• Ka$aJ1zo

    Who else agrees we need new ways to deal with trolls, i request a report button at the end of someones comment they make, and then there are a list of admins that you can click to send them that comment. When the admin reads it. It will show all edits they have made to it. Its more of a quicker way to deal with trolls. 

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  • Mighty98322

    My idea for multiplayer: There would be two players, each controlling one side. The players would keep their base stats, recharge upgrades, money upgrades, and treasures. One player would control the Battle Cats, and the other would control the enemies, using enemies they have fought. The enemies would have different strengths to even things out (example: slow red, strong against black, etc.) and the cats would be assigned colors. (Example: Valkyrie cat = angel/floating, crazed cats = black, etc.) The player controlling the enemies would choose where the battle takes place (Korea, The Moon, The Great Abyss, etc.) from where they have fought.

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  • TornanLess

    Bahamut cat

    April 5, 2018 by TornanLess
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  • ThatGuyMichael

    I JUST LOVE BATTLE CATS! I WANNA MARRY IT! (ok, maybe not marry it)


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  • SkitSkit

    Alittle help?

    March 24, 2018 by SkitSkit

    So currently I am on chapter three of empire of cats and I have just reached the moon not to long ago (About a day or so ago) buuuut sadly I am currently stuck. I do know it is recomended to have 100% treasures on all chapters and to have all cats at level 20 but I don't really want to spend days grinding if there is a faster way to beat bun bun. This is what I currently have.

    Lv20 +1 Macho cat.  Lv20 +2 Wall cat.  Lv15 +1 Brave cat.  Lv20 +2 Sexy legs cat.  Lv16 +3 Giraffe cat.  

    Lv10 +2 UFO cat.  Lv13 +2 whale cat.  Lv20 Dragon cat.  Lv18 +1 Mythical titan cat.  Lv6 Valkyrie cat.  Lv1 +1 Pogo cat.

    Lv13 Paris cat.  Lv10 Magica cat.  Lv2 Kotatsu cat.  Lv4 Raiden.  Lv1 Dioramos.


    100% Energy drink.  66% Giant safe.  100% Relativity clock.  66%…

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  • CaiDampier2

    gamatoto level 94

    March 7, 2018 by CaiDampier2
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  • DrewSnake

    Testo Presto

    March 5, 2018 by DrewSnake

    Swamp of Sacrifice - Battle Info

    | no}}

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  • DrewSnake

    Middle Sea

    March 4, 2018 by DrewSnake

    Middle Sea is the 2nd stage of Quaver Quietus, the 50th sub-chapter of Stories of Legend. It's the debut stage for the new enemy, Charfin.

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  • BattleCatsN00B1234

    Fish Tank

    March 4, 2018 by BattleCatsN00B1234

    Fish Tank is the 2nd level of Sunfishes out of Water, the 49th level in the Stories of Legend.

    In Fish Tank, there is a new enemy called the Salmone, a red variant of Sunfish Jones.

    When you begin the level, a Tackey(200%) comes out of the base, followed by Gory Black(100%) as a meatshield. You can use Jizo to easily kill them. After 30 seconds, a Spacefish Jones comes out of the base, along with a Hackey(100%). After 2 minutes, an Assassin Bear(100%) will appear. Destroy him with Cat Cannon. Once you hit the base, Salmone will come out as a boss. Salmone has the same range as sunfish jones, with a bit less health and a bit more attack.

    This is a deadly stage. This stage can be played up to 2 stars.

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  • DrewSnake

    Fort Tissimo

    March 4, 2018 by DrewSnake

    Fort Tissimo is the 1st stage of Quaver Quietus, the 50th subchapter of Stories of Legend. It contains Hackey, Henry, Ginger Snaches, and one strong Wall Doge.

    At the beginning, a Wall Doge with a whopping 1,333,332 health spawns. 5 seconds later, Henry spawns. 5 more seconds later, 2 Ginger Snaches spawn every 4 seconds. 6 seconds later, the boss, Hackey, spawns. After that, nothing else spawns.

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  • BattleCatsN00B1234

    Sunfishes out of Water is the 49th subchapter in SoL.

    This is a insane to merciless difficulty chapter.

