• ChCr97

    My Current Cats and Stuff

    September 9, 2018 by ChCr97

    User Rank = 2278

    Mohawk Cat ———> 20+18

    Eraser Cat ———> 20+22

    Dark Cat ———> 20+17

    Macho Leg Cat ———> 20+16

    Lion Cat ———> 20+13

    The Flying Cat ———> 20+12

    Island Cat ———> 20+15

    King Dragon Cat ———> 20+16

    Jamiera Cat ———> 20+16

    Cat Cannon Attack ———> 20+10

    Cat Cannon Range ———> 10

    Cat Cannon Charge ———> 20+10

    Worker Cat Rate ———> 20+10

    Worker Cat Wallet ———> 20+10

    Base Defense ———> 20+10

    Research ———> 20+10

    Accountant ———> 20+10

    Study ———> 20+10

    Cat Energy ———> 20+10

    The Cat God

    Flying Ninja Cat ———> 30

    Madame Sumo ———> 27

    Knight Cat ———> 26

    Skelecat ———> 24

    Cat Gang ———> 25

    Gato Amigo ———> 30

    Unicycle Cat ———> 25

    Lollycat ———> 25

    Super Mr. ———> 24

    Miss MONEKO ———> 24

    Brah Cats ———> 18

    Cooldown Cat ———> 21

    Muscleman Cat ———> 24

    Value Meal Cat ———> 26

    Harvest Cat ———> 25

    Killer N…

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  • ChCr97

    My Current Cats

    September 8, 2018 by ChCr97

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  • Doktor Dyper
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    Dmg.10k (Area)

    Range: *Same as ursamajor*

    Attack rate *Same as ursamajor*


    Abilities:Warp (100%) Immune Freeze and slow. Barrier (25k HP)

    Description:Ursamajor's Elite brother Master of warping armies.His barrier lets him Teleport multiple away from him

    Design:Ursamajor but stars on his arms

    2.Nimoy Borien (Alien)(Bore-ien = Bore + Alien)


    Dmg:4,340 (Area)

    Range *Same as all bores*

    Attack Rate *Same as nimoy bore*


    Abilities:Warp(100%) Barrier( 100,000HP)

    Description:Nimoy bore became an elite soilder but dont ask why.Dont ask why his last name is weird either cuz that makes him very mad due to being easily offended.Anger makes him warp u outta here!

    Design:Nimoy Bore with stars on his tusks


    Hp 500k


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    Eskimo Cat Stats: (Lvl 30)                                        Description:A Charming little cat who moved to the Arctic Just to Study.Ended up Being forced to Stay Forever

    HP: 5,000


    Attack Rate: Fast


    Cost: 75




    Attack Rate:Fast


    Cost: 75

    Eskimo Awakens!: Evolutimo!(Expert): Start:5 Doge Darks Spawn each Minute. Boss:Yeti Cat (100%) while 20 St Pigge the 2nd Spawns (200%) (5% Chance of Obtaining Yeti Cat) Evolutimo!(Insane):Start: 3 Heavenly hippoe spawn each 50 Sec. Boss: Yeti Cat (200%) x200 Gabriel spawns each 20 sec (100% Get Yeti Cat)

    Yeti Cat (Enemy)



    Attack Rate:fast


    Im too lazy to do Yeti Cat (unit)'s stat

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  • Ratrodefurpans


    August 17, 2018 by Ratrodefurpans

    Pleas help hyppoh is too strong cats are macho tank brave sexy legs cow UFO fish lizard titan samurai bean moneko swimmer thief gardener killer nekkokuma 500 damage so strong put the lineup in the comments

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  • Dreamy Cat

    Well, to start, i'll say what i know about the uber "tier" list. It is "made to say how effective ubers are to fight generally". However, this list is only based on a person's point of view, and i'll talk about what i think. THIS IS MY OPINION, if you disagree, i don't care, so don't comment anything like "wrong the tierlist blah blah blah..." (My opinion won't change by others' opinion)

