaining a duplicate Treasure 1-3 Cat Food Yes
(3DS Only) Completing any stage for the first time

(amount depends on what chapter you're in)

1-3 Cat Food No
(3DS Only) Absolute random when completing a stage 5 Cat Food Yes
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