    The levels include: -Fishbowl of Death -Fish Tank -O' Destructive Ocean -Tackey's Spiked Frenzy -Black Fish Blue Fish -Boned Angels

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  • DrewSnake

    Quaver Quietus

    March 4, 2018 by DrewSnake

    Quaver Quietus is the 50th subchapter of Stories of Legend. It was added in version n and is available in ★ difficulty.


    This sub-chapter introduces n enemies:

    • Charfin: A enemy that can slow Cats and increase its attack power when its health is at 50%.
    • Tâche: White variant of Tackey that can slow Cats. Has more attack, but less health and smaller attack radius.

    This subchapter contains 6 stages.

    • Stage 50-1: Fort Tissimo - Hackey and Henry are protected by one strong Wall Doge along with groups of Ginger Snaches.
    • Stage 50-2: Middle Sea -
    • Stage 50-3: Yamaha Base -
    • Stage 50-4: Dischordination -
    • Stage 50-5: Faierie's Aire -
    • Stage 50-6: Death Waltz -
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  • Moon951

    Questions on good cat slots

    February 23, 2018 by Moon951

    So im pretty early game ( chapter 1 of the Into The Future) and id like to get some ideas for new cat slots to use since what im using at the moment isnt working out anymore. my list of cats goes as follows:

    Rare cats:

    Masai cat

    Jurrasic sister cat

    Viking cat

    Monk cat

    Fisherman cat\Necromancer cat

    Sorceress cat

    Cupid cat

    Sword master cat

    Cat eastwood

    Plane cat

    Artist cat

    Magica cat


    Rover cat mk ll

    Sick cat

    Gentleman cat


    All Rare cats from the PowerPro Baseball collab event

    Super Rare:

    Face cat

    Sexy bathtub cat

    Uber Super Rare:

    Breserker cat

    Coppermine type k


    Exhalted ganesha

    Special cats:

    Ninja frog cat

    Knight cat

    Devil cat

    Cat gang

    Samba cat

    Bondage catNEO


    BIker cat

    Tights cat

    Leaf cat

    Super Mr.

    Miss MONEKO

    Brah cats

    Cooldown cat

    Value me…

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  • IAmNepNep

    Sexiest battle cat?

    February 18, 2018 by IAmNepNep

    Who is the hottest battle cat

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  • Newnovan69

    Release d?

    February 14, 2018 by Newnovan69 I am very hyped by the Pc version because recently new uber cats were revealed, does anyone know Japanese?

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  • TheSimpleCat

    Hi! this is a Guide for The Challenge Mode if you haven't beaten the 3rd Moon.

    Now, you will need:

    Every Base "Thing" on Level 20 Exepet The Cat Cannon Attack (if you preffer so, it can be 20)

    Cat at 20, Wall Cat also on 20 and Titan on 20

    At Least 1 Uber at 10 or more

    Phantom Theif Cat, Necromancer Cat, Sexy Bath Cat and any MeatShield(if desiered)

    Chapter 1 Treasures On Full and some other Treasures from the other chapters

    Now you will do like so:

    Firstly, Upgrade Your Worker Cat. Keep Upgrading him until there are 3 Squires Rel in your base.

    Afterwords, you should have the Worker Cat at level 5,6 or 7. put out a Phantom Theif Cat and wait.

    When He gets To The Enemy Base, dont panic or freak out! The "Boss" Dosen't Comes Out Right Away.

    Some Kang R…

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  • Bahamut a.

    Hey Shawn Scarface! Can you give me the link to the Cats of the Cosmos chat please? I lost the link since people stopped talking on there. I'm trying to get a good quality picture of Bazibon. Or anyone else who has recently chatted on the BCJP update 6.7.0., please give me the link. Just so you get what I mean, the first thing that pops up on the chat is a picture of a Manic Eraser getting warped. This is not a chat. I just need the link.

