Body & Soul is the 27th sub-chapter in the Stories of Legend. This level has 8 stages.

New Features

This level features one new enemy:

  • Mr. Mole, an uber-long distance attacker with a great deal of health, and the ability to knock back Cats.


Stage 27-1: Sunset's Howl. Has three Berserkories spawning.

Stage 27-2: Gestalt, Decay. Multiple Scissoroos and a chaotic amount of Shadow Boxer K's with strong peons.

Stage 27-3: Warrior's Dawn. An exact remake of Chapter 3 Moon from the original "Battle Cats" game, but with much higher strength magnifications.

Stage 27-4: Cursed Blizzards. Begins with Elder Sloth (Alien) and THE SLOTH. If you do not win fast enough, 20 more Elder Sloths will spawn.

Stage 27-5: Sign of the Cat. Alpacky as the boss and infinite Calamaries, with a couple Cyberhorns as peons.

Stage 27-6: Out of Despair. Just Capy rushing.

Stage 27-7: Metabolic Syndrome. All of The Great Abyss Bosses from ItF.

Stage 27-8: Love and Death. 5 Bores and the new enemy, Mr. Mole.

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