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  • Tbcp

    Here are some enemy ideas:

    And a weird cat: You get the cat by beating Doge's Revenge, which is the event subchapter I made.

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  • Tbcp

    Doge's Revenge is an event that I made up. Beating the last stage of it unlocks the cat unit Doge and introduces a new type of enemy and three new enemies.

    • This event currently doesn't exist.

    English Version Japanese Version Difficulty
    Stage 1 Earth's Robot 地球のロボット Deadly
    Stage 2 There Are Bunnies on the Moon 月の上で兎をいます Deadly
    Stage 3 Doge is Deadly わんこ致死 Deadly
    • This is the only event with only Deadly stages (excluding one-stage events or BCJP only events).
    • I did the translation myself.

    • The 26th day of each month
    • March 22 (11:00:00 am) - March 25 (11:59:59 pm) every year
    • The first day they implement this event into the game to a week after that day

    4/24/2017 at 7:50 PM

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  • Tbcp

    Doge's Revenge

    April 25, 2017 by Tbcp
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  • Tbcp

    My enemy ideas

    April 24, 2017 by Tbcp
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  • FilthyBones

    With only 1500 Cat Food + 14 tickets...

    Okay... I'm way too lucky with the gacha...

    I'm happy but I feel like I don't deserve it hahaha

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  • NikroLies

    I am trying to win a stage and I am dying every try I do. That stage gives a Metal Hippoe (easy to kill) and like 3 or 5 Angel Hippoes and Gabriels (Angel Hippoes destroy me). What I use in my loadout is: Macho, Samba, Wall, Macho legs, Sniper (limited), Castaway, Li'l and normal Dragon, Bahamut and Mighty Drednot (not using evolved form cause of FPS drops), I need help for this stage, it's really hard for me and I wanna finish that stage, so I can finish ch. 1 ITF (Into The Future).

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  • Nightmare TJ

    Today i tried to get on battle cats and it said that I had violated the license agreement. I do not know what that could mean because i haven't hacked or glitched tthe game in any way(as far as I know). If anybody can think of a reason I've been banned could you please tell me?

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  • Dragonlord0007

    I've recently started playing this game again, and that means coming back to wikia!

    Love you guys all so much, jsut lazy af, so thats why I disappear for months on end.

    Don't have as much work now due to injury, so more free time. Also school holidays.

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  • Fredy-san

    It is one of the page I am currently working on. It is another game I usually playing now other than Battlecats. Currently building the wikia by myself. Still importing the data from JP wikia.

    The table is also an experiment I made. It shares the same concept like current BattleCats wikia's Enemy Dictionary page; You got some kinds of clickable switch which changed the data displayed in the table. But it does not shares the same structure though. Our enemy dictionary is utilizing tabber function to do the job while that unit table I am experimenting is using links instead. Means I can put the links anywhere I like and I even could link certain parts of the table directly, for example:


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  • Cosmic Galaxy777

    Some game

    March 5, 2017 by Cosmic Galaxy777

    What's this game in the picture called? 

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  • Zombie jotuc

    HELP i cant kill bunbun!

    February 16, 2017 by Zombie jotuc

    plz can somebody help me figure out how to kill bunbun i have no uber cats 

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  • Pikboy


    February 16, 2017 by Pikboy

    CAT lineup strategies for the great abyss chapter 1 for cat cpu plx

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  • Fredy-san

    With recent numbers of vandalism made by new unverified users, right now I going to put down one thing in my own rulesbook: Users with red names or less than 10 content quality edits who intentionally doing vandalism will now be blocked immediatelly the moment I spot them if they are not reverting the damage done in less than 5 minutes. The reversion only allowed once so you will still be blocked on the second time (but still less than normal block).

    For non-intentional vandalism such as creating wrong page out of a good deed like strategies or whatsoever but under wrong area, small typo accident or errors, accidental deletion (usually happens to template due to it only appears as a puzzle block in visual edits) or the likes will still be l…

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  • Fgsk

    An Enemy Making Place

    February 12, 2017 by Fgsk

    Just make enemies . All the enemies you wanna make in this.

