Cat Capsule (or Gacha (ガチャ) in the Japanese Version) is an area where the player can spend Normal Cat Tickets, Rare Cat Tickets, and Cat Food to obtain Cat Units and Ability Orbs. The rewards earned are then either immediately used, immediately exchanged for XP, or are saved in the Cat Storage to be used later.

Normal Cat Capsule

GatyaitemD 20 f

A Normal Cat Ticket

Each day, the player gets 1 Normal Cat Ticket. Those tickets can be used at any time to roll the Normal Cat Capsule. After rolling the Normal Cat Capsule, the player will get an upgrade (in the form of a blue orb) for a Normal Cat or the Base. Those upgrades are the only way to pass the level cap of 20, but the Base cannot exceed the total level of 30, and for a Normal Cat the cap is fixed by the user rank.

Normal Cat Tickets can also be obtained through Timed-scored stages, or by chance when completing a Cat Ticket Stage. Sometimes, PONOS grants the player with a Normal Cat Ticket.

The user can trade an orb with XP. A base orb can be exchanged for 5000 XP. Normal Cat Orbs can be exchanged depending on the cat. (For example, a Cat can be exchanged for 10000 XP, and a Titan Cat can be exchanged for 25000 XP.)

If any Base ability has already reached the total level of 30, the player can exchange the orbs in exceed for a Rare Cat Ticket (5 blue orbs = 1 Rare Cat Ticket).

Sometimes, there are Item Capsules, in them, you can get items & XP, here's a list of all Item Capsules : [WIP]

  • Item Capsules w/ Catamins

Rewards: XP: 50 K, 100 K; Catamins: Catamins A, B & C

  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

Rare Cat Capsule

Regular Gacha

GatyaitemD 21 f

A Rare Cat Ticket

From time to time, the player can get a Rare Cat Ticket (or Gold Ticket in the Japanese version), by purchasing it with cat food, trading 5 blue orbs or being granted by PONOS. Those tickets can be used at any time to roll the Rare Cat Capsule. After rolling the Rare Cat Capsule, the player will get a gacha Cat (Rare, Super Rare or Uber Rare). Most of the time, the rarity of the Cat fix their interval of cost (Uber Rare Cats' cost is usually over $3000, for example) and their powerfulness (you expect an Uber Rare Cat to be more essential than a Rare Cat). Thus, Uber Rare Cats are more lusted, but they also require more strategy to use them than Rare Cats.

Note: Saving Rare Cat Tickets doesn't give you an option for 11 rolls.

Uber Rare Cats you can get are fixed on a schedule. Usually, every two days, the pool of Uber Rare Cats change. Before spinning the Rare Cat Capsule, the player can see the actual pool. From time to time, additional Super Rare Cats are added.

If the player gets a gacha Cat he/she already has, he/she can use it as an upgrade for the same Cat. This is the only way to pass the maximum level cap of 30 (and using cat's eyes in v5.0).

Collaboration Gacha

During a Collaboration Event, the player could be invited to roll another pool, filled with new Cats inspired by the collaboration. This pool can have only Collaboration Cats or a combination of Collaboration Cats and regular gacha cats. The Collaboration Gacha was introduced during the Monster Hunter Collaboration Event in the Japanese Version, and the Survive! Mola Mola! Collaboration Event in the English Version.

Limited Gacha

This gacha follows the same rules than a Collaboration Gacha. This pool contains regular Uber Rare Cats with a new skin, a new ability and sometimes new stats.

Cost of the Rare Cat Capsule

Note: You can only purchase instant draws. Thus, you cannot purchase a discounted 11 Spins then save it for another pool... If you already have Rare Cat Tickets, you have to use them before purchasing single Spins.

1 Spin
  • Casual: 150 Cat Food
  • First Time Offer: 30 Cat Food
  • Discounted Offer: 120 Cat Food
11 Spins
  • Casual: 1500 Cat Food
  • First Time Offer: 750 Cat Food
  • Discounted Offer: 1200 Cat Food

Platinum Gacha

The Platinum Gacha is an uncommon Cat Capsule that only appears for a short period of time. It requires Platinum Tickets to spin, which can be obtained by buying with real money. This capsule will always drop Uber Rare Cats. After each spin, the player will be rewarded with 100 Cat Food and 100,000 XP.

Event Capsule

GatyaitemD 22 f

A Lucky Ticket

Event Capsule first introduced during the New Year's event from 1st January 2016 to 9th January 2016. Throughout this event, the player can receive some Lucky Tickets, each time he/she uses a Rare Cat Ticket, from completing Time Scored Stages or by being granted by PONOS. Those tickets can be used at any time during the event to roll the Event Capsule. After rolling the Rare Cat Capsule, the player will get a power-up (including Treasure Radars), some XP, or tiny versions of the Normal Cats, called Li'l Cats


Exchange to XP

Mobile version Nintendo 3DS version
Orbs Varies ?
Normal Cats Varies ?
Special Cats N/A
Rare Cats 112,500 XP 15,000 XP
Super Rare Cats 475,000 XP

(999,999 XP for Gold Cat)

(777,777 XP for Metal Cat)

95,000 XP
Uber Rare Cats 1,000,000 XP 480,000 XP


  • If you have more than 99 Tickets saved up in any capsule, the ticket number displayed above the capsule says 99+. However, it still counts the other tickets and displays your actual number when you're in the capsule draw menu.

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