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Bahamut cat

Bahamut cat

Beyond bahamut cat

Beyond bahamut cat


The Bahamut-Cat can be obtained by completing Chapter 3. It is the strongest cat, even stronger than Kung-Fu Cat, as it can deal about 50000 damage at above level 10 with high Attractiveness operation ratio. Evolves into Beyond Bahamut-Cat at Level 10.


  • Deals very high damage
  • Has very high stamina
  • Nice attack animation


  • Very slow movement speed
  • Very slow attack speed and animation
  • Very expensive
  • Not good for soloing stages


Normal: A legendary ancient weapon that destroyed the world once.

Evolved: Now it's clear that this is the legendary ancient weapon that destroyed the world once. It still has great destructive power.


Chapter 1: $3000

Chapter 2: $4500

Chapter 3: $6000


Normal: Looks like a dragon with large arms and claws, and a horn on its head. Has a Cat symbol on its chest.

Evolved: It is colored and looks very realistic.

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