    To start with, i say it's wrong in many cases, cause we have the ubers made to counter general situations (Uberfest Exclusives, Rekon Korps, Amaterasu, Lugas), the ubers made to destroy specific situations (Epicfest Exclusives, Ice Cat, Aphrodite, Paladin, etc.), and the support ones (Oda, Coppermine, Balaluga), however, people value only the general ones, …

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  • UberCarry

    Mitama's Value

    July 25, 2018 by UberCarry


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  • Tekashto

    Hidden Schedules

    July 24, 2018 by Tekashto

    Aside from a few exceptions (e.g. Holidays), the updates in BCEN are usually delayed from the BCJP updates by 21 days. I've been wondering if certain stages (Merciless XP) follow a pattern as well, as they seem pretty much random. This will serve as a catalog, but help would be appreciated.

    Tempered In Flame: 7/4/18, 7/23/18, 7/24/18, 7/25/18, 9/3/18, 9/4/18, 9/5/18

    Merciless XP: 7/4/18, 7/23/18, 7/24/18, 7/25/18, 9/3/18, 9/4/18, 9/5/18

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  • DarkenedXavier

    AC collab units

    July 15, 2018 by DarkenedXavier
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  • DarkenedXavier

    new god cat

    July 6, 2018 by DarkenedXavier
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  • DarkenedXavier

    New luga

    July 6, 2018 by DarkenedXavier
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  • DarkenedXavier


    July 6, 2018 by DarkenedXavier

    Some backgrounds that aren't on the backgrounds page, will be adding them onto it soon.

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  • Jesusito06

    Notas de year 7

    June 30, 2018 by Jesusito06

    se que desde china no me puedes hablar por mail a si que nos hablaremos por aquí

    Ya he evolucionado a maeda keiji y ahora lo tengo a nivel 12 tengo a la valkiria a nivel 14 He editado unas cositas en maeda keiji asi que letelo todo lo que pone con calma.

    Una cosa muy, muy, muy importante. Me podrías mandar TODAS las notas que te han puesto en el cole este año. Si no puedes i por que he visto que gmails, busca alguna otra forma de contactarme porfa. Te hablo por aquí porque he visto que estás activo.

    Saludos, Jesús

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  • AwesomeBAttleCatS

    Hello y’all this blog post is for anyone who needs help all you gotta do is ask a question.

    An example would be: “chapter 1 moon is really difficult for me any tips or strategy’s?
    Am example of an answer would be: “well you may not have any but anti flying Ubers are really helpful in this case and super rates and rates are also helpful if they are anti floating and even the basic cats can be used if timed right so good luck!”
    We’ll i hope y’all enjoy I found this might be helpful for all the beginners and mid game I’ll be participating too so good luck!! Read more >
  • Shadow Boxer K

    Pyramid Worker Doge (Ancient)

    Health: 10,000


    Attack Rate:Normal

    Knockbacks: 5 (Every 2,000 Damage)

    Multi hit (5,000 5,000 5,000) Freeze (50%) Barrier (1,000 HP)

    Appearence: A normal Doge wearing and an Ancient hat with a Ruby Staff

    Description:The world's Very first doge.Stole a ruby staff to Gain Freezing and a Barrier

    Wory (Ancient)

    Health: 89,000


    Attack Rate:Fast

    Knockbacks: 9 (every 10,000 damage + 9,000)

    Knockback (100%) Shockwave lvl 5 (50%) Barrier (8,000 HP)

    Appearence: Gory wearing a War coat and Gloves

    Description:Hates his Everyday weakness of losing.His war flashbacks made him build his own Barrier

    Zeus Girl (Ancient/Floating)


    Damage 30,000

    Attack Rate:Normal


    Freeze (99%)  Survive Lethal strik…

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  • Persoon

    Energy glitch

    June 13, 2018 by Persoon

    Energy glitching to play more of this game is common among players with various methods of doing so but reaching the same outcome, most of these methods worked very well until update 7.1, most of these methods are invalid and dont work anymore, if you have an energy glitching method that still works post-update please share it down below

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  • CrazedGamerCat

    I'm a very good player,i have 5 uber rare cats and my user rank is high,but the game isn't interesting anymore :( i really love the game but i don't play it frequently

    What should i do?

