Akira is an Uber Rare Cat that can be unlocked by playing the Rare Cat Capsule during the Dark Heroes event. True form is strong against Alien enemies and immune to shockwaves.

Cat Unit - 194
Uber Rare Cat


Shadow Akira

Inferno Akira


Evolves into Shadow Akira at level 10.

Evolves into Inferno Akira at level 30 by using Catfruit.


  • Normal form might stop the movement of Alien Enemies.
  • Evolved form gains 1.5x damage at 50% health.
  • True form is immune to shockwaves and strong against Aliens.
  • All forms are immune to "Weaken" effect.
  • High DPS.
  • Decent movement speed.


  • Mediocre damage-per-hit and health compared to other ubers


Akira is a very multipurpose offensive unit. In his normal form, he acts as an offensive control unit against aliens, which can make dealing with tough alien bosses like Nimoy Bore much easier. He has fantastic synergy with cats that excel at damaging aliens, like Aphrodite or stacks of Macho Legs Cat. Akira freezes the aliens in their tracks, allowing your damage-dealers to wipe them out. Use him in tandem with Surfer Cat for even better stun-locking of alien enemies!

Shadow Akira is a very well-rounded damage dealer that is great in all areas. Due to his attack buff, he is the best form for taking on any type of enemy, though excelling at none. This form is best used for offensive support to add to high DPS teams.

Inferno Akira is extremely effective against resilient shockwave enemies like Kory or Elizabeth the LVIth. It is possible to use tough meatshields like Metal Cat in combination with Inferno Akira to trash shockwave enemies (making this one of the only times that using meatshields on shockwave enemies is recommended!). Do note that Inferno Akira gains the Strong ability against aliens, but in exchange for Strengthen, which Shadow Akira has. Inferno Akira can be a great asset to use against Crazed Titan Cat and Manic Jamiera Cat.

Due to Akira's resistance to weakening effects for all forms, he is extremely useful when faced against enemies who apply this kind of debuff, such as Calamary.


English Version

  • Normal: A super-genius who dreamed of alien invasion. Recreated himself as a cyborg hero to defend the planet! Area attacks might freeze Aliens.
  • Evolved: A bullied kid who hid in his room for years. No more! Now channels his fear into fighting for justice! Attack power increases when damaged! (Area)
  • True: Reinventing himself, he has changed his destiny! But can he change society with his powers? Strong vs. Aliens, immune to wave attacks.

Japanese Version

Japanese Version info. translation
Normal Form name アキラ (Akira) Akira
Evolved Form name シャドウ・アキラ (Shadō Akira) Shadow Akira
True Form name インフェルノ・アキラ (Inferuno Akira) Inferno Akira
Normal Form description おととい夢で見たエイリアン襲来に立ち向かうべく

自らの身体を人造人間っぽく改造した超天才少年 たまにエイリアンの動きを止める(範囲攻撃)

Towards the aliens attacked by the day before yesterday dreaming

A super genius boy who remodeled his body like an artificial human being sometimes stops the movement of an alien (range attack)

(rough translation)

Evolved Form description 引きこもりがちだった中学3年間の闇の力を一気に解放

追い詰められると発揮する反骨のパワーで正義を貫く 体力が減ると攻撃力が大幅上昇する(範囲攻撃)

Liberated the power of the darkness of the 3rd year junior high school students who were apt to withdraw

Pull the justice with the power of the bone that will be demonstrated when it is hit

Attack power will rise significantly if physical strength decreases

(range attack)

True Form description 「未来と自分は変えられる」の信念を胸に抱き

変わらない社会にあらがう天才少年(範囲攻撃) エイリアンにめっぽう強く波動ダメージを無効にする

Embracing the belief of "I can change my future and myself"

A genius boy who does not change in society (range attack) Strongly disable wave damage damage to aliens


  • Chapter 1: $3240
  • Chapter 2: $4860
  • Chapter 3: $6480


Health Attack Power Attack Range Time between attacks Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharging Time
3000 HP 1500 damage 430 5.23 seconds 13 3 times 108f 3.6 seconds 147s - 138.2s
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Type Special Ability
51,000 HP 25,500 damage Area Attack Might stop the movement of Alien Enemies for 120f 4 seconds (50%).

Resist Weaken

Shadow Akira
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Range Time between attacks Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharging Time
51,000 HP 25,500 damage 430 5.23 seconds 13 3 times 108f 3.6 seconds 147s - 138.2s
Attack Type Special Ability
Area Attack Attack power increases by 50% at 50% health.

Resist Weaken.

Inferno Akira
Health (Lv.30) Attack Power (Lv.30) Attack Range Time between attacks Movement Speed Knockback Attack animation Recharging Time
51,000 HP 25,500 damage 430 5.23 seconds 13 3 times 108f 3.6 seconds 147s - 138.2s
Lv.MAX Attack Type Special Ability
Lvl. 40+70 Area Attack Strong against Aliens (deals 1,5x damage, takes only 1/2 damage).

Resist Shockwave and Weaken.

*Includes treasures; recharge time may vary.
*Time between attacks is the time of the attack from the animation's end until the next attack animation start.
*See this section to calculate stats.

Initial Stats:

Health Attack Power
Akira 3000 HP 1500 damage
Shadow Akira 3000 HP 1500 damage
Inferno Akira 3000 HP 1500 damage

Catfruit Evolution

GreenFruit x2 PurpleFruit x3
BlueFruit x8 YellowFruit x7
RainbowFruit x4 XP1 000 000


  • Normal Form: A boy wearing a light grey helmet, breastplate, pauldron, gauntlet, boots, and white bodysuit. He also wields a giant arm-drill with a cat ornament on his left hand.
  • Evolved Form: He got long white hair and his armor became sharper and received a darker tone. The arm-drill changed into lance(?) with a sinister looking face. The cat face ornament remains, but is in front of the blade which makes it is easier to see.
  • True Form: Akira's armor is now mainly red and black. His sword, now overflowing with energy, has a hexagonal jewel instead of a circular jewel and reveals two red laser blades when attacking. The sinister face of the blade is given red eyes and a mouth with sharper, more curved teeth.


  • This unit might be inspired by X and Zero from the Rockman/Megaman franchise. The arm cannon is their common trait and Shadow Akira's long hair is quite similar to Zero's.
  • This unit shares the same name as the popular sci-fi anime film Akira, where a psychic explosion causes World War III in the year 2019.



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