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  • Pikboy

    Help i need garenteed win for chapter 3 moon with cat cpu

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  • Sharkyboy452

    I think it is archer

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  • Dogsome

    Day 55

    February 2, 2017 by Dogsome

    WHERE DID ALL THE PAGES GO?! (sigh) that bully Hacker Cat took them and showed them to the whole school, I guess. I can tell because people laugh at me now. Oh yeah, BTW, let's catch up. Well, I passed! Well, my expedition leader is mean and keeps 75% of all the EXP and CatFood to himself. I still can't afford a place to stay in the Cat Tower. I am promoted from normal expedition to expedition and powerup! In an expedition, if there is a Digger Cat Powerup found, I wait in the Cat Tower until the !@#$%^ uses me in battle. I choose a random distance to did, and instead of the cats spawning all the way at the beginning, 15 can go through the tunnel! Then I have to go back to the caves. The Cat Tower is nice though. Its really big on the insi…

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  • Fredy-san

    My Phone Broke

    January 21, 2017 by Fredy-san

    Title said, my phone LG G2 falls off from my pants pocket (about 1.2 meter height) with a slight added force, hit the floor on edge corner and pretty much broken (Screen shattered, touchscreen not working)

    Planning to buy new phone soon enough. Aiming to buy Xiaomi Note 4 (the one with mediatek 10-core and 3 GB ram / 64 GB rom) perhaps in this week. Atm I have put my sim into one of my older android which I haven't used in long time. So no playing any Andro games for me which including BattleCats. Only calls, messages, LINE and whatsapps.

    The good thing is since my phone is rooted then I can pull in my game data without opening the phone at all using androidcast and adb shell. But I still would need to root my new phone later. So it means I …

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  • TheCrazedCatGamer

    why do i do this

    January 19, 2017 by TheCrazedCatGamer

                  this is what you make at 1:00 at night

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  • Gomask2000

    Cat ideas!

    January 11, 2017 by Gomask2000

    So cat idea post hooray lets make some ideas i guess... (my mind is curently blank)

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  • MazcraftTheError

    I'm making papercrafts (and currently am) for these characters I love so much! Link here: 

    So far I've got: The normal cat's 3 eveolutions.

    The axe cat's first 2 eveolutions.

    The crazed normal cat's 3 eveolutions 

    The first 2 crazed axe cat evolutions

    The golden cat's 2 eveolutions 

    and finally the tank cat. 

    The next? Well that's to the people.

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  • Heliskyoh

    When i type the blog's title, it publish automatically, so i have to create a new one.

    Life is so easy, i started a new game on my broken Android device, the same phone that i lost everything (unless i can gain money from ads, i'd probably buy a new one). My beginner Gacha Cat is Viking Cat.

    Up to now, I've restarted the game 8 times, this is the 3rd time i got it.

    (don't blame me for my bad grammar)

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  • Mi'Qualov


    December 17, 2016 by Mi'Qualov

    Life is so hard...I started a new save on my iPhone and got Kasa Jizo...

    I'm having flashbacks of when I got The White Rabbit on my first rare cat capsule on my iPad.

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  • Fredy-san

    I am Retiring

    December 11, 2016 by Fredy-san

    From BCKR and BCTW. Too much other apps in my phone atm and seems like there aren't many other specialized units anyway. We now got a BCTW contributor too and I hope we could have someone who want to contribute for BCKR stuffs.

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  • Dogsome

    Day 2

    December 9, 2016 by Dogsome

    I am in school right now, even though the teacher is at the other side of class, I got to make this quick. GAMATOTO hired me and is making me take expidition school. We are on devices that connect to internet, making me blog easier. I am slowly ranking up and am nervous that if the teacher catches me doing this blog, she will derank me. I gotta go.

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  • Dogsome

    Day 1

    December 8, 2016 by Dogsome

    Hello. I am the Digger cat. I am what seems to be in a mine. It is dark and filled with extraordinary treasures. I would take it all, if i weren't lost, confused, hungry, tired, and prohibited to be in this mine. The GAMATOTO didn't allow me in here, but I went anyways to prove myself. I REGIT THAT! I am going to die.

    2 hours later,

    Yum, that littered catfood filled me with energy and have claimed 35,487 XP, 2 CPUs, 3 Speed Ups, 2 Sniper the Cats, 5 Rich Cats, and 11 EX Cateyes, 23 Rare Cateyes, and finally 5 Super Rare Cateyes. GAMATOTO will be happy to see this.

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  • Mi'Qualov


    November 27, 2016 by Mi'Qualov
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  • Dreamy Cat

    My Own Wiki

    November 4, 2016 by Dreamy Cat

    This is the link:

    Purpose of my wiki:Put all those really hard games from internet and from VideoGame consoles in just 1 page.