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  • ThatMightyCatLord

    Please help

    May 27, 2018 by ThatMightyCatLord

    Hey everybody! If you are reading this, uhh... good job? The relic enemies ar coming to the wiki! There are currently no strategys to beat them, so if you have any ideas, go cntribute to that article of reply your ideas below! Thanks!

                   Relic doge         Link to Relic Doge

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  • ThatMightyCatLord


    May 25, 2018 by ThatMightyCatLord

    Hello! I just joined the wiki. I can't wait to DIVE into dat info! (idk what that was lol) 

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  • Battlecatsishardnew

    Idk you tell me

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  • DrewSnake

    Legends Stages

    May 25, 2018 by DrewSnake
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  • Shawn scarface

    Hey there...fellow BC players.

    Well I'm gonna be quite busy for this whole month until June..  I'm not 100% sure if I can help out with the wiki temporarily but I can be sure to check here or somehow in the discord channel.

    I'll leave the stuff to other active members for now.

    ~ Prinny out!!! o7

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  • Reixcalibur

    That's no more but I'll leave you the Link of the news

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  • GovenorRed

    Somebody was moving files to my phone, (my dad). The battle cats was there. When it happened, ALL my progress was lost. (took me a long time to beat EoC chapter 3)

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  • Bulukaki

    Note: This was taken from my reddit post.

    Disclaimer: I'm not responsible whatsoever about permanent stains on your phone's screen

    So, after couple of weeks autofarming, I have attempted to make the best autofarm/bot sequence for EXP, Tickets and Gamatoto. Feel free to point out on mistakes or things I missed, and lemme know what you think about this guide.

    The best autofarm sequence, is the fastest sequence while keeping the autofarm reliable. What's the purpose of autofarming if you need to keep an eye on your phone too often?

    This is a guide to help you make a *"perfect"* autofarming bot, which does its job without any error (the bot doing something not supposed to be done, or going somewhere else). This is not necessarily the fastest possi…

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  • Shawn scarface

    Hi guys, shawn_scarface here, is a slacker/content-moderator but I always lurk the forums and the discord as a hobby.

    He're the main topic of this blog.

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ "Lesser uber = much better strategies?" ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    The rampant usage of ubers is not generally bad (in my opinion). It's okay too run uber for specific stages that needs them for example :Tempered in Flames and extreme stages like that, that you can't do with general available units.

    We know the game also wants to train players to not rely too much on ubers for example the Stories of Legend (SoL), 4 star challenge, but not all players are ready for those. I know lots don't collect the special buyable cats (just wait for the discounted price, it should be available like the extra cat…

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  • Ka$aJ1zo

    We are here to talk about the new upcoming deadly enemy in 7.0, This stage has strong evidence to be THE hardest stage in all of battle cats. and it has a new enemy in it

    The notorious

    The infamous

    The one and only

    Iguana (black/metal)

    He moves fast, attacks fast, and spits acid. he is also a spammable advent

    The stage spawns lots and lots of them, and i dont have any footage but its really strong, if you want to hear more about it go to this link which will also cover some other 7.0 update release items.  

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  • Ka$aJ1zo

    Who else agrees we need new ways to deal with trolls, i request a report button at the end of someones comment they make, and then there are a list of admins that you can click to send them that comment. When the admin reads it. It will show all edits they have made to it. Its more of a quicker way to deal with trolls. 

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  • Mighty98322

    My idea for multiplayer: There would be two players, each controlling one side. The players would keep their base stats, recharge upgrades, money upgrades, and treasures. One player would control the Battle Cats, and the other would control the enemies, using enemies they have fought. The enemies would have different strengths to even things out (example: slow red, strong against black, etc.) and the cats would be assigned colors. (Example: Valkyrie cat = angel/floating, crazed cats = black, etc.) The player controlling the enemies would choose where the battle takes place (Korea, The Moon, The Great Abyss, etc.) from where they have fought.

