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Battle Cats Rangers (にゃんこレンジャー, Nyanko renjā) is a spin-off title of The Battle Cats that started its pre-registration from April 13th, 2017. Battle Cats Rangers was released on April 27th, 2017. 


This is a simple tapping game, tap the screen to attack enemies coming from the right of the screen. There are treasures to collect, which buff the Cat's damage and a Lucky Cat Wheel to roll. By upgrading the equipped Cats, its DPS will increase to the point the player doesn't need to tap the screen at all. There are also Cat Combos to mix the formation for the best team.


Playable Character

The Basic Cat is the first 'hero' in the trailer, it moves automatically and stops when an Enemy is in sight, the player needs to tap the screen in order to attack enemies. The controlled Character has DPS counters, Critical Hit chance and the damage it will inflict. More heroes will be unlocked as the player progress.

There are 5 heroes: Cat, Tank Cat, Axe Cat (known as Battle Cat in this game), Cow Cat (known as Bull Cat here) and Bird Cat (named Cat Bird). Each hero has 3 form of evolution, which require Cat Food to unlock

Hero's Skill

  • しっぽハンター召喚
  • 一糸不乱
  • 怒髪ニャンを突く
  • 黃金フェスタ
  • 英雄の暴走
  • ヨボヨボの魔法

Supporting Characters

The game has Cats Units from the Normal category, Special category (purchasable and Empire of Cats drops), some Rare and Super Rare Cats. Their 2nd form and 3rd form are separate characters in this game. They act as supporters behind the hero, each has a DPS counter and many abilities to be unlocked when reaching a certain level. Supporting Cats are unlockable using Cat Coins.

Cat Combos

Up to 6 combos can be actived at once since the player can only be used 9 supporters.


On the enemy side, all Enemies except those found in Events are found in this game, from Empire of Cats to Stories of Legend, and Zombie Outbreaks. Their main purpose in this game is to stand still and be killed.


The player can summon any of Wheel Cat's form and/or 「閃光のネコ精霊」 to have tempotary buffs. Summoned Cats buff many stats such as attack damage, critical chance and coins earned.

Level Structure

Each Stage is separated to 10 waves, each wave as 10 enemies to be defeated and a boss as the end, all boss fight has a time limit to be killed. Sometimes a sudden boss appears with a countdown timer, after defeating it will reward more Cat Coins than the common enemies.


There are 22 treasures, which come from the Empire of Cats and Into the Future of both The Battle Cats and Nyanko Daisensou. Treasures buff attack damage. They are unlocked through locked treasure chests.


  • Cat Coins are the main currency in this game, it can be received by defeating enemies and using the Lucky Cat Wheel. Cat Coins are needed to upgrade Cats and abilities.
  • Cat Food acts as a way to evolve possessed heroes, summon spirits and to buy certain items.


The game had reached 100,000 pre-registrants on April 16th, 2017. Below are the rewards: Rewards that will send to BC Rangers players:

  • 10,000 Pre-registrants: +30 Cat Food
  • 20,000 Pre-registrants: +70 Cat Food
  • 50,000 Pre-registrants: +100 Cat Food
  • 100,000 Pre-registrants: +200 Cat Food
  • 200,000 Pre-registrants: +500 Cat food

Rewards that will send to Battle Cats players:

  • 10,000 Pre-registrants: Silver Ticket +3
  • 20,000 Pre-registrants: Silver Ticket +3; Cat Food +30
  • 50,000 Pre-registrants: Silver Ticket +3; Cat Food +30; Rare Ticket +1
  • 100,000 Pre-registrants: Silver Tickets +3; Cat Food +30; Rare Ticket +2


  • All of the names are translated from Nyanko Daisensou, instead of the names from The Battle Cats.
  • In update 1.0.5, there are many mistranslation can be found such as Treasure's name and Cat's information.

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