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IMG 0164-1-

A bunch of Afro Cats

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A bunch of evolved Afro Cats (Carnival Cats)

JP name: Afro cat / 芸者ねこ

Cat InfoEdit

Evolves into Carnival Cat at Level 10.


  • low cost 
  • fast production speed


  • slow movement


Normal: His dancing makes everyone happy. Low cost. Let's Cat time!

notes: in EN alt version, this cat is named Boogey Cat

Evolved: A dancing cat who makes everyone happy. The cost is low so you can operate mass production.


Requires 90 Cat Food to unlock.

Chapter 1: $50

Chapter 2: $75

Chapter 3: $100


Normal: Very tiny. Has a black afro.

Evolved: Resembles a carnival dancer. Wears pink and green feathers on its head. Wears purple feathers on its back.

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