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  • TornanLess

    Bahamut cat

    April 5, 2018 by TornanLess
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  • ThatCatJizo

    I JUST LOVE BATTLE CATS! I WANNA MARRY IT! (ok, maybe not marry it)


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  • SkitSkit

    Alittle help?

    March 24, 2018 by SkitSkit

    So currently I am on chapter three of empire of cats and I have just reached the moon not to long ago (About a day or so ago) buuuut sadly I am currently stuck. I do know it is recomended to have 100% treasures on all chapters and to have all cats at level 20 but I don't really want to spend days grinding if there is a faster way to beat bun bun. This is what I currently have.

    Lv20 +1 Macho cat.  Lv20 +2 Wall cat.  Lv15 +1 Brave cat.  Lv20 +2 Sexy legs cat.  Lv16 +3 Giraffe cat.  

    Lv10 +2 UFO cat.  Lv13 +2 whale cat.  Lv20 Dragon cat.  Lv18 +1 Mythical titan cat.  Lv6 Valkyrie cat.  Lv1 +1 Pogo cat.

    Lv13 Paris cat.  Lv10 Magica cat.  Lv2 Kotatsu cat.  Lv4 Raiden.  Lv1 Dioramos.


    100% Energy drink.  66% Giant safe.  100% Relativity clock.  66%…

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  • CaiDampier2

    gamatoto level 94

    March 7, 2018 by CaiDampier2
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  • DrewSnake

    Testo Presto

    March 5, 2018 by DrewSnake

    Swamp of Sacrifice - Battle Info

    | no}}

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  • DrewSnake

    Middle Sea

    March 4, 2018 by DrewSnake

    Middle Sea is the 2nd stage of Quaver Quietus, the 50th sub-chapter of Stories of Legend. It's the debut stage for the new enemy, Charfin.

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  • BattleCatsN00B1234

    Fish Tank

    March 4, 2018 by BattleCatsN00B1234

    Fish Tank is the 2nd level of Sunfishes out of Water, the 49th level in the Stories of Legend.

    In Fish Tank, there is a new enemy called the Salmone, a red variant of Sunfish Jones.

    When you begin the level, a Tackey(200%) comes out of the base, followed by Gory Black(100%) as a meatshield. You can use Jizo to easily kill them. After 30 seconds, a Spacefish Jones comes out of the base, along with a Hackey(100%). After 2 minutes, an Assassin Bear(100%) will appear. Destroy him with Cat Cannon. Once you hit the base, Salmone will come out as a boss. Salmone has the same range as sunfish jones, with a bit less health and a bit more attack.

    This is a deadly stage. This stage can be played up to 2 stars.

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  • DrewSnake

    Fort Tissimo

    March 4, 2018 by DrewSnake

    Fort Tissimo is the 1st stage of Quaver Quietus, the 50th subchapter of Stories of Legend. It contains Hackey, Henry, Ginger Snaches, and one strong Wall Doge.

    At the beginning, a Wall Doge with a whopping 1,333,332 health spawns. 5 seconds later, Henry spawns. 5 more seconds later, 2 Ginger Snaches spawn every 4 seconds. 6 seconds later, the boss, Hackey, spawns. After that, nothing else spawns.

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  • BattleCatsN00B1234

    Sunfishes out of Water is the 49th subchapter in SoL.

    This is a insane to merciless difficulty chapter.

    The levels include: -Fishbowl of Death -Fish Tank -O' Destructive Ocean -Tackey's Spiked Frenzy -Black Fish Blue Fish -Boned Angels

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  • DrewSnake

    Quaver Quietus

    March 4, 2018 by DrewSnake

    Quaver Quietus is the 50th subchapter of Stories of Legend. It was added in version n and is available in ★ difficulty.


    This sub-chapter introduces n enemies:

    • Charfin: A enemy that can slow Cats and increase its attack power when its health is at 50%.
    • Tâche: White variant of Tackey that can slow Cats. Has more attack, but less health and smaller attack radius.

    This subchapter contains 6 stages.