    Why i posted this here:Yolo

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  • Dreamy Cat

    Quick introduction: One day,i was in teletubbieland my home,watching some dank memes until i saw a BC.exe file.I downladed it,and when i opened it,some portal appeared and dragged me in.A jumpscare appeared later,but since i was already dragged in the portal,i only heard the scream.I saw down and i realized i was in the stratosphere.I fell down,collided to earth,and Ded survived thanks to Twilight Sparkle's some sort of magic crap.After all of that u r ded thing,i saw myself,and realized that i became a cat.Mah dream finally became true :D!After becoming a cat,i did some crap stuff every cat does,like eating stuff,stealing people's sandwiches,keep meowing until cat haters exploded in rage,humping da scatching posts,and asking for headpats.Looking…

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  • Dreamy Cat

    Sweet Punishment

    October 27, 2016 by Dreamy Cat

    A chapter with no fan-made enemies.

    5 Snaches are spawned at the stage's start,and they get replaced when defeated.3 Shy Boys are also spawned at the start of the stage.1 Minute later,2 Dober P.D appear,and a 20 seconds later,4 Two Cans will support them.When you hit the base,3 THE SLOTH are spawned,along with SMH.Mooth will also be spawned to provide money to the player.When the base HP is lower than half,Teacher Bun Bun appears,supported by 3 more Shy Boys.

    At the start,spam Eraser Cats and Crazed Walls in order to stall the Shy Boys until you get some money.After you have enough money,spam strong anti-red ubers (Massive damage ubers like Thundia are recommended to one-shot kill the shy boys (If your uber has enough level)),if you don't ha…

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  • Dreamy Cat

    My own chapter 4

    October 27, 2016 by Dreamy Cat

    All this crap is fan-made,so you'll never see it in BC,not even in the game's codes.It's called MAH OWN CHAPTER 4 cuz it is the 4th blog i make like this,not cuz i think of adding this as a 4th chapter in a BC fangame...

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  • Dreamy Cat

    Random Fan-Made Crap

    October 25, 2016 by Dreamy Cat

    Im bored and i made this.

    At the start,OVER 9000 Firework Guys appear(They are a piece of shit,since 1 hit kills them).When the base is hit,The Perfect Cyclone appears(No boss shockwave),with 50 Jackie Pengs.Jackie Peng is spawned every second.

    Cat Base Mini is useful.His shockwave can destroy the Jackie Pengs if he has enough level.Put lots of cats to protect him,since the Jackie Pengs can knock him back,and due to The Perfect Cyclone Magnification,he can one-shot kill everything,so spawning short-ranged cats after The Perfect Cyclone appears is useless.

    Spaghetti Cat info:

    Normal Description:Too fat to move.Never reaches in time,but watches videos of his favorite youtubers the instant they are uploaded.Needs to be protected due to low HP.Slo…

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  • Dreamy Cat

    Made-up Cat Gacha Set:Cosmic Darkness!This mighty cat capsule can only be unlocked after passing 'Traveling Through Difficulties(Inasanely Insane),see custom chapter 3 for details of that level,and also from Demon and Futuristic enemies.'.

    Space Voyager(Rare)
    Cosmos Nova(Uber Supah Rare)(You have 1% chance pf getting this cat,not 3% like the other ubers)
    Lil'star(Super Rare)
    Space Dragon(Uber Supah Rare)
    Baby Space Dragon(Super Rare)
    AstroCat(Super Rare)
    Dark Star(Uber Supah Rare)
    Dank Cat(Super Rare)
    C-2064-AT(Uber Supah Rare)
    Meowshroom(Uber Supah Rare)
    Alien Cat(Rare)
    Futurist Cat(Super Rare)
    Robot Cat(Super Rare)
    ERR0R CAT(Super Rare)
    Rin(Uber Supah Rare)
    Sakenia(Uber Supah Rare)
    Dream Cat(Super Rare)
    Kotaro(Uber Supah Rare)
    KYB(Uber Supah Rare)(Unlike a…