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  • CaiDampier2


    January 15, 2018 by CaiDampier2

    meme lol

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  • CaiDampier2

    hacker true form

    January 15, 2018 by CaiDampier2

    hacker cats true form apperance

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  • DimetrodongoldAlt

    As you may have noticed, there are a few new templates meant for cat unit articles. I think these were added one or two months ago. I personally find them to be glitchy, confusing, and just plain unnecessary. What was wrong with the old upgrading cost template? Why do we need to mention the unit's cost in the stats section when there's already a perfectly good cost section in the rest of the article? Why did the appearance template have to be combined with an attainability section? How come certain sections keep getting replaced with placeholder text in curly brackets? But hey, that's just me.

    Anyways, what do you think of them? Here they are in all their glory.

    New upgrading cost template:

    New stats template:

    New appearance/attainability temp…

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  • Sebieripper

    How do I change my profile picture lol

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  • DimetrodongoldAlt


    December 22, 2017 by DimetrodongoldAlt
    does. That could be fairly useful. Read more >
  • Hamstermer

    I've noticed that many of the Lil Cat strategies on YouTube require Zamboney cat. As such, I would like to know if there are any alternative strategies for these stages (namely Lil' Eraser)

    Thanks :)

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  • DimetrodongoldAlt

    An idea

    November 27, 2017 by DimetrodongoldAlt

    What if, instead of listing an enemy's first appearance overall, we list its first appearance in each saga + SoL? So for example, the Doge infobox would be like this:

    A lot of Stories of Legend enemies appear in ItF and CotC, which means that many players encounter them in the Main Chapters before they encounter them in SoL. An example is Gabriel, which first appeared in Wrath of Heaven when it was added to the game, but can be encountered as early as King of Freedom in SoL, Madagascar in Into the Future and Catseye Nebula in CotC.

    What do you think?

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  • DrewSnake


    November 23, 2017 by DrewSnake

    • Rocker (Ramen) Cat
    Very tanky, good for most situations except hordes of black enemies.
    • Mighty Rekon Korps
    Really good DPS and all around attacker. Wish I had it.
    • Mekako Saionji
    Great tank. Good all around. There are a few enemies I with it could defeat, but okay.
    • Salon (Paris) Cat
    Great area attacker. HUGE damage when stacked.
    • Surfer (Seafarer) Cat
    Great anti-alien cat and more!
    • Marinmizu
    Like a CotC version for Mission Mekako minus the tanky health.
    • Dark Mitama
    Pretty nice! R. Osts aren't much of a threat, unless B O O S T E D.
    • Manic Island Cat
    Very good! A cost-efficient cat.

    Bold means it has been TF'd. Underlining means hypermaxed.

    Normal Level Notes
    Mohawk Cat 20 (+13) Didn't get TF first out of Cat Units.
    Eraser Cat 20 (+10) Finally! Extremely rare.
    Dark Ca…

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  • DrewSnake


    November 23, 2017 by DrewSnake

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  • DrewSnake


    November 23, 2017 by DrewSnake

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  • Hoioidoi


    November 23, 2017 by Hoioidoi

    hope this works

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  • DimetrodongoldAlt

    CotC stage template

    November 21, 2017 by DimetrodongoldAlt

    Level name (Japanese level name in the Japanese version) is the Xth stage of Cats of the Cosmos.

    Only X cats can Y in Z.

    Level format



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  • Hamstermer

    In Loving Memory

    November 21, 2017 by Hamstermer

    Here, you post an "In Memory" of a unit you used that met a tragic death but either screwed up your entire strategy or saved, or somewhere in between.

    In Memory of the Mohawk Cat that was already kockedback in the Monday Blitz stage and let my other meatshields reach my Ururun before Bun Bun could kill her.

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  • DimetrodongoldAlt

    Unneeded articles

    November 17, 2017 by DimetrodongoldAlt

    Earth (Earth (Cats of the Cosmos) already exists)

    Mars (Mars (Cats of the Cosmos) already exists)

    Catseye Nebula (Catseye Nebula (Cats of the Cosmos) already exists)

    Death By Dada (Death by Dada already exists)

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  • XxVaultxX

    Can’t get free catfood

    November 16, 2017 by XxVaultxX

    Is it normal that I can’t do offers in catfood shop? (I use an IPad with ios11)It always says “currently unavailable”

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  • DrewSnake

    NextBattleCat Winners

    November 10, 2017 by DrewSnake


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  • DimetrodongoldAlt

    If not, well, that's fine with me.