    • Stage 50-1: Fort Tissimo - Hackey and Henry are protected by one strong Wall Doge along with groups of Ginger Snaches.
    • Stage 50-2: Middle Sea -
    • Stage 50-3: Yamaha Base -
    • Stage 50-4: Dischordination -
    • Stage 50-5: Faierie's Aire -
    • Stage 50-6: Death Waltz -
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  • Moon951

    Questions on good cat slots

    February 23, 2018 by Moon951

    So im pretty early game ( chapter 1 of the Into The Future) and id like to get some ideas for new cat slots to use since what im using at the moment isnt working out anymore. my list of cats goes as follows:

    Rare cats:

    Masai cat

    Jurrasic sister cat

    Viking cat

    Monk cat

    Fisherman cat\Necromancer cat

    Sorceress cat

    Cupid cat

    Sword master cat

    Cat eastwood

    Plane cat

    Artist cat

    Magica cat


    Rover cat mk ll

    Sick cat

    Gentleman cat


    All Rare cats from the PowerPro Baseball collab event

    Super Rare:

    Face cat

    Sexy bathtub cat

    Uber Super Rare:

    Breserker cat

    Coppermine type k


    Exhalted ganesha

    Special cats:

    Ninja frog cat

    Knight cat

    Devil cat

    Cat gang

    Samba cat

    Bondage catNEO


    BIker cat

    Tights cat

    Leaf cat

    Super Mr.

    Miss MONEKO

    Brah cats

    Cooldown cat

    Value me…

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  • IAmNepNep

    Sexiest battle cat?

    February 18, 2018 by IAmNepNep

    Who is the hottest battle cat

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  • Newnovan69

    Release d?

    February 14, 2018 by Newnovan69 I am very hyped by the Pc version because recently new uber cats were revealed, does anyone know Japanese?

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  • TheSimpleCat

    Hi! this is a Guide for The Challenge Mode if you haven't beaten the 3rd Moon.

    Now, you will need:

    Every Base "Thing" on Level 20 Exepet The Cat Cannon Attack (if you preffer so, it can be 20)

    Cat at 20, Wall Cat also on 20 and Titan on 20

    At Least 1 Uber at 10 or more

    Phantom Theif Cat, Necromancer Cat, Sexy Bath Cat and any MeatShield(if desiered)

    Chapter 1 Treasures On Full and some other Treasures from the other chapters

    Now you will do like so:

    Firstly, Upgrade Your Worker Cat. Keep Upgrading him until there are 3 Squires Rel in your base.

    Afterwords, you should have the Worker Cat at level 5,6 or 7. put out a Phantom Theif Cat and wait.

    When He gets To The Enemy Base, dont panic or freak out! The "Boss" Dosen't Comes Out Right Away.

    Some Kang R…

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  • Bahamut a.

    Hey Shawn Scarface! Can you give me the link to the Cats of the Cosmos chat please? I lost the link since people stopped talking on there. I'm trying to get a good quality picture of Bazibon. Or anyone else who has recently chatted on the BCJP update 6.7.0., please give me the link. Just so you get what I mean, the first thing that pops up on the chat is a picture of a Manic Eraser getting warped. This is not a chat. I just need the link.

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  • CaiDampier2


    January 15, 2018 by CaiDampier2

    meme lol

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  • CaiDampier2

    hacker true form

    January 15, 2018 by CaiDampier2

    hacker cats true form apperance

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  • DimetrodongoldAlt

    As you may have noticed, there are a few new templates meant for cat unit articles. I think these were added one or two months ago. I personally find them to be glitchy, confusing, and just plain unnecessary. What was wrong with the old upgrading cost template? Why do we need to mention the unit's cost in the stats section when there's already a perfectly good cost section in the rest of the article? Why did the appearance template have to be combined with an attainability section? How come certain sections keep getting replaced with placeholder text in curly brackets? But hey, that's just me.

    Anyways, what do you think of them? Here they are in all their glory.

    New upgrading cost template:

    New stats template:

    New appearance/attainability temp…

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  • Sebieripper

    How do I change my profile picture lol

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  • DimetrodongoldAlt


    December 22, 2017 by DimetrodongoldAlt
    does. That could be fairly useful. Read more >