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  • Dreamy Cat

    Custom Chapter 3 - Blog

    October 21, 2016 by Dreamy Cat

    My crappy 3rd chapter.Featuring more levels,and remembering previous difficulties...Also introducing demonic enemies,the counterpart of angels.These enemies are extremely annoying,since they have area attack,long range (Demonic Doge is the demonic enemy with the shortest range,having a range of 200),and special abilities.Also,Anti-Angel cats's skills make the opposite effect on them (Examples:Massive damage against angels,deals 3x damage against angels,but deals 1/3 damage to demon enemies,Slow angel enemies,slows angels,but doubles demon enemies speed).Also,you earn a small amount of cash when beating them.Also featuring enemies from the Cyber age (Future).Future enemies can warp directly from their actual position,to the range of attacki…

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  • Dreamy Cat

    Custom Chapter 2 - Blog

    October 21, 2016 by Dreamy Cat

    Blog featuring my second,spaceship-busting chapter,once uploaded in Ideas Site.Modified some stages(Remade stage 4),and also a new ability:DEF reduction.Once a unit defense is reduced,this unit receives higher damage from enemy attacks(The damage increased depends on the % of DEF reduced).Adding more aliens here.

    Dober P.D is spawned at the very beginning.Sleepy Cat and Cavalier appear as peons.Starship 2.0,Calamary and The Face appear as support.Ultimate boulder appears later(3 of them,they wont appear in later combat).10 lucky boxes appear every minute,along with Maniac Island.After the base receives a hit,Soul Reaper appears as a boss.When the base HP is halved (7,500,000),Lightning appears as the level's boss,with Shikato and 3 Celestia…

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  • Dreamy Cat

    Custom Chapter 1 - Blog

    October 20, 2016 by Dreamy Cat

    In order to allow users to publish better their ideas in my site,i'll delete mines from My Ideas Site and let the page only for other users.

    At the start of the level,a crab appears.Nothing else appears until you hit the base.After the base receives a hit,A small wave of starship 1.0 appears,ended with the apparition of Mr.Angel,another crab and starship 2.0 as the first boss,leaving a shockwave.After that,when enemy base's HP reaches 500,000,Olympic Boulder appears as another boss along with Ultimate Boulder.And at 25,000 HP,Shikato appears as a third boss,along with Racing Wall and a small wave or crabs.After beating them,a huge wave or Mr.angel appears.Nothing else appears after that more than small waves of crabs every minute.

    PS:Crab is…

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  • Fredy-san

    Eh don't worry. I am still here patrolling the wikia edits. In fact, I still play BattleCats. I just got cleared all the maniac (Crazed) stages in SoL so now it is time for me to unlock the maniac TF legitly which means another month of playing hurr hurr hurr. That is if I not miss any too, if I missed even one TF, thats another month :cry_cry_emo:

    As for others like Heli, Filthy and all ur moderators, they also still active but there is nothing much to do. But once monthly BC update which perhaps coming in just few days or a week more (if according to usual) then you will see us coming back in boom. Oh btw, the wikia is missing the air busters gacha event page T_T Well, thats something to do.

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  • FilthyBones

    Random personal note

    October 1, 2016 by FilthyBones

    Don't know where to start, well. I'm in a really bad mood for weeks and I can't manage the task of being a moderator here anymore. I will still finish the portal template (propper gradients and icons), but then I will probably leave for a long time at least. Sorry for the disappointment, hope you will all doing well. Goodbye.

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  • CatStudent

    I appreciate the information I needed to understand some levels and let me enter this wikia I know it will continue to expand and increase their quality.

    Everything that begins has an end and I deicido leave this wikia for an indefinite time but just thank you very much.

    Bye.........................            Purple Enemies coming soon.....

                                                                                                               CatStudent   24 of september of 2016

    (Disculpen el inglés...XD) 

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  • Fredy-san

    I vote cow cat!!

    September 17, 2016 by Fredy-san

    Eh, this is just a personal blog for fun. I liked cow cat for the reason that cat is fast. For game hacker, you don't need slow units, you need to break thru the stage quickly, get the informations, confirm what units appeared and check wikia relevancy on case info changes.

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  • CatStudent

    Gross Maniac

    September 15, 2016 by CatStudent

    After three months of waiting and suffering with many power-ups lost I managed to overcome Muscle Party with units that everyone know

    - CatCombo Cool Japan

    - Paris, macho legs, dragon, manic king dragon, awakened bahamut, crazed sexy legs + rich  cat and sniper

    My timing was horrible, was deadlocked .... also appeared to me "Ms. Sign" but I won....

    Estoy aprendiendo a escribir en ingles sin traductor :P CatStudent 14th of september of 2016

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  • Creekee11

    Common nyanko would likely be based on basic cats. Stats would likely be common and may not have any descriptions in the card. Evolved ones can be Rare or Epic.

    Rare nyanko cards would be based on rare cats. Special type of cats can also be in it.

    Epic ones would be based on super rare cats. Special type of cats can also be in it

    Spells any rarity is on it for it's only less than minions

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  • Ethanlac

    End Of Holiday (Deadly)

    August 31, 2016 by Ethanlac

    School has started up again, so I won't be as active as before. Sorry... ;-;

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  • Creekee11
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  • Portulo

    So, I am stuck in Third Moon for like... one month by now? I've got all gold treasures in Energy Drink, Giant Safe, Relativity Clock, Legendary Cat Shield and Legendary Cat Sword. The thing is I've tried LOTS of strategies and they don't work. This are all of my cats:

    • Macho Cat Lv. 20
    • Wall Cat Lv. 20+1
    • Brave Cat Lv. 17+2
    • Sexy Legs Cat Lv. 20+1
    • Giraffe Cat Lv. 20+1
    • UFO Cat Lv. 20+2
    • Whale Cat Lv. 20+1
    • Dragon Cat Lv. 20+2
    • Mythical Titan Cat Lv. 20

    • Ninja Frog Cat Lv. 20
    • Cat Gang Lv. 10
    • Moneko Lv. 6
    • Brah Cats Lv. 10
    • True Valkyrie Cat Lv. 20

    • Captain Cat Lv. 16
    • Funghi Lv. 7

    I don't know what should I equip, or what should I do... Help?

    Also, I need to beat the stage before September 3rd, because I want to have the Bahamut Cat to beat The Crazed Cat Stage.

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  • PartySans

    So I recently beat india ch. 1 ITF today at the gym pool. I admit I was not too thrilled about it but I thought about eating so much chocolate I had explosive diarrhea but heck, I did NOT want to use archer cat because I knew that the stack would one-shot him. So I spammed 3 meatshields to block the stack, and Mythical titan cat to kill the stack. Sometimes I got lucky that he would hit the stack and sometimes i got unlocky that they killed him. When the stack died, i summoned my uber and valkyrie cat......

    Oh and the furthest stage I have ever gotten to at ITF was Philippines when I used to be stuck on chapter 3 moon.

    I guess i should get some credit for ever killing maawth

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  • FilthyBones

    - Main sections: color #FFA500 to handmade gradient.

    - White background: border-radius 0px to border-radius 6px

    - Sub sections: border-radius 2px to border-radius 6px.

    - Sub sections: add a 4px transparent border to make some space with the other elements (don't know if that works, though)

    - Minor graphic fixes

    I'll do some blogs like this in the future, so that I (and you) can keep track of my ideas and trials.

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  • Ethanlac

    I'm done.

    July 27, 2016 by Ethanlac

    Well, Manic Jamiera was on today. I tried, I fought, I did my best... but even with all the powerups I could muster, I only got him down to 11%.

    I was thinking, "Wow! I can do this! Oh holy shit that was close! Haha, you missed! Oh god, my Paris Cats!" My heart was going at ~2 beats per second. I was pumped.

    But then, a shockwave happened, and I wasn't able to recover. After all the battles, with my last Rich Cat, I tried one more time...

    Me: All right, let's give it all we've got!

    (Uber) Manic Jamiera: *shockwave*

    Me: ...all right, I can deal with this. Let's go!

    UMJ: *shockwave*

    Me: ...well, let's pull it close to the base!

    UMJ: *shockwave*

    Me: We'll go down swinging! FIGHT!

    UMJ: *shockwave*

    Me: ;-;

    UMJ: *shockwave*

    So... that's it. I don't think I h…

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  • The Cattle Bats

    Late post by a couple of days... But I got the Ice Crystal Cat!!! It's probably the best anti-red uber because it has good range and freezes red enemies.

    Also been cat ticket farming on Steel Visage. For last two days... Need to get user rank 2900 because I have another fish cat which I can't use because it's 20+30 :(

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  • The Cattle Bats

    Just got Awakened Bahamut, he's OP. Helps with a lot of stages. Need only one purple cat fruit until I get Ice Crystal Cat. Goodbye Beserkory, Ogre Island might be easy and same with Unjust War :)

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