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  • Fredy-san

    Title says it all. Just look at front page of our Wiki below the welcome text.

    I wonder....

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  • Osterniferous



    limit restrictions · rare · super rare · uber super rare

    ---- 50

    XP + 1,300

    Castle HP
    ---- 70,000

    Stage width
    ---- 3,600

    Max Enemies
    ---- Ten


    Treasure: Martian (火星人)



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  • Osterniferous

    Elite Shiba (エリートエイリワン) is an enemy that appears in Space chapter.



    Encyclopedia entry. translation

    銀河大学では最年少でワープ攻撃を習得し、 ライバルたちを次々と跳ねのけてきたが、 就職活動というトンネルから抜け出せない。

    Space Class One Elite Shiny Shining Star.

    At the Milky Way University, he was the youngest woman to master the warp attack and bounced his rivals one after the other, but he can not escape from the tunnel as a job hunting activity. (?)

    *In each stage, there is strength magnification, the value of health and attack power varies because of this.
    *Time between attacks is the time of the attack motion end until the next attack motion start.

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  • Osterniferous

    The Earth (地球, ??? in Japanase) is the first stage of the Space Chapter.

    A Dagshund appears after 1 second the stage starts, then another one appears after a couple of seconds. The third Dagshund will come with the boss, Elite Eliewan.

    Chapter 1

    • Dagshund (50%) HP: 30000 ATT: 1500
    • Elite Eliewan (100%) HP: 77000 ATT: 5500
    • Ms. Sign (100%) HP: 10000 HP ATT: 1

    Chapter 2

    •  ?

    Chapter 3

    •  ?


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  • DrewSnake
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  • Cosmic Galaxy777
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  • Xvenom10

    Yay! 100!

    October 18, 2017 by Xvenom10

    I've done 100 things, Probably gonna do more

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  • Xvenom10

    Worst cat?

    October 12, 2017 by Xvenom10

    What is THE true worst cat in the game?

    Here are a few starters:

    Archer cat, Pikotaro, fungus, white cat, Killer cat

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  • Basic Cat


    September 25, 2017 by Basic Cat

    Anyone agree?

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  • Wowimshit


    September 17, 2017 by Wowimshit

    ==sorryWowimshit (talk) 22:38, September 17, 2017 (UTC)

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  • CaiDampier2

    Catburger TF

    September 13, 2017 by CaiDampier2

    Here is the little selct unit preview of Catburgers true form

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  • CaiDampier2

    Cat Burger True Form

    September 13, 2017 by CaiDampier2

    Heres cat burgers true form Value Meal Cat

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  • Nightowlofnotofdoom

    I'm currently stumpted at what to do because there is a lot of options.

    I'm currently at 1795 user rank.

    I have beaten itf chapter 3 and have got almost all of the treasures waiting for fest on the 5th.

    I have 6 ubers aphrodite, tecoluga, mekako tf, lesser demon, momotaro and mighty drednot. All decently leveled.

    I'm up to dead end night in sol.

    I have all the crazed cats. I'm considering trying manic eraser because of tecoluga.

    I have done most zombie outbreaks (only a few chapter 3 outbreaks to go).

    I only have 5 basic cats tf my highest being macho leg which is +14 and my abilities are all +5-+10.

    What should I focuse on? Getting li'l nyandam, getting xp, treasures, basic cats to a higher level or any other suggestions.

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  • Doodleblah

    As the title says, just looking for some good youtubers that play this game well.

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  • Sungj

    Advice for a new player

    August 20, 2017 by Sungj

    Hey guys, I've been playing for a few days and I was just wondering if anybody has any advice on the most efficient way to progress, what chapters to focus on and just general information on who level up, where to use XP etc. As a reference point I have all basic cats at level 10, all extra upgrades ( cats wallet, cat energy etc) at level 10, 1 uber (Uesugi Kenshin) at level 9 and a plethora or rare and super rare cats. Any tips would be appreciated as I can see this game is a long grind kind of game and I'd hate to waste resources and time from mismanaging my early gameplay. Thanks :)

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  • CaiDampier2

    Summer Gory

    August 18, 2017 by CaiDampier2

    I have the picture of Summer Gory ready for the